Do you know what gives you trade for life? Its apprenticeship or traineeship that provides you with an opportunity to earn during working for a company, this could be the first step for the creation of a solid career. The traineeship or apprenticeship is basically a combination for both paid as well as structured training that gets occurred “off the job” or “on the job”. If you wish to know about the plan and Apprenticeships Perth, W.A, continue reading the article.

What are apprenticeship and traineeship?

An apprenticeship and traineeship course is basically a contract between employee and employer where trainee or apprentice learns an essential skill for particular jobs. The traineeships and apprenticeships are one of the highly recommended courses so as to get ready for a career. The trainee and apprentice are allowed to earn and work as per their career choice by learning qualifications and skills. The trainee and apprentice will learn-

  • Real skills in the workplace
  • Gain nationally vocational education plus training qualifications
  • While you learn you can earn a wage
  • You can develop skills that are essential in an industry
  • You can put straight to work
  • Both traineeships and apprenticeships go hand in hand with off job study on a contractual basis between employer and employee.

Who all can do traineeship or apprenticeship?

Traineeship and apprenticeships are made available to the audience of all stages of life, ages including individuals, high school students.

Is there any difference between traineeship and apprenticeship?

The student can complete an apprenticeship in around 3-4 years in trade occupations so as to become a chef, hairdresser, electrician, and mechanic.

The traineeship includes learning job. The trainee can complete the traineeship in around 2-3 years all over the industries including child care, health, and community health.

Eligibility of apprenticeship and traineeship:

The apprenticeships and traineeship are made available to all working age. You are not at all required to have a school certificate or any other qualification to be capable of getting Australian Apprenticeships.

You can even get Australian apprenticeships if you are re-entering the workforce and school leaver or any adult worker who wish to change career through gain of new skills. You can even begin apprenticeship and traineeship at school completion year 11 and 12.

Trainee and apprentice wages-

The wages for trainee and apprentice got set by industrial norms and regulation with outlines on rights, conditions, pay rates, and entitlement. The wage progression can be based on competency. You can even reach higher pay once you achieve new competencies.

What training contract contributes?

Before you begin traineeship and apprenticeship, you can sign for a training contract that is a legal agreement between an employer and you. The training contract outlines employment hours and per week of training. It can even include probationary period details, studying qualifications, and obligations of your employer and you.

What consists of a training plan?

Before starting traineeship and apprenticeship, you need to sign in for the desired plan that describes the training provider scheme. The training plan includes training provider details, electives, and care qualification units, and training location.

Finalizing training plan and training contract-

You first need to draft your training plan and training contract, so as to traineeship and apprenticeship.

Assistance and supports-

Safety in the workplace- the safety tells you everything about the apprenticeship and traineeship in the working environment. You get to know about the responsibility and rights as trainee or apprentice. Support is necessary so as to avoid injury at the workplace or from bullying. You can obtain assistance so as to avoid injury and accidents by understanding safety and hazards maintaining and procedures for your mental health.

What traineeship and apprenticeship involves?

A traineeship or apprenticeship includes following things-

  • Get paid during the learning process
  • Learn nationally skills and valuable industrial skills
  • It combines workplace-based training and formal training through reliable training providers

Quick facts on traineeship and apprenticeships:

  • Both traineeship and apprenticeships work along with structured training
  • Traineeship and apprenticeships could be part time, full time or based on school. However, its completion of traineeship and apprenticeship cannot be achieved on a casual basis.
  • The existing employees are responsible for undertaking traineeship and apprenticeship
  • Traineeship and apprenticeship need employers so as to enter in a period of a training contract with trainee or apprentice, that is the binding agreement to train and work together for time length.
  • The training options are negotiable and can be easily outlined in the training plan, the training aspects can be subjected to package requirements.

Types of traineeships and apprenticeships:

Part-time or full time

The full-time apprenticeship and traineeship takes an average of 38 hours every week with ongoing employment

Part-time trainees and apprentices are rostered so as to work regularly based on working and training

The nominal team can be double based on the traineeship or apprenticeship

Benefits of doing traineeship or apprenticeship-

A traineeship or apprenticeship offers you benefits along with the degree of completion.

  • It allows you to earn money during learning or working in the workplace.
  • It allows you to gain valuable experience in both industry and real working environment, thus giving you head kick in starting your career
  • It taught you the latest skills and knowledge from qualified tradespeople
  • It offers the opportunity to pick your training with the desired employer
  • Federal government incentives are made available to aid you throughout the training period
  • You will complete the course with a recognized qualification degree along with job market interest.


There are lots of apprenticeship and traineeships available online that are supported by the government and the main aim is to improve productivity. The Australian government also supports apprenticeships via effective execution of programs including apprenticeships incentive programs. In support of AASN, the apprenticeships get delivered in Western Australia. The chief goal is to support individuals and companies by helping succeed in first-class apprenticeships as well as traineeships.

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