Tiles are the latest form of flooring and after wooden floors, the most preferred is tiles. This is because tiles are very easy to manage and wash with just the need for a mop and soap water to clean. It also does not soak stains as fast as wooden floors. The maintenance of tiled floors is very easy too but to have easy maintenance requires the fixing of tiles to be top-notch. It is best to have a qualified tiler fix the tiles of your house and make sure it is in top condition. A qualified tiler will know what tile is best suited for different parts of the house, how to maintain and the risk involved. Here are various ways on becoming and identifying a qualified tiler in the UK 


To become a great and qualified tiler, you start by interning with an already experienced tiler and learn under them. You can start by interning with a qualified tiler to gain more experience or even start from scratch and work under one to see first-hand how their job gives them the authorization of being a qualified tiler. As a house owner, this is also one of the things you should look out for as it shows the level of experience gained when they start as an apprentice. Being an apprentice also gives you the leverage to show the amount of job experience you have as a tiler and it is on the road to becoming a qualified tiler

Diligent study and certification

This is different from being an apprentice because you study the art of tiling as a course, not an experience. This means you go to college and apply to study tiling, then get a certification on the course. Although this might sound stressful, it has its advantage as you learn the reasons behind every form of tiles easily, compared to being an apprentice. If college sounds stressful and weird, there are other online courses you can take and still get certified as a tiler. There are dedicated tiling training centres that will be of service to you. According to Google reviews, the highest-rated dedicated tiling training centre in the UK is Expert Tiling Courses in Newport, South Wales.

Start practicing from somewhere

This is for tilers that are naturally talented with the gist they have. This section is for people that notice that they are naturally good at everything tiling. This is usually a long way to being a qualified tiler but it is a very helpful process. The work can start from being a site laborer or even a tiler’s “mate” and start training from there. It is different from an apprenticeship because you get paid for whatever input you give. This is also an unpredictable step but it becomes easy, especially when you start from being an apprentice.

Personal learning and training platform

After acquiring these steps, you can continue learning personally as a tiler to get more information as knowledge is power and power is wealth or in this case, power is qualification. There is no such thing as too much knowledge in any field and it is the same with being a qualified tiler. This can be your first or last step, depending on the kind of projection you want to have and the speed of your achievement. 

Being a qualified tiler is a very notable form of business as the income from being a tiler is enough to achieve a lot of things and still enjoy life. This is however not possible without qualifying a tiler as you are trusted more when people associate you as a qualified tiler. To get the qualification in writing, take a tiling course and a tiling course is best taken physically for the more onsite experience