Testing is the most commonly and widely used IT term, especially in Software development life cycle. In general term it is defined as executing small & complex programs and verifying whether the actual result is similar to expected result or not. It is the basic job which is performed every time, once the software/ web application is built. But with the growing trends in technologies, we have distinguished a separate field for techies who are engaged in debugging and fixing bugs as “Tester” or “Software Testing”.

The basic steps for testing any applications starts with the creation of ‘Test Cases’. Test cases can be defined as the collections of inputs, conditions, descriptions, executions and expected results/output such as to verify whether the actual results obtained by performing some execution specifies to be same as that of expected results or not. Once we analyze the results, we mark the Test Case as Pass or Fail depending on the output we obtain.

Testing is further more classified into two parts – Manual Testing and Automation Testing. Let us focus on this categories briefly –

Manual Testing – Manual Testing can simply be defined as testing an application without using any third party tools. In this type of testing, human efforts is more as compared to automation testing. We need to create no of possible Test Cases, depending upon the no of conditions. It is also a time consuming method, when it is performed for large server application. But Manual Testing is marked for its accuracy and perfect results obtained after the end phase of testing cycle.

Automation Testing – Automation Testing uses numbers of tools for small and large application depending on the functionality we want to test. It can be Performance Testing, Reverse Testing, Load Testing etc. There are many tools in the market for Automation Testing. Apache J-Meter, QTP, Load Runner, Selenium are some of the most popular tools for performing Automation Testing.

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