An increasing number of students are now using their love of playing video games by taking it up as a career path to create innovative game designs. Game design is an exciting field of study that brings with it exceptional career prospects. Read this article to learn about the potential job roles that you could land with a degree in computer game designing.

Career opportunities in computer game design:

  • Lead designer – Lead designers in gaming specialize preparing clear and concise design briefs for game locations, characters, rules, story, objections, and modes. They work closely with artists and programmers to methodically map out each element during preproduction of a game. Lead game designers report to the creative director and are responsible for overseeing a large department of the design staff which consists of specialists. In addition to this, these professionals also collaborate with PR, marketing and advertising to design posters, merchandising and packaging. 
  • Game programmer – Game programmers are considered to be software engineers who act as the creative and technical brains behind video and computer games. They collaborate closely with game designers to create the game concept and then work on creating codes to make the game come to life. These professionals are the minds behind the creation, making the characters of the game and determining the actions of the players in each level or the difficulty of each stage. They specialize in different disciplines in game programming, focusing on areas that largely determine the specific tasks that game programmers do. 
  • Game animator – Game animators are responsible for producing high-quality animations and portraying various movements and behaviors within a game. These professionals are a type of multimedia artist and animators who specialize in video games. They work in a highly collaborative environment with a talented team of programmers, designers and animators, with an end goal of making game characters come alive. They are known to possess highly-developed animation and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Quality assurance – Video game testers work within the quality assurance department of gaming and are responsible for detecting bugs and errors in different levels of a game. They work closely with game designers and programmers to ensure a game works flawlessly before it is sent out to the market. They specialise in performing quality assurance by focusing on the game’s details to effectively notice and any glitches or bugs. For this reason, video game testers need to be highly observant individuals with good analytical and logical reasoning abilities. 

If you want to work as part of a team, bringing the next big gaming software to life, then apply for any of the computer game design courses for beginners today!