Mental health counselors are professionally trained people who are equipped to treat various kinds of mental health issues with various psychotherapy methods. There was a period when counselling was confined to hospitals and clinics. But the world is constantly changing and counselors are proving to be highly helpful in various fields such as the job market, education, and marketing. One can work as a counselor from the ease of their home through online therapy platforms. The need for therapy is continuously growing. In fact, this steady growth has led to insurance companies working on accommodating therapy and online therapy for various mental health disorders. To learn more, check out

Schools are appointing counselors to help students with stress and anxiety. Counselors can find work anywhere and everywhere today. Here are some career options for counselors.

1. Career Counselor

A Career or Vocational Counselor’s job is to help people identify a suitable occupation for themselves. If a person is confused about what kind of job they must do, if they should change from their current job or career path, or what one must do in order to achieve their career goals, a career counselor can help them with this. Students can also seek career counselling to choose their field of study. The counselor will analyse the clients educational qualifications, work experience and conduct an aptitude and personality test. These information will be analysed to suggest a suitable field of study or work. They also help clients prepare a resume and train them for interviews. They can find work in schools, colleges, employment agencies, and consultation agencies. 

2. Genetics Counselor

Everything from diabetes to stress can be linked back to genes. The knowledge about genetic disorders and hereditary health conditions is abundant now. This has led to parents testing their unborn child for probable genetic disorders. Parents have access to this information, but don’t always know what to infer from it. This is when they must consult a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors gather information about the family’s health and disorder history, analyse the possibilities of the genetic disorder being passed on, prescribe and analyse the genetic tests, and suggest treatment based on the test results. They are highly helpful if the parents already have a child with genetic disorder, as they might fear the same state for their next child. Parents who conceive after 35 or have had miscarriages or still born child can also seek their advice.

3. Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance Abuse Counsellor is a mental health counsellor who specialises in treating people who are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or any kind of drugs. Substance abuse can affect not just the person, but their family, education, and work. The counsellor helps them break out of these dependencies and lead a self-sufficient life. They also treat occasional alcohol or drug users who fear that they might become addicts. They can not prescribe medications like psychiatrists, but rather work on their emotional and mental well-being. They also help the clients get a job and continue with the said job, as many drug addicts aren’t the first choice of employee.  Substance Abuse counsellors work in close relation with hospitals and community centers.

4. Grief Counselor

Sorrow and misery are an inescapable part of human life. Everybody’s life has an instance that has changed their life. It might be the loss of a loved one, losing your hard-earned job, or a broken relationship. Grief counselor’s job is to help people process and overcome that grief. They communicate with the client over a relaxing environment, acknowledge their pain, and help the client reflect on their emotions. They help the client cope with their loss, and look at life beyond the loss. They must have compassion, patience, empathy, and cultural and generational sensitivity. They usually work with hospitals, mental health care institutes, or practice individually.

These are some of the career options for counselors apart from being a mental health counselor. One can identify their area of interest and pursue the required specialization. All the above mentioned jobs can be practiced only after obtaining a state or national license.