While there are numerous writing challenges an average student faces, most of them can be easily addressed with the learning tricks and the rules of academic writing. It is also a reason why procrastination takes place because if there is no inspiration for an upcoming task or an apparent confusion regarding the grading rubric, learners choose to put off such writing assignments. Although there is no universal formula that will help overcome every writer’s block, the secret to success lies in a clever mixture of planning, great essay topic ideas, correct structure, and the thesis sentence that delivers the message.

From Structure to Proofreading

Knowing how to start with your first sentence may sound like a terrible writing challenge, yet such a problem can be avoided if a correct topic is chosen first. When a student thinks hard while in write mode, an idea that resonates with personal knowledge makes it easier to find inspiration. Always define the purpose of an essay and think of a target audience. If there is persuasion or educative intention involved, address style requirements from the very beginning. When facing a serious writing block, try freewriting technique that helps to free one’s mind from stress and anxiety by putting any thoughts down on paper during a definite time period.

Regardless of what essay type must be accomplished, high academic writing standards always increase the final grade. Start by studying the essence of existing topic to avoid any vague ideas or lack of a proper essay structure. In order to become an excellent essay writer, pay attention to sources and the evidence that supports the claim. Even when writing a thesis statement or in need of assignment help, include detailed supporting sentences that explain the prompt. It will boost your self-esteem and help the ideas to sound credible!

The next common essay writing challenge is the use of quotations. If there is an argument that sounds too complex, paraphrase it in simpler words. Break it down into several sentences or use the evidence as a scientific proof with a brief explanation that follows. Such an approach will make your essay unique, adding a personal voice. Just as important as correct use of citation and formatting appear, a serious challenge for college students is using the same tone throughout the paper and including the counter-argumentation. It is especially relevant for reviews, critique essays or papers that discuss controversial issues.

Even the brightest students often ask themselves about why their grade is low when they worked hard with one of the creative writing prompts offered and came up with really good ideas, yet still failed. A reason for that is a frequent lack of proofreading with checking by a knowledgeable individual who can spot the mistakes. It explains why so many people type help me write my assignment in Google to find professional help online that includes structure analysis, grammar, editing, and even plagiarism check. As some of us proofread our essays for mistakes, only the writing experts know what to look for and how an average quality paper can be improved. Unlike university writing help, professional assistance online is available 24/7, which is a good advantage for those who address their writing challenges late at night.

Another important factor related to difficulties most writers face is the lack of proper planning and not knowing how to work with an outline. Procrastination is most often a result of improper time management or even trying to finish several tasks at once. If you feel stressed and tired, make a plan of upcoming tasks, spend enough time to research a particular topic, and forget about social media for a while. Everyone needs at least a minute to get focused and wrap a tired mind around an assignment. What really matters is creating a special environment where you feel comfortable and safe before the first sentence is composed.

Stress Management Tips

It is hard to finish an assignment if you are stressed, sad or exhausted with all the tasks and responsibilities of university life. The best way to challenge stress is to become involved in a creative experience and do something that you really like. It can even be a paper drawing, cooking something unusual, playing guitar or watching a Netflix movie with a roommate. Even five minutes of positive emotions and creative experience make a major difference and help the brain function. When nothing seems to get you further, just stop, smile, and do something special that inspires you!

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