Ayurveda –the science or the knowledge of life is known for its oldest medical systems on earth. It provides us with all the important information related to our weight, health and happiness which could be controlled by us. It has two aspects, one is preventive side and other is curative side. The preventive side focuses mainly on how illness could be avoided just by following right diet, meditation and yoga whereas the curative side consists of eight branches of medicine.Here we emphasize on the preventive side of Ayurveda as “Prevention is better than cure”. Ayurveda teaches us that one don’t require medicine, if they follow a right diet.Ayurveda says that everything in this world is made of five elements which are Water, Earth, Fire, Ether and Air. These elements are energies made with finer molecules when combined form all life forms around us.They vary from each other by their densities and vibration.
The lightest of them all is Ether with condenses to form Air. When air flows it creates friction which produces Heat or FireThe fire creates moisture which condenses to form water, which ultimately condenses to become earth which is the densest elements.to keep healthy body we need to balance these elements. These elements are combined in various ratios to form three main energies or called Doshas.These doshas are responsible for everything that happens in our body but it vary from one body to another as they are present in various proportions.

The three main doshas are:

· The Vata dosha is made of air and ether.
· The Pitta dosha is made of fire and little water.
· The Kapha dosha is made of earth and water.

Most of us have two dominant doshas , or you can also have all three dosha balanced which is called tri-doshik but it’s very rare.Before actually starting or following ayurvedic diet one need to find out which dosha they have.To find out this a test been conducted in which all students were distributed with a set of questionnaire based on their body frame ,height, features, personality, appetite ,bowl movement etc.

Vata dosha and balancing diet for it
Vata body type is naturally slim, with a small frame woth a predominating collarbone, delicate arms and slightly jutting bones.Vata have excessive air in stomach which agitates the fire in body. Overeating should be avoided and one should consume small portions.one should eat on regular intervals as for vata people it’s hard to digest food.They should-

· Have food which are sweet sour and salty and reduce consumption of bitter, astringent and pungent tastes.
· Rice and wheat grains are best followed by oats.
· Mung and red lentils are good.
· Should avoid too many nuts and caffeine also carbonated drink and cold drinks.

Menu for Vata
· Warm Sweet potato, Rocket and goat cheese salad
· Green chicken, broccoli and pea curry with rice
· Saffron and cardamom Rice Creams

Pitta dosha and balancing diet for it
They have medium build with good muscle tone and good complexion. They have good appetite and quite thirsty.
When imbalanced sweat a lot and start to develop disorders and liver problem.
They should-
· Using ghee as fat medium.
· Use more astringent, sweet and bitter food like coriander, coconut and asparagus.
· Avoid intake of excess of salt, sourness, spices and oil.
· Consume more lean meat.
· Include lot of raw fruits and vegetables.
Menu for Pitta
Chicken, Fennel and broad bean salad
· Risotto with pumpkin seed, mint and broad bean pesto
· Simple lentil and coconut pudding

Kapha dosha and balancing diet for it
This body type is curvy with heavier frames, bigger bones, strong muscles and little extra body fat. When unbalanced they have poor digestion which leads to heaviness and lethargy after eating. They have frequent congestion, sinus problems, asthma or cold.
They should-
· Consume more of vegetable proteins.
· Increase intake of bitter foods, astringent and pungent food.
· Avoid raw salad, refined sugar products, dairy products, nuts, cold and fizzy drinks.
· Dink spiced teas and spiced lassi in summers.

Menu for Kapha Dosha
Hearty puy lentil and herb soup
Ayurvedic lentil curry with savoy cabbage and peas
Baked spiced stuffed apple
It is rare for us to have all these Doshas in balanced way in our body. The dominant dosha becomes one’s own dosha depending on which element is high in your body. For this one has to find out their own dosha and then follow and monitor their diet and it would definitely help one in living a healthy life.