The medicine field has widely changed so many things globally, and doctors are still researching more to find an effective solution to various problems in the human body. In medical terms, medicines are referred to as drugs, and the usage and dosage of drugs can be determined by those who have completed pharmacy courses. Most importantly, the doctors will suggest medicine or drugs after being tested and approved by pharmacy specialist doctors.

The Pharmacy includes your health, the chemical products you use, the food you consume, etc. The usage of medicine will differ for each patient. When most people focus only on MBBS, some people love to deal with medicines and tablets, and they will dream of studying pharmacy courses after the 12th. It is great to study because if a patient takes the wrong drug, there will be some side effects, allergies and reactions, etc. For every student, there will be confusion about picking a course after completion of 12th, and you need to research the available courses. Here are the top pharmacy courses after the 12th for you.

Pharmacy courses after 12th science 

1. B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 

More pharmacy courses are available after 12th science, but the 1st course that comes to everyone’s mind is B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy). Accurate knowledge and patience are necessary to practice Pharmacy well. The basic application of biochemistry in pharmacology can be explained well, and there will be a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. The duration of this under graduation is four years long after 12th science. It covers the basics of inorganic chemistry, human anatomy etc. The WBJEE, GCET and more are the entrance exams for this B.Pharm.

Features and benefits of B.Pharm 

  • The average of 50% marks in 12th is enough to join this course.
  • The scope for this course is more as the Indian Pharma sector holds a major share in the domestic market and few shares in the global market.
  • You can keep updating yourself by pursuing master courses after completing this graduation.
  • More job opportunities for the B.Pharm graduates in various places such as hospitals, biomedical research and testing labs etc.
  • People can get a salary which is satisfying for them.
  • Various skills can be improved like technical skills, therapeutic and counselling skills etc.

2. B.Pharm (Lateral entry) 

The next undergraduate pharmacy course is B.Pharm (Lateral entry), and this course keeps the diploma students in mind. If you have completed the Pharmacy diploma course, you are eligible to pursue B.Pharm (Lateral entry). The total duration of this course is just three years, and similar to B.Pharm, this course also provides great importance to both classroom and practical classes. Drug quality assurance, medicinal chemistry and industrial Pharmacy are important subjects covered in this course. The B.Pharm (Lateral Entry) students have different admission from regular students as they can directly admit into the second year of the course.  

Features and benefits of B.Pharm (Lateral entry) 

  • The students’ confidence level will improve with this course, and they will gain more knowledge in Pharmacy.
  • This course helps the students to improve the principles of the discipline.
  • Various job opportunities are there, such as a pharmacist, Drug inspector, Medical scribe etc.
  • Apart from a good salary, the B.Pharm graduates will get more respect from other people.
  • The students become skilled to handle various advanced technologies, so the requirements such as Biotechnology, Testing lab, etc. are also more for them.
  • 50% aggregate marks in Diploma in Pharmacy or Diploma in Biochemistry are this course’s eligibility criteria.
  • There is no maximum age limit to learn this course.

3. Pharm.D 

One of the greatest courses that deal with the study of pharmaceuticals is Pharm.D and many people love to prefer this course after 12th. It is not like other Pharmacy courses because Pharm.D stands for Doctor of Pharmacy. The duration of this doctorate course is six years which includes one year of internship. BV CET, GPAT MET etc., are some of the popular entrance examinations for Pharm.D. The Pharmacy Council of India regulated it, and monitoring patients diagnosing the diseases is an important task performed by the Pharm.D graduates. Full dedication and complete patience are required to complete this course successfully.

Features and benefits of Pharm.D 

  • Once you have completed this course, you will have more involvement in the community because Pharmacists are a major part of the medicinal community.
  • The scope and demand for the Pharm.D are increasing every day, so there is a secured future for students.
  • Various Job opportunities are there, such as Nursing homes, hospitals, medical industry etc.
  • Chronic disease management will decrease with the Pharm.D graduates as they can work with other professionals.
  • Graduates will get flexibility in work to manage both personal life and work.
  • As a one-year internship is involved in this course, the students can attain more practical knowledge and experience to deal with Pharmaceuticals.

