Paraphrasing tools have become the talk of the town among students. They bring numerous benefits to students that not only make writing easier for them but also help improve their grades. And that’s not all: students can rely on these tools to submit their work on time while avoiding plagiarism. But do the paraphrasing tools help students to improve their writing skills? Well, the answer to this question is yes, it can actually help students write better. A good paraphraser removes duplication issues, eliminates redundancy, and improves content quality.The article below describes the ways how paraphrasing tools can help students improve their writing skills. 

First, let’s have a brief look at what it is and how it works.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is software that paraphrases existing text in a new version by using other words or changing sentence structure. It is a writing assistant tool that makes you write a piece of text in your own words. The tool won’t substitute essay writer services in terms of expertise and creativity. So, you should use your own judgment when deciding whether to follow its suggestions or not.

A paraphrasing tool is also referred to as an article rewriter, text rewriter, word spinner, or sentence rephrase tool. Paraphrasing tools use state-of-the-art artificial technology and have stored a massive range of words and phrases in their databases. When you enter the text into the tool and let it rephrase for you, it analyzes the text thoroughly and replaces words and phrases with alternative terms. It makes writing more creative and demonstrative while the intent of the content is the same.

How do paraphrasing tools help students?

Here are ways a paraphrasing tool can help students:

1. Helps students improve their Paragraphs & essay

Writing good papers is a skill that most students lack due to poor writing mechanics. Their writing may be unsatisfactory due to certain reasons which involve poor grammar and sentence making, or inability to build a reasoned and demonstrative argument. To write better papers, they need to improve their paragraphs which will make up a good essay in the end. Using a paraphrasing tool, students cannot only be successful in creating exceptional papers but also improve their writing as a whole. These online paraphrase tools understand the context of original papers and convert them into a better version. It rewrites sentences and paragraphs by changing words and phrases which is a learning curve for students. 

2.Better sentence fluency 

Students may have some bad habits in writing that they should unlearn. For example, they may start writing what comes to their mind without organizing ideas in an effective, clear, and fluent manner. Also, it is common among students to feel stuck while writing. Even after extensive research on the topic, they fail to rewrite ideas in their style. This is where a paraphrasing tool jumps in. It helps students to write their papers effectively and fluently. Once they have assembled all the text by researching from different sources, all they need is to use a paraphrasing tool. The tool will do the rest. It not only helps to rephrase the text in an understandable way but also takes exceptional care of sentence fluency. 

3.Learn to write in different styles 

Paraphrasing tools help students to learn to write in different styles and tones. There are numerous paraphrasing tools available online that offer multiple paraphrasing modes to rewrite papers according to requirements. The different paraphrasing modes help students to learn the art or rewrite a sentence in different styles. 

4.Vocabulary enhancement

Paraphrasing tools also help students to develop a strong reading and writing vocabulary. Students often need to look up words in a dictionary or use google for difficult terms again and again. Rather, they can use a paraphrasing tool to acquire new word knowledge and broaden their vocabulary skills. These tools also help them strengthen these skills over time. Paraphrasing tools help students develop word knowledge in depth and breadth as they change the words with their synonyms to rewrite sentences. For this, they need to closely look at the original and spun text and recognize words that the tool has flipped.

5.Avoid Plagiarism – Generates 100% Unique Content

Plagiarism is a big issue in today’s academic setting and no student is immune to it. They are expected to submit their assignments originally without any plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to write assignments in your own words. Using a paraphrasing tool is another effective way to rephrase old content into a plagiarism-free one. 

3 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

1.Paraphraser is an AI-based powerful paraphrasing tool that helps students rewrite and repurpose their papers. It uses state-of-the-art technology that alters words with their synonyms or restructures sentences to create a new version of old text. 

This smart paraphrasing tool comes with a variety of features that helps students create their papers according to their writing needs.

  • Different paraphrasing modes 
  • Free usage 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Maintains the text quality 
  • Eliminates plagiarism
  • Easy navigation 

2.Paraphrasing tool by

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use paraphrasing tool to make your assignments unique, then look no further than It is a simple paraphrasing tool that comes with only two modes to rephrase the original text. 

Simple mode simply makes a few changes by replacing words and best to improve the text quality. On the other hand, AI mode makes drastic changes by either changing words or restructuring sentences completely. 

Here are some key features of softo’s paraphrasing tool: 

  • Simple and advanced paraphrasing options
  • Easy processing 
  • Ultra-fast results 
  • Maintains the original meaning of the text
  • Plagiarism free results 

3.Paraphrase tool by Assignmentbro 

It is one of the best paraphrasing tools widely used for academic writing. Using this tool makes students more confident in their writing because, first, it helps them avoid mistakes in assignments and essays. 

Second, it provides instant paraphrasing results without hurting the text quality. Third, it eliminates plagiarism in academic papers. Moreover, this paraphrase software is free too which makes it popular among students. 

Here are some key features of the tool:

  • Clear and intuitive interface 
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited free usage

Final Words

In the end, paraphrasing tools help students in different ways. They not only make the tedious writing a breeze but also help them learn different ways to polish up their writing skills. To get the most out of these tools, they need to choose the one that is easy to use and provides highly accurate results. We have mentioned the three best online rephrase tools for students. If you are still confused about choosing one, opt for Using this tool, you will get your assignments, essays, and research papers ready to submit in a flick of a switch.