As you grow older, and continue to develop your skills in different areas, it’s common to feel like you’re ready to do something new with your life. You might think that your current role isn’t challenging you the way you’d like, or that you’re not doing something you really care about. However, if you haven’t had a dream job in mind for a while, it can be difficult to figure out what your next move should be.

The uncertainty of not knowing exactly where you want to go in your career can be paralyzing for some people. It’s often the thing that pushes us to remain in the same job that we’re not fully satisfied in, simply because we don’t know where to go now. Here are some ideas that could help you to figure out your next step.

Update Your Education

There’s a good chance that any role you choose to do next is going to require a certain set of skills. Think about the things that you most enjoy doing. Maybe you’re an accountant, but you really like dealing with consultation for bigger companies. Perhaps you’ve been building websites as a designer for a while now, but you’re keen to start working on apps and games.

If you know what you’re passionate about, then you’re already on track to a great career move. You can choose a part-time course or get your degree online while you’re still working. There are private lenders who can help you with financing in order to pay for college, and you can pick your repayment option from a range of solutions to suits your needs.

Pay Attention to the Details

When you’re gaining your education, you’ll often discover ideas for careers by speaking to other like-minded people in your field and exploring different sub-topics of your chosen industry. When you pinpoint an idea that you like, do your research. A lot of what makes a good job compelling are the everyday jobs that you need to do every day.

If you like the idea of being a marketing professional, but you hate the concept of having to send endless emails to clients, you might be in the wrong space. One great way to determine whether a role is really right for you, is to learn from someone who already has that role. Some universities and colleges will help you to set up shadowing sessions where you can spend a day or two with someone in your chosen field, getting an idea of what the job is like.

Don’t Ignore Your Current Job

It’s easy to overlook your current role when you’re looking into the next stage of your life. However, it’s important to ensure that you excel in your current role too. Dedicating yourself to delivering your best work in your current employment could help you to earn the job you want in the future, particularly if your next employer asks for a reference. You could also find that committing to your current job also give you a chance to experiment with other responsibilities and tasks that you’re more interested it. You might end up getting a promotion and loving that role far more than your previous one.