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SALES & MARKETING Hunting Customer Networks

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Man is a social animal surrounded with a group of people with the name of family, friends, peers, neighbor, social circle and acquaintances. A successful sales person always remains busy in finding the key which can open the door to this networks of customer. In reality, the key is somewhere near to the sales person. All what he need to know is how and where to find the key, what this workshop is all about.

Key Deliverables

1. Learn DOs and DONTs when dealing with leads
2. Understand Lead Generation Process using Customer Networks
3. Get acquaintance of instant KILLERS
4. Apply your knowledge let your customer hand your over his personal address book
5. Enhance your skills to see your customer’s cards
6. Master in managing costly customers
7. Identify the “Trust Boosters” you need to inject your customer from time to time
8. Evaluate your customer position “Front foot or Back foot”
9. Command customer “Network Mapping Techniques”.

Who Should Attend
In addition to managers and leaders, this workshop is suitable for all calibre of employees who wish to develop insight of ethical issues and their resolution in order to stay safe in their career.


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