4. B.Pharm (Hons.)  

B.Pharm (Hons.) is quite different from the other ordinary B.Pharm courses. Generally, the course volume and syllabus of the Honours degree will be more than a normal Bachelor degree to increase the standard of education. This B. Pharm (Hons.) course also likes that only which will go beyond the current pharmacy research and industry’s requirements and standards. The students will cover research-oriented concepts more than others for dissertation purposes. The course duration will be four years, and GCET HPCET is on the list of entrance exams for B.Pharm (Hons.). Students must complete their schooling to join this course.

Features and benefits of B.Pharm (Hons.) 

  • The B.Pharm (Hons.) requires only a 50% aggregate mark in 12th science from the students to join the course.
  • Pharmacology 1&2, Physical Pharmacy 1 & 2, Pharmaceutical Technology 1&2 are some of the important topics covered in this course which shows you a surety for acquiring deep knowledge.
  • Diploma students after the 10th exam can also join this course.
  • The availability of job profiles is several such as Researcher, Analytical chemist, Medical Transcriptionist etc.
  • Various employment sectors such as Health centres, technical and clinical Pharmacy etc., are waiting to offer opportunities to you.
  • B.Pharm (Hons.) graduates can earn more salary, which will satisfy them.

5. Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) 

Many people dream of entering into Pharmacy, but not everyone will have the patience to pursue long duration courses. Those people can go for this D.Pharm – Diploma in pharmacy course, a short course. The course duration is only two years, and people can start their pharmacy careers quickly. Experts said that it is an entry-level for Pharmaceutical sciences, and students can learn the basics of common medicines clearly through this course. Even this diploma course covers topics like Drug storage, Pharmacology and toxicology, Human anatomy etc. UPSEE, AU AIMEE and GPAT are said to be an entrance exam of D.Pharm.

Features and benefits of D.Pharm

  • The graduates allow working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. 
  • Only a 50% aggregate mark in 10th or 12th is enough for this course. 
  • Both in the pharmaceutical business and hospitals, numerous job scopes are waiting for the graduates. 
  • The graduates can start their pharmacy stores by obtaining pharmacy licenses. 
  • Drug testing, Logistics management and Pharma stores are the areas of recruitment to the D.Pharm graduates. 
  • There is an advanced option in studies such as B.Pharm, M.Pharm etc. 
  • The students would learn to calculate the drug dosage and pharmacy practices and procedures. 

6. B.Pharm Ayurveda

The B.Pharm Ayurveda course is getting popular in recent times as nature for curing problems attracts various people. The B.Pharm Ayurveda graduates did the formulation and manufacturing process of Ayurveda. The herbs and natural ingredients used in medicine preparation are more effective. In this course, certain theories and strategies are taught to prevent and cure diseases, and for describing them also, they will use strategies. The history and origins of Ayurveda were taught to the students. Ayurveda said there is a link between nature and the human body and taught the students to balance the link. The course duration is four years, and the admission process varies from college or university. This course will help you to reach several heights in your professional career.

Features and benefits of B.Pharm Ayurveda

  • Attaining the pass mark in 12th is the eligibility criteria for this course. 
  • Many useful job options are there, such as Medical officer, Ayurveda specialist pharmacist etc., for the B.Pharm Ayurveda graduates. 
  • Future scope for this course is available such as M.Pharm Ayurveda and M.Sc. in medicinal plants. 
  • As the demand for Ayurveda medicines increases, the graduates can get a high salary for their work. 
  • The students can attain knowledge in Sanskrit and the basics of Ayurveda etc. 

Bottom line 

Apart from the under graduation courses listed above, students can also pursue various master degrees to gain deep theoretical and practical knowledge. The duration of the master courses in Pharmacy will be two years. With the UG pharmacy course, you can gain more salary when you seek more years of experience. So you can choose any Pharmacy courses after 12th that must make suitable for you to study.