BCA is a 3 years Bachelor Degree Course in the field of Computer Applications. BCA course is uncommonly intended for understudies to increase genuinely necessary fundamental just as commonsense preparing in the PC thinks about. A degree is significant when you are building your vocation. An expert course is an unquestionable requirement when you are considering building a vocation you have to think and utilize your precession. It offers establishment figuring out how to the understudies willing to investigate the immense area of PC applications and dialects so as to become showbiz royalty in different presumed programming organizations. BCA is an exceptionally famous course nowadays. It offers different chances to the individuals who are happy to push forward in the field of PC applications. It is a 3-year advanced education contained 6 semesters. There are numerous BCA universities which give phenomenal learning of BCA courses.

Advantages of doing BCA

BCA has increased extraordinary ubiquity over 10 years. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the best alternatives for those hopefuls who need to fire up their profession in IT area. With the appearance of data innovation, the vocation courses identified with programming advancement and IT are ending up increasingly more mainstream in the realm of scholastics. That is the reason Bachelor of Computer Application courses have turned out to be so much mainstream nowadays. While taking the BCA Admission understudies need to consider the examinations that are going to help them later on. It can give a stage to fire up your vocation as a Software Engineer, IT Consultant, and Software Developer and so forth.

There are following advantages of doing BCA course for undergrads:

·         It makes understudies industry arranged specialists for IT industry.

·         This program gives a profound learning of the key regions of modern processing and software engineering.

·         It is the initial move toward turning into a pc master and for the ones wanting to seek after MCA later.

·         It is a brilliant course for learning a scholastic base in PC programming and application.

·         Opens the entryways for a splendid future in the IT part.


BCA Course is regularly observed as a course proportional to B.E. or on the other hand B.Tech. in Computer Science. This course give the required aptitudes and empower the understudies to get themselves utilized in the Information Technology (IT) part. After the effective finish of BCA, an understudy will most likely look over various profession alternatives in different fields like Software advancement, ITES, Banks, Education, Government divisions and so on.

BCA Subjects

Lone wolf of Computer Application is typically separated into 3 years or 6 semesters. One year has two semesters and every semester includes a half year. An individual who is seeking after this course needs to think about 6-7 subjects in every semester. Practically the majority of the colleges/schools have comparative sort of subjects in BCA. In this article, we give total subtleties of BCA subjects.

Semester – I

·         Business Communication

·         Standards of Management

·         Programming Principles and Algorithms

·         PC Fundamental and Office Automation

·         Business Accounting

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (OA+PPA)

Semester – II

·         Authoritative Behavior

·         Components of Statistics

·         ‘C’ Programming

·         Document Structure and Database Concepts

·         Cost Accounting

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (C.P +DBMS)

Semester – III

·         Numerical Methods

·         Information Structure utilizing C

·         Programming Engineering

·         The board Accounting

·         RDBMS

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (D.S +RDBMS)

Semester – IV

·         Systems administration

·         Visual Basic

·         Stock Management (SAD)

·         Human Resource Management

·         Item Oriented Programming utilizing C++

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (VB + C++)

Semester – V

·         .NET Frameworks

·         Web Programming and Cyber Law

·         Standards of Marketing

·         Center Java

·         Venture work ( VB )

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (.NET + CoreJava )

Semester – VI

·         Web based business

·         Mixed media Systems

·         Prologue to System Pro And Operating Systems

Advance Java

·         Venture Work (Banking and Finance, Cost Analysis, Financial Analysis, Payroll,EDP, ERP and so on.)

·         PC Laboratory and Practical Work (Multimedia +Advanced Java)

·         We trust this will help the understudies in getting a diagram of the BCA subjects.

BCA Syllabus

BCA is a three years’ single man of PC application course. In consistently BCA spread two semesters. The length of every semester is a half year. Here we have secured the semester savvy schedule as beneath.

I Semester:

·         Establishment Course in English for Computing

·         Establishment course in Humanities and Social Sciences

·         PC basics and PC programming

II Semester:

·         PC Software Application Skills

·         Establishment Course in Mathematics and registering

·         C programming and Data Structure

III Semester:

·         Establishment course in Science and Technology

·         Prologue to framework programming

·         Components of framework Analysis and Design

IV Semester:

·         Prologue to DBMS

·         Prologue to Computer Organization

·         Window Programming

·         Sight and sound

·         RDBMS Lab

V Semester:

·         PC Networks

·         TCP/IP Programming

·         Prologue to Software Engineering

·         PC Oriented Numerical Techniques

VI Semester:

·         C++ and Object Oriented Programming

·         Hypothesis of Computer Science

·         Prologue to Internet Programming

·         Intranet Administration

BCA Specializations

Understudies can likewise pick a few specializations for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). Some of them are recorded underneath.

·         PC Graphics

·         Programming Languages

·         Database Management

·         Frameworks Analysis

·         Word Processing

·         Web Technologies

·         Bookkeeping Applications

·         Liveliness

·         Music and Video Processing

·         Individual Information Management

What in the wake of completing BCA?

Nowadays BCA is one of the exceptionally acclaimed courses which understudies pick in the wake of finishing their twelfth. BCA represents Bachelor in PC application and is ideal for somebody who is keen on PCs. Despite the fact that a great many people in the wake of finishing BCA go for Masters in a similar course which is MCA, numerous additionally go for MBA. Notwithstanding, BCA alone is a decent course and one can finish up being effective in the wake of finishing the course. The significant subject of BCA is a PC, be that as it may, the course incorporates different subjects like Mathematics, English, System Analysis, Database Management System and considerably more. Arunachal University Of Studies