Some students enjoy stirring the pot and they feel that a controversial argument will hone their writing skills. Here are a few topics that can do that.

Some students don’t want to write an essay on a topic that might be debatable but doesn’t fire them up. Some students want a challenge, and sometimes topics that generate controversy or stir up emotion present just that challenge.

All argumentative topics are technically controversial, but some are perceived to be more controversial than others. How so? Well, topics that are currently debated in politics or media might be considered controversial, as well as subjects that tend to invoke an emotional response fairly quickly. Sometimes it’s good for a student to get paper help writing or tackle this kind of topic. If a student can make himself appear to be professional and present the facts neutrally all while arguing for his point of view that he strongly believes to be true, he will have written a good argumentative essay and likely grown as a writer.

So what are some good argumentative essay topics? What are some controversial topics that students can find that are currently covered by the media and are close to the hearts of American citizens or are older topics still subject to debate?

Current Controversial Topics in the Media

Illegal immigration

It is currently a hot topic, particularly in light of Arizona’s recent immigration laws. Both sides of the argument are debatable. One side believes illegal immigration should be handled harshly to the full extent of the law (and, obviously, many people believe the laws should be beefed up to stop illegal immigration). The other side feels the laws are too harsh and that, perhaps, people should look at the reasons why so many people choose to cross the border despite the possible consequences.

Decriminalizing marijuana use 

It might seem like yesterday’s news, but with more and more states decriminalizing marijuana (whether or not it is for medicinal purposes), this topic is still up for debate and still heavily covered by the media. One side feels marijuana should not be legalized (or decriminalized) for many reasons, from sending the wrong message to youth to opening the door to harder drugs. The other side feels that marijuana should be legalized because it helps many people medicinally and its effects aren’t as bad as some prescription drugs.

Are Miranda’s rights good or bad? 

This is an old topic. It seems, but just as recently as August 2010, the Supreme Court modified the Miranda warning. Proponents of the law feel that people may not fully understand their rights and should be told what they are when they are arrested. However, opponents may feel that people already have a basic understanding of their rights. So if a person has been arrested for a crime, he or she has lost those rights.

Other possible topics

  • Cross-dressing in the workplace
  • The legal drinking age and/or age of the majority
  • Ethics of genetic engineering
  • Rights of gay couples to adopt
  • Should women serve on the front line in the military?
  • Are genetically-modified foods safe or dangerous?

Controversial Topics Can Be Fun to Argue

Some students enjoy debating a controversial issue. Certainly, there are hundreds of topics to choose from, some that have been debated over and over and others that are best avoided. There are still others that are interesting and enjoyable but not too controversial. For those students who like a hot debate that involves a delicate balancing act, some of these topics might do the trick.