There are certain golden points for all sorts of writing, but you have to follow some additional tips to create an amazing blog post. For your school blog, you certainly don’t want to create a dry rough business letter like a blog, you want to create an amazing blog. like every writing blog has certain parts introduction, body, and conclusion, but that’s what everyone knows. Here is what exactly you should know

You should have a solid topic for your blog. You will find lots of interesting topics related to education even revolving around your school. Your article should be as clear crystal relevant up to point worth reading and sharing. You will also need communication and guidance from your school team and you need to be dedicated, only if you are not looking for essays to buy.

The following steps will help you in creating an awesome blog post that will be very interesting and informative as well.

1. Pre planning

Every great writing start with pre-planning. you should have some idea about what you want to write or you should research and through brainstorming and freewriting, you can make an idea or message that you want to convey, follow the following steps.

  • Think
  • Research
  • Create an idea
  • Work on it

2. Create your first draft

Now it’s time to work on the idea you have created. Write down all key points you want to convey, sort out your material, and thoughts later, it will be quite easy to write it in detail. Be clear about your purpose, why are you writing the article, what you want to convey, be clear and focused in your aim whether you are writing to inform readers about why the school tax that ivory needs to pass is important or tips on more benefits of parents engagement.

3. Solid title or headline

The first thing that attracts readers to read a full article is a highly solid title, even you must have an experience that while browsing you only read those article which captures your attention, so now when you have the whole outline start to work on your headline and make sure to make it capturing.

4. Attention of audience

Now when you are all prepared with your outline and title, you need to get the attention of the reader. it’s not easy as said you must have a solid plan. Get into the mind of your readers and audience. Start with a teasing and suspicious way so they can’t keep themselves away from reading your article out of curiosity.

5.Facts and logic

When you are done writing your outline and title and have enough audience attention, now you need to support your main idea. You can’t merely support it with words you need basic facts and logic or other support in terms of testimony, statics, or stories. You can also add links supporting your idea.

6. Create a summary

To reinforce all the main idea and purpose of your article we suggest you not to end it abruptly rather summarize it,