Do you wish to become a marine engineer? Are you thinking of joining merchant navy after completing B.E. in mechanical engineering? Do you want to be clad in that smart white coloured uniform which is a dream of many? Many students have a glitch in their minds if one can pursue marine engineering courses after successful completion of their B.E. in the mechanical discipline. The answer to this question is a sure shot ’yes.’ The good news is that not only can mechanical graduates pursue marine engineering but also do not need to invest another set of four years for a marine engineering degree. Mechanical engineering graduates do not need to continue a four year program in marine engineering instead opt for a one year or two year marine diploma or graduate course which can get them entry into merchant navy and marine engineering department. There are various subjects which are common in both these marine and mechanical discipline thus giving all mechanical engineering graduates a chance to switch on to marine engineering for expanding their career horizon.

Marine engineering is an academic discipline which deals with manufacture, operation and other functionalities of a ship. Marine engineers are the ones who are responsible for operating such marine equipment’s and thus needs to master their field of education. There are multiple options for such students who wish to enter the marine field for building their career. Here are a few courses which one can opt for after pursuing BE in mechanical stream.

M.E/ Mtech Marine Engineering

After completing graduation degree in mechanical engineering, M.E. in marine engineering is one of the hottest courses that students pursue with a dream of becoming a marine engineer. This master’s degree course which is a full two-year course helps the students to carve their career in the field of marine engineering and merchant navy.

GME Course

Graduate marine engineering is another option for all bachelor degree holders of mechanical engineering. This is a one year course which students can after completion of their BE in mechanical stream. A combo of mechanical engineering plus marine engineering gives you the opportunity of attaining all the technical knowledge and skills that one needs to possess to be a marine engineer. This pre-sea training course covers various subjects such as hydraulics, marine engineering drawing, marine, machinery, naval architecture, etc. On completion of this GME course, the student needs to mandatorily join sea services for a minimum of six months and clear other safety related courses.

Diploma in Marine Engineering

For all such students who hold a diploma degree in mechanical engineering can pursue a diploma in marine engineering for their further studies which is a two year course. Yes, there can be some rules regarding the minimum percentage that one has to secure to gain admission into colleges offering diploma in marine engineering but is an excellent option to choose if you are looking for a future in merchant navy. Every student who aspires to join the merchant navy can benefit by taking admission in this course and build their career in this field.

PGDME Course

PGDME stands for post-graduation diploma in marine engineering and is a one year course that is often opted by mechanical engineering graduates. In this course also there is a minimal [percent requirement to get admission for PGDME and is usually set as 50 percent in the final year of the graduation program.

These are a few courses that every mechanical engineering student can choose if they wish to join merchant navy or marine engineering field.

Eligibility for Pursuing Marine Engineering

  •    If you want to pursue a degree in marine engineering, then one needs to attain at least a minimum of 50% in the last year of graduation
  •    Secondly English is an essential criterion in marine engineering field, and thus one should possess more than 50% in English in class 10th and 12th board exams.
  •    The upper age limit is restricted to 28 years for joining the marine engineering course.
  •    To join merchant navy one needs to be healthy, should have good vision and in no case be colour blind. Thus need to fulfill the health criteria’s that are listed in the merchant navy department.

30 Best Post-Graduation Marine Program after Mechanical Engineering

  1. MSc marine engineering
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering
  3. MSc Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management
  4. MSc Marine Studies and Costal Resource Management and Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering
  5. Naval Architecture and marine sciences
  6. Naval Architecture and ocean engineering
  7. Marine drafting
  8. Ocean engineering
  9. Naval Architecture and Ship building
  10. Coastal engineering and management
  11. Masters in Shipping and Transport
  12. Marine Transport design
  13. MSc Technical management of ship operation
  14. MSc Subsea engineering
  15. MSc in Offshore Floating Systems
  16. MSc Marine and Offshore Power Systems
  17. Offshore and Environmental Technology
  18. Subsea Engineering and Management
  19. Sustainable energy technologies (marine)
  20. Submarine design and technology
  21. Maritime operations and management
  22. PG Diploma in International transportation and Logistics
  23. MSc Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) System and Design
  24. Ship and offshore Structure
  25. MSc Marine Sciences
  26. MSc (Marine Sc.) specialization in Marine biology, Marine geology, Marine geophysics, Chemical oceanography, Physical Oceanography, M.Sc. (Meteorology & Oceanography)
  27. MSc Marine geology
  28. MSc Ocean Life Sciences
  29. MSc in Marine bio. Oceanography
  30. MSc in marine biology