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Text Transcript – PRINCE2 vs PMP Certification


The value of certificates and being a certified professional is increasing through the years, with the growing demand of being skilled and up-to-date. With increasing technological advances and demand for newer skills, being a certified professional does not only mean having a paper evidence, but also appropriate knowledge to carry forward with the project. The two most important Project Management Courses are – Prince2 and PMP (Project Management Professional). Many people have the idea that becoming a Project Manager requires necessary domain expertise and experience in the field. There is a lot more than just having experience. Being a Prince2 or PMP certified Project Manager adds more value to the position. Let’s find out the differences between the two courses:

PMP – Project Management Professional

PMP is the most respected and highly preferred certification that is required to establish your career path as a Project Manager. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers PMP certification. PMI is based in Texas US, but the PMP course is widespread across the world. Providing a complete knowledge on managing projects professionally, this course helps Project Managers tackle hard situations with the right approach.

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Prince2 – Project In Controlled Environment

Prince2 gives a broader perspective on how to implement projects with a step-by-step technique. A process-based project management technique, Prince2 helps deliver a successful project with a step-by-step systematic approach for better project management. Prince2 helps implement a well laid-out approach and gives role-based privileges for each member of the team in order to complete a project.

Benefits of PMP vs Benefits of Prince2

Each Project Management certification has different levels of benefits in a geographical manner. Understanding which Project Management certificate has a higher demand in the region you stay, has the potential to increase your employability and add value to your position. A few industries prefer Prince2 while others prefer PMP.


  • PMP certified professionals have a higher salary margin in comparison to Project Managers who don’t.
  • PMP professionals create a separate group or network of other Project Management professionals for themselves, increasing the chances of landing a project management job.
  • Better employability goes without saying as being a certified professional helps climb the career ladder faster.


  • Providing a vast amount of knowledge, from critical risk factors that affect project completion and having a technology-equipped team, Prince2 helps Project Managers ensures completing projects on time.
  • Standardizing project implementation helps figure out how to implement projects and project execution can take place.
  • Landing a better job and increasing employability can be achieved through Prince2 certification. An easy salary hike and higher pays are attainable with Prince2 certifications.

Exam Structure

PMP and Prince2 have different exam structures.

PMP exam can go on for 4 hours and can have a total of 200 questions. The sections under PMP certification include Project initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Monitoring and Controlling and Project Closing. Covering all topics that fall under Project Management, PMP exams have five major sections with sub-topics like time management        , risk handling, quality management and more.

Prince2  exam can go on for 60 minutes, having around 75 multiple choice questions. Of these 75 multiple choice questions , 5 questions are trial-based and are not included during the scoring process.


In order to take up a PMP certification exam, the following qualifications are required:

  • 7,500 hours of leading projects
  • 35 hours of education in project management
  • Secondary degree


  • A four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours of leading projects
  • 35 hours of education in project management

Prince2 does not ask for any qualifications in order to take up the certification exam but a prior project management experience and training are recommended.


Many Project Managers are highly confused on which examination to choose, but it highly depends on the region you live, job you are employed at and the methodology followed. Any project management professional would benefit from skills and knowledge that both certification courses offer.