Algorithmic Trading

Since it is concerned with real-time, it is a win or lose situation. The latest information from comprehending both, that is – non-traditional data as well as traditional data, is used to make real-time decisions. This is because the data is valid for only a short period, and thus being in the competitive run means you will have quicker ways of the analyzation of data.

Analytics in Real Time

Better reactions can be formulated by the identification of charges from various sources through the analysis of large sets of data.

Analytics can be applied in the following ways in the financial sector:

Detection of Fraud

By guaranteeing their customers a sense of safety, financial firms consider Security to be their foremost priority. This is why the companies are always in search of a reliable fraud detection system that could alert them about the thefts and hacking. Data Scientists possess the ability to create algorithm systems that can not only detect these types of threats but also help in preventing them. Through these algorithm systems, the company will be aware of the fraudulent activities that are being carried out such as cash withdrawals in large amounts, or unusual purchases made by a certain customer, etc. The company or firm can then take immediate action against this, leading to the blockage of the account until confirmation from the user themselves. A plus point of these algorithms is that they possess the ability of self-learning and thus evolve with time.

Patterns and trends can be found out in trading through the implementation of machine learning tools, these patterns may indicate manipulation. Thus the concerned staff is alerted and this is brought to their attention.

Analytics of the Consumer

With the help of real-time analytics, companies or firms can gain a better understanding of their audience and customers. This can also lead to personalization marketing. The insights and demographics generated from the customer’s side through opinions, feedback, social media, and mobile devices adds to the personalization factor and brings in more revenue.

Management of the customer data

Data has proven to be the most valuable aspect of the financial sector. A large part of the business’s run depends on the management of this data. There is an overwhelming amount of data involved in the sector of finance. Here is where Data Analytics and Big Data come into the view. Since the specialists do work involving unstructured data as well as semi-structured data, an even bigger question arises that is – how will this data be processed manually?

Several machine learning techniques are also involved in this process. These help in the transformation of data into information as information is processed form of data. This, in turn, helps in better governance of the data leading to better decision making. The customer data helps in influencing the financial trends and developments in the market. The above mentioned methods can also be used to obtain automated reports.

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