CBSE  12th 2019 results were out on 3rd May 2019 and the class 10th results were announced on 6th May 2019. We are proud of achievers who have worked hard and given their best, no matter whatever their result has been.

Many students must be in relief after the CBSE class 12th results 2019 and must be excited about their next session, where some might still not be satisfied with their marks and are willing to check their answer sheets and its evaluation. The process which can lead you to fulfil is Rechecking and Revaluation process.

The process is the same for 12th and 10th std, but the schedule is different for both classes.

Our willingness to help such student was the only motive to write this article.

To obtain the checked answer sheet, and ask for revaluation is 3 steps process which involves filling of application and submitting the fees online.


When you don’t score the marks you were expecting, it is obvious to feel uncertain about the checking procedure. You might feel that there might be chances of mistakes in calculation or marking from the examiner side.

Which is, quite possible.


What should you do?

You need to politely ask the CBSE to recheck your paper. Isn’t this the most logical way to solve your confusion?

The first process after being dissatisfied with the mark obtained in the exam is to ask for rechecking. Students can apply for rechecking by visiting on CBSE  website and filling the form of rechecking.

Finding your answer sheet from more than 31 lakh answer sheet is a tedious and time-consuming job.CBSE charge Rs 500 per application for both classes as cost of taking that pain for you.

You submit your name, roll no, city centre and subject or subjects, you want to recheck in the application form. With these details, they locate your answer sheet and recheck it.

After this process Don’t expect the examiner to read your answer again and make changes in marks. He will just recalculate the marks and see whether all the questions were assessed. If any differences are found, they will update your result on their website and you can check it after 15 days.

The updated result is out, but you are still not satisfied …..

The miscalculation or omission of the answer is been rechecked and still, you think that your answer deserves better marks, you want to see your checked answer sheet.

The second process is to ask for a photocopy of your answer sheet. You need to again fill the form and submit Rs 700 per subject for 12th std and Rs 500 for 10th std online and then wait to receive your answer sheet on your login account without mentioning the examiner name.

The second process is only possible for students who have undergone the first process. You can’t directly apply for photocopy of your answer sheet.

 But what if there is no response after my first process.

Either you have not provided the correct details in your first application or there have been no changes in your marks, that is why you receive no updates from CBSE.

In both cases, your fee is not refunded.

I got my answer sheet and I want someone to read my answers again to revalue my marks. I’m confident enough to challenge the marks given.

The third process is to go ahead and challenge the marks obtained by filing revaluation form from your login ID at CBSE website. You can also send the remarks and comment wherever you find the possibilities of better marks.

CBSE will again appoint a new examiner to go through your answer sheet and evaluate the marks. You need to pay Rs 100 per subject for both classes to get the revaluation process start.

If there is any change in marks you will be have updated marksheet on your login id.

No updation means no changes in marks or wrong or incomplete application submitted.

Is it the right thing to ask for rechecking and revaluation?

If you are confident about your answers and rationally thinks that you can get better marks then you should certainly go for it.

But, you only want to try your luck and want to do just in anticipation to get better marks, then you will be wasting yours and examiners time.

The processing fee charged is one way of demotivating the playful mindset of students.


The schedule for 2019 for both 12th and 10th std is been released by CBSE which is as follows:

Particular 10th std 12th std Fee
Verification of marks 10th May-14th May(up to 5.00P.M) 04th May-08th May(up to 5.00P.M)   Rs 500/- per subject
Obtaining a photocopy of answer sheet 27th May-28th May(up to 5.00P.M)   20th May-21st May(up to 5.00P.M)   Rs 500/- per subject for 10th Rs 700/- per subject for 12th  
Re-evaluation 31st May-01st June(up to 5.00P.M)   24th May-25th May(up to 5.00P.M)   Rs 100/- per subject  

Any application after the last date won’t be entertained and thereafter CBSE won’t be liable against any allegation, hence the students who are willing to follow the rechecking and revaluation process should start filling the application NOW!!!!

We wish that you now know

  1. why you should apply for revaluation process
  2. How you should be doing it
  3. And when is the date to do

We wish you all the  best for future

Keep yourself healthy and curious.