Toddlers are not the most difficult group of kids to learn English with, but all of them are quite hard to talk to and interact with. Some difficult kids don’t want to cooperate at all, and mostly they are teenagers. Anyways, there are some basic practices that you can apply to your kids to make them fall in love with the language and start speaking English in a short period. Let’s go!

What to Do to Make Kids Fall in Love With English?

The number of ways to make your kid fall in love with the language they learn is endless. There are more effective and less effective ways of doing so. We hand-picked the most efficient practices to help you get along with your kid and foreign language learning.

Find a Professional Tutor

A professional English tutor is a person your kid has to fall in love with. They are the people who know how to:

  • Communicate properly with a kid;
  • Make your kid listen to the teacher and learn the homework on their own;
  • Inspire kids to continue learning English even if they don’t have a regular tutor.

Having a great tutor is crucial for the knowledge of your kid. The teacher can make the process of learning exciting, new, and engaging. It doesn’t always have to be an offline teacher – you can hire them online! There are plenty of services to look through to find you. When hiring one, look through their experience with kids who are the same age as your child; book a trial lesson with your new teacher; don’t forget to give the feedback about the teacher’s work to the platform. The other parents would love to know the details of the learning process!

Pick an Engaging Way of English Learning

We live in the digital epoch, and there are plenty of ways to have a nice time with a kid while learning a foreign language. Still, we can choose to find a traditional approach in learning, which includes using books, pens, paper, etc. The statistics show that more than half of the world’s parents and students adore digital learning. It means that the further tech goes, the more likely we transition fully to the digital way of learning. Kids are the people who accept new things with pleasure and spend a lot of time in the digital world. You can vary the kid’s educational journey with gadgets as well.

  • Gadgets & Online Services

Parents who don’t like Instagram and TikTok don’t realize the full potential of the services. You can ask your kids to use the apps to make creative homework. Let them create a viral video or vine where they learn English vocabularly or spelling.

  • Books & Offline Games

Some kids adore reading paper books and communicating offline, and the approach you choose to teach your kid English can be both applying traditional tools and engaging. Remember to show your kid how to solve riddles, play in words, etc. These are crucial skills to have for the kids who would love to continue foreign language learning.

Tips to Build an Effective Communication with a Kid

Effective learning comes with the understanding of kids’ psychology. There are some tips you can apply to improve interaction with a kid who needs to study English.

  1. Discover the interests of the kid. A teacher must know what the kid is interested in. You and the teacher can propose the topics a kid is interested in to promote engagement and joy.
  2. This is all about trust, that you have to earn interacting with a kid. You can not learn effectively with a child who doesn’t trust their tutors. There must be a student-teacher trust, so the kid can speak out loud and get corrected without being offended.

To Sum It Up

Finding the approach to the hearts of the kids is a step forward to great communication and effective studying. It might seem hard at first sight, but it gets better as the trust grows. Thankfully, now there are lots of practices that can help you and your kid start learning English effectively. Follow our guide to test some of them!