Taking into an interview could be stressful and nervous even to the most experienced person. When it comes to a fresher giving an interview for the first time, it is certainly a big hurdle to overcome. We know the finishing MBA is not walk in the park, whether it is a regular MBA or a distance learning MBA. You need not worry about interviews as long as you are prepared for it but being nervous is not a bad thing sometimes.

Today, we will discuss important tips and tricks to crack an interview. Being a fresher, it is difficult to land a job in the very first interview. However, we know many who have done it. It is not impossible but it is how you handle the interview. You could blindly want into a death trap to an interview without being prepared or you could walk into the same death trap with proper arsenal. To overcome this big hurdle called the ‘Interview’, you should be well prepared.


It is a common practice to be well prepared for any exams or entrance tests, why not interviews? After extensive research with respect to the hiring process, these preparation steps will certainly help crack even the most difficult online interview test. Being prepared is better than being not prepared in any situation when facing life. Life in itself is one big interview since we would be questioned every day.

  • Research

This applies to both the hiring process of an organization and the market. You are certainly aware of the company or the organization for which you will be attending the interview. Proper research on the history of the company and its current affairs will certainly help you answer many random questions thrown at you.

  • Trending salary packages

Ensure that the salary packages that are being offered are up to the market standards for your qualifications and the position that is being hired for. Salary trends vary based on the industry and you need to be certain of many industries in case you are looking for a more than a few positions. You may not be made aware of the salary range that is being offered but, it is better to have an idea about it.

  • Resume

The resume you present will be your face until you get the job offer. Please ensure that you have accurate and precise information in the resume. It reflects your skills set, hobbies, talents and academic achievements (if any). You should add any type of job experiences like internship or projects worked on during the academic years.

  • Be punctual

Punctuality counts not only from the day you start your job but from the moment you start attending interviews. It is always better to be at the interview venue well before the intended time. Punctuality is favored by many and it could play a crucial factor in the recruitment process.

The Interview

Preparation is done and you are headed for the first interview to attain a job. Yes, it is a good sign that you are nervous but don’t let it affect your behavior. Follow these steps in the interview process and you should be fine.

  • Proper Introduction

A proper introduction, how hard can it be? A firm handshake indicates your confidence, a smile indicates your positivity and eye to eye contact will certainly ensure your seriousness. An aggressive or limp handshake will have a negative effect of lack of sensitivity and being nervous respectively.

  • Posture

Actions speak louder than words, bear this thought in mind while attending an interview. Your body posture and actions made will be always noticed by the recruiters. A good posture will project confidence and respect for the opposite person.

  • Appropriate Eye Contact

Eye contact will certainly ensure that you are present physically and mentally in the room. This also exhibits your current state of mind. You might be able to get a few hints from the recruiter with respect to the probability of you getting this job with proper eye contact.

  • Polite yet Assertive

Being polite yet providing confident responses is a major plus point. Don’t stick to a single point or a topic that you like, rather try to engage in a meaningful and logical conversation. Whatever you do, please don’t argue with the recruiter which is a major drawback for you.

  • Ask Only if Necessary

There could be confusion among the questions asked by the recruiter. Counter their questions with questions in order to understand the exact point. Don’t hesitate to do so since you alone will regret later on. The recruiter will always end with the question – do you have any questions for me? Don’t wait till that point to ask your questions related to the topic at hand.

Post Interview

Follow up is needed after an interview since you will receive an accurate feedback about the interview. If you delay to follow up right after an interview, you will not be able to get an accurate assessment of your performance. Follow these steps to ensure that you are on the right track

  • Follow Up

Follow up in the interview venue post-interview to ensure that you know what should be and shouldn’t be done during an interview. Mistakes are meant to be made, however, being smart to not repeat the same should be your intention.

  • Follow Up Interview

Follow up interview is always a good indication which reflects your good impression left in the interview. This is just general talk about both personal and professional things about yourself and you need not be nervous about it. This interview is more or less a psychological test to ensure that you are mentally fit for the position.

Many uncomfortable questions will be asked during an interview you check your responses. Please don’t panic or be embarrassed about it, stay calm and analyze the questions post which, answer them. Interviews can be fun if you are flexible and have a positive approach towards it.

Final Thoughts

We know that the first job interviews are hard and everyone will be nervous. It is how you handle the situation that matters, nothing else does! You have been interviewed from the moment you are born and have tons of experience handling many difficult situations. Think of this interview as one of those situations and you will certainly do well. Good luck with the interview!