When I landed in India after long stint abroad as journalist, I was in for some rather unpleasant surprises. Mumbai was no longer the city I knew. Friends had become near strangers despite staying in touch almost daily.

And cost of living had gone so high that my Dollar would pale against the Rupee in terms of buying power. To add to woes, I wasn’t able to get jobs that would pay adequately to maintain a lifestyle I’d enjoyed all these years.

My Journey to Digital Marketing 

That was my plight when a foreign friend suggested I try blogging. I balked at the very idea. Being a journalist is one thing and blogger, another. Yet, I decided to give it a try. 

After long research, I came across a blog written by one Pritam Nagrale, an avid Indian blogger. Fascinated, I tried to find more. To my delight, I found Pritam Nagrale is also a resident of Mumbai. Eventually, we both met. 

During this meeting, Pritam Nagrale spoke at length about his experiences of using digital marketing and his success as blogger. He impressed me to join his digital marketing training course.

Since, I too have joined this league of freelance content writers and digital marketers that earn a fortune by providing services online.

In this article, I’ll present my first-hand review about digital marketing course at DMatic Digital.

The Important, First & Best Step

All students are given own website with domain name of their choice and hosting, the moment they join DMatic Digital training courses.

I got my domain name & hosting.

Then faculty members guide you to design this website using WordPress. During this process, they guide you on how to use different plugins and themes that are available on WordPress. 

You don’t require any coding or technical knowledge to create this website.

In just one months, I was confident enough to create excellent websites & blogs using WordPress.

Blogging for Success

Pritam Nagrale and his faculty encourage students to write their own content. It can be about anything- your profession or passion, something as simple as movie review or as complex as life in outer space. 

But this isn’t any ordinary writing. Faculty members guide you on what tools to use to get that right blend of keywords, headings, sub-headings and transition phases to create that killer article. 

They also train you to write in a language that complies with global requirements especially that of Google, which will help your blog become a money spinner.

On Hands Training for Advanced Skills

After completing website designing, Pritam Nagrale and his faculty guide students on how to post a content on the website and optimize it offline. They show how to use various WordPress tools for making content ‘On Page’. 

You’ll also learn skills on how to select appropriate pictures, charts and graphics from the best sources without violating copyright laws. And correct techniques on using these pictures that convert your article into an interesting story to read.

Perfect Digital Marketing Processes

All students at DMatic Digital then get training on various digital marketing processes for their own website. They are shown how to perform Search Engine Optimization for their content. This includes vital tips such as getting the very essential backlinks that are vital for an article to get ranking from Google. T

This helps your article and own website make it to the top of a Google page, whenever anyone searches for specific keywords that are in your article. 

This is a very essential skill since use of specific keywords comes while you are being trained to write content for your own blog. And seeing own website become popular is a very thrilling experience.

Social Media & Email Marketing for Global Reach

DMatic Digital faculty as well as staff also take extra efforts to train you on excellent social media and email marketing techniques. These help you to further promote your blog to audiences across the world.

Pritam Nagrale personally trains students on how to respond to various comments on their own blogs. He firmly believes that interaction between a reader and the blogger causes an increase in the number of followers. This is apparent from the way he responds to people that comment on his own blogs.

Scholarships & Free Tools for All

Another unique element of DMatic Digital’s training courses are their free tools worth whopping Rs.100,000. These help every digital marketing student to promote own blog long after they’ve graduated from the course. 

Furthermore, DMatic Digital offers scholarships up to Rs.100,000, that comes in the form of fee waiver and discounts. Students have to pass a written test and interview to qualify for the scholarship.

Five Years Support from Faculty

As freelance content writer and digital marketer, the five-year free support is an excellent feature I use regularly. Whenever I need any assistance for a client, I simply call Pritam Nagrale or his faculty members to get assistance and expert advice. After all, each faculty member has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Various Career Options

While I chose to become a freelancer, some other students got paid internships at DMatic Digital itself. Yet others got excellent jobs with some of the topmost companies in India. That’s because they have latest digital marketing skills that they practice on their own website. And take help from experienced faculty members, if necessary.

The course at DMatic Digital also helps people become entrepreneurs. They can start own enterprise and offer content or digital marketing solutions to small and large businesses that wish to make or strengthen their online presence.

In Conclusion

As journalist, it’s my habit to research into everything before taking a decision. Before enrolling for a digital marketing course at DMatic Digital, I took the opportunity to look at similar ones from various institutes. 

However, I personally find digital marketing course at DMatic Digital the best because it covers every single area of this vast field. Pritam Nagrale and his team leave no stone unturned to train students. What I learned was this unique technique that Pritam Nagrale has perfected himself at a time when digital marketing was unknown in India. It’s that secret ingredient that makes digital marketing courses at DMatic Digital, the best in the industry.