B.Sc in zoology is the primary course encompassing different aspects of animal study. The three-year course teaches about the nature of animal life and development along with their  the genetic structure. Students who follow this course can also explore career paths in the fields of wildlife conservation , environmental protection, monitoring of habitats, animal welfare and so on. This includes both the current as well as the extinct animal biological elements. 

The 3-year B.Sc Zoology course helps students develop sufficient knowledge and make a career choice or pursue of interest in higher studies in the same.B.Sc in Zoology, the bachelor’s degree program allows students to select different fields of study after the course is completed. Students interested in higher education after B.Sc Zoology can select not only M.Sc Zoology, but also other courses such as M.Sc in biotechnology, M.Sc in endocrinology, M.Sc in life science, M.Sc in wildlife science, etc. We will be discussing in detail these career options below

M.Sc Zoology

It is a two-year academic program covering the study of living and extinct species.Which can be taken up after a bachelor in Bsc Zoology. Students gain sufficient knowledge of Biodiversity and animal anatomy under this programme. Students studying M.Sc Zoology will learn about the animal life ‘s characteristics and evolution. The course also addresses the causes of habitat loss, disease, and climate change consequences.

Eligibility criteria

1.The student must hold a Bsc degree in Zoology, Life Science, Medical or equivalent degree from a recognized university. 

2.The minimum percentage permissible in most institutes for qualifying  is 50 per cent.

Admission Process

The top Indian institutes administer an admission test for M.Sc course like M.Sc Zoology. Many of the top M.Sc entry exams for M.Sc Zoology admissions include BHU PET, AMU PG entry tests, AUCET, LPU PG entry test etc.Candidates must ensure that the minimum eligibility requirements are met, and appear at various institutes  for the admission test to the M.Sc Zoology programme.

Msc biotechnology

Master’s in Biotechnology (M.Sc) is a postgraduate course in Biotechnology. Biotechnology deals with the bioprocesses that involve bioproducts in engineering, medicine, technology and other fields. This is produced using life forms. This field of applied biology aims to provide the candidates pursuing the course with superior courses which have strong vocational elements.

Admission process 

Based on their performance in JAM or Joint Admission Test aspirants can opt for Msc Biotechnology .They can join the IITs based upon this rank. The JNU CEEB, GATE, Central Universities, Manipal University Online Entrance Test are other such entrance exams  that enable entrance to the course in India.The entrace exam are conducted one every year in the month of May.

Eligibility Criteria

1.The candidate need to have in  Agricultural Sciences with Life Science subjects such as one among Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology or Microbiology.

2. To participate in the qualification examination of any recognized university or institution, a minimum of 55 per cent marks is required.Msc in Endocrinology