Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. It is the job of a good interior designer or decorator to bring comfort, life, and purpose into a home. Interior designers make our living and working spaces habitable. The want for good interior designers is constantly on the rise and it may be the best field of study for keen and creative minds. Here are top 5 interior design courses a student can pursue on completion of their 12th grade.

1.B.Sc Interior Design

B.Sc Interior Design is a three year graduate degree one can pursue after their high school. It teaches the students to design a place according to the needs and space availability, while ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. Students are trained to plan, organize, manage and design the space with utmost care. In addition to this, students are also to undergo a set of computer courses such as 2-D and 3-D design software, CAD, graphic design, and other display and design software.

Students who have a knack for decorating space, have an instinct for designing and creativity can pursue this course. It provides them a challenging yet enjoyable platform as one can express their creativity while making sure they meet the needs of their clients. Upon finishing the course, one can work on individual projects or in firms as an interior designer, become a specialised designer in one particular area (office spaces, restaurants, hotels, etc.), or can pursue a masters degree.

2. Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design

B.Des Furniture and Interior Design is a 4 year undergraduate course. It deals with the creation and evolution of objects, structures and systems that aim to improve the quality of life in the immediate living and working environment, while looking at sustainable and innovative use of diverse materials and processes. The Programme provides an integrated approach to the design of furniture and interior objects and systems as part of one’s living and working habitat, while striving to redefine the boundaries of such elements with a systems perspective.

This is a great course for students who are interested in furniture designing, art of decorating, proficiency in computer and technical designing skills. A student can work as an interior designer, researcher, theatre designer, exhibition designer, consultant, and researcher. Students who are interested can further pursue Masters in Designing.

3.Bachelor of Architecture in Interior Design

B.Arch (Interior Design) is a 5 years course that focuses on building systems to understand what is practical and study design history and theory to explore what is possible. The B.Arch (Interior Design) course combines the study of aspects of architecture, environmental psychology, product design, traditional decoration, fine arts,  liberal arts, and science and technology course. One must have good artistic skills, imagination, creativity, drawing and construction skills. 

A student of B.Arch (Interior Design) is more advanced than a B.Sc Interior design course, and it serves very helpful in today’s space-conscious and design-conscious world. An interior designer’s job is not to merely decorate the house, but to make the most of the minimal space provided while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. But an interior designer is not expected to just design a home or office. Graduates of B.Arch (Interior Design) can find works in Town planning bureau, construction firms, and film industry for example. One can work as an architect, lighting designer, set designer, and space planner.

4.Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design is a one year course in the basics of Interior Designing. The course material consists of basic designing skills, art and graphics, construction and design, interior design theory and computer-aided graphic design. The course is structured to dissipate practical level skills in the subject to the students along with the theoretical understanding of the same. But one must bear in mind that this is only an initial level coaching and that they must continue to study an advanced diploma course or work as an apprentice to become an interior designer.

A student with a diploma in Interior Design can find a job in the Film and TV industry, Theatres, Exhibition Centres, Construction Firms and Event Management Companies. They are often employed as a Wedding decorator, Draftsman, setup designer, Automotive interior designer, to name a few.

5.Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration

Certificate course in Interior Design and Decoration can be from 6 months to a year based on the institution one studies from. The course provides students with a comprehensive education across all facets of interior design and decoration to enable a smooth transition into their chosen career path. The course consists of an introduction to interior design and decoration, elements and principles of design, light and color usage, decorating styles, decorating styles, building systems and components, materials, furnishing and interior planting.

A student with a certification in interior design and decoration can become an Interior decorator, Set decorator, Retail store interior design coordinator/manager, and Design coordinator.