Education has undergone a lot of changes in the past century. From the typical learning through experience to classroom work, we have seen it. However, the internet has now provided even more ways to learn.

As this article says, we do not have to be limited to the four corners of the classroom or do everything ourselves. Through the internet, we can have more opportunities for growth and development. It is the classroom of the future, so it would be best if most of us have an idea of how it works. There are a lot of things that we can get from having an online course. 

It is more advantageous to take an e-learning course in the 21st century. For one, it is more practical to have it compared to the typical classroom set up. You do not need to spend a lot of time traveling from your home to school. It saves you more time and even money, as you do not need to spend anything on transportation.

 You can pour all of that into the internet expenses. Even then, it would still be economical because you do not need to expend more on other pertinent items like food. It is easier to save up while you are cooped inside your home.

The Problem with E-Learning

However, we cannot any that there are some issues regarding this system. One of the common issues is the connection itself. It would be great if you have a stable internet all the time. Unfortunately, that may not because of everyone. Aside from the usual outages and issues, there are connectivity concerns in some parts of the country. It might sound impossible, but it happens.

These are the places that truly need the advantages that e-learning can provide. Some websites like have remedied these issues by providing downloadable content. On the other hand, there is another unfortunate problem regarding this: the learner itself.

What does this mean? As humans, we usually follow a routine while living our lives. For the most part, it is done unconsciously like waking up and eating. However, there are other routines that we do out of necessity. Enrolling in an online course is one of them. It might be something that we want to do, and at first, we will have all the enthusiasm needed for it.

Sadly, there will come a time that we would feel bored with all of it. Even if you are truly passionate about the subject, it can get monotonous at some point. 

Another thing that is contributing to the dreariness of online learning is being at home. If you are in school, there is a psychological effect of just being there. It forces you to learn and grasp everything that is provided because the place influences you to do so.

On the other hand, being at home would always incite the feeling of peace and tranquility. After a long day at work, the last thing that your body needs is more work. This would also promote complacency since nothing seems to be expected of you because of the flexibility it provides. It is important to break the routine once in a while. 

Some Ways to Break the Routine

Follow a Certain Schedule

It is important to set a schedule especially if you are going to enroll in a course. Arguably, it is even more vital if you are at home since freedom can make us complacent. You can set this up every end of the week so that you will have a better outlook for the next one.

For some, it would even be easier to do it every day. Every morning, you can take like 5 minutes to write it down in a notebook. You can also install applications that can do that for you. Setting up alarms can also help, but you need to be the willpower to follow through.

Take a Break During Session

While you are studying, make sure to take a break. Do not push yourself too hard. The brain might be powerful and flexible, but it does have its limits. If you’re going to continue like this, then your learning process would be deemed useless.

Your mind is already overworked and adding more to it can cause stress. It is important to take a break-even for a short time so that you can recover. Also, it would enable your compete soon and critical thinking to improve while you are studying. This promotes retention and advanced learning, 

Indulge Every Once in a While

There are some days that we might feel even lazier than usual. It can be because we might have a tough day at work or other stresses have emerged. Pushing through all of these and still being present in your e-learning session is the proper thing to do.

However, as mentioned before, it is also not a good idea to push yourself to the limits all the time. If you do not feel like doing anything today, then you are entitled to a rest day. Just make sure to go back the next time with a lot more vigor. 

Go Out to Nature

If resting and indulgence do not work, then it is time to get out and breathe in the fresh air. Studies have shown that going out to nature improves our mood, metabolism, and mental capabilities. You may think of it as with us going back to our natural selves, but it can also be a relief from everything that the modern world has provided.

Even though there are a lot of good things that it has given us, it can also be rather draining for our mental health. A walk just outside of your home might not be much, but it can be a start. 

Do Something Fun and/or Productive

You might think that being in an online course is already as productive as it gets. However, it also comes with the burdens of learning; you can distract yourself by doing something that you actually like. You might be into gaming and other recreational activities that do not require a lot of thinking such as a game of online solitaire.

If this is not for you, then it must be the time to explore and see what other things you can do. As long as it will not remind you of anything stressful, then it would be a great choice.