Students have a pretty hectic lifestyle and have to cope with tons of new information and plenty of tasks daily. It’s not that easy to keep up with everything. Thanks to modern technologies, students’ routine life can be much easier to have more free time to work or simply have fun with friends. This article has prepared a list of top apps and platforms that every student should start using to increase productivity.

1. edX

This platform gives you a unique chance to study courses from the country’s best universities and get all the knowledge you want. There are different areas available, so choose a course to improve your academic performance and apply this knowledge in a professional environment.

2. Grammarly

If you used to get essay help to make your writing more polished and get a higher grade, then you can forget about it with this amazing platform. It will enable you to easily check your text for grammar, spelling, contextual mistakes. It will take your essays to the next level and boost your performance.

3. Coursera

This platform will give you access to plenty of educational materials that will improve your academic performance and enable you to broaden your horizons. It’s possible to watch video lectures on various topics from the best universities worldwide.

4. Evernote

This is the most convenient application for taking notes. You can also take pictures, do some sketches that will help you understand the material. It’s also possible to audio record lectures and handwritten notes.

5. Duolingo

We recommend this platform for all students who are willing to start learning a new foreign language. It has a simple interface and access to various words and basic grammar. It allows you to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

6. myHomework

If you lack time-management and organizational skills, then this app will help you. It enables planning and tracking all academic activities, effectively scheduling the studying process, getting reminders never to miss deadlines, and syncing all your data across devices.

7. DropBox

This is a widely used platform that can upload any file you need on a cloud and easily access it from any device. You can always have all the academic materials handy and not be afraid to forget something.

8. Todoist

This application is a great solution to track and manage your daily tasks. College students are usually overwhelmed by the number of assignments. You can create lists, mark completed tasks, edit your existing lists and do everything to keep you productive.

9. Marinara Timer

It’s paramount to take regular breaks while studying if you want to study effectively and memorize better. Your brain needs some time to cool down. This app will be your time tracker so you can manage how much time you spend. Study for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break to chill.

10. Write Monkey

This tool will be your lifesaver in case you get easily distracted by notifications. The app has a special mode that makes it possible to focus on important tasks, and you won’t see any programs that might kill your productivity. It also includes some other cool features that you should definitely explore. 


Here is a great management tool that will enable you to easily create a list of your daily tasks and assignments, so you never miss anything important. It’s the most convenient way to get things done and get reminders to keep up with deadlines. The interface is very simple and user-friendly.

12. Brainscape

You probably know that students widely use flashcards as it helps a lot while learning and memorizing new academic information. This app will help you create your own flashcards or use cards created by other users. Studying has never been easier, so give it a try.

13. Wunderlist

If you have trouble planning and properly organizing your schedule, this app is certainly for you. It costs just a few dollars, and you will have a perfect environment for planning not just your educational activities but also your personal life. It synchronizes with all your devices so you can stay on top of your schedule.

Summing It Up

These apps are going to change your life for the better. Don’t hesitate to try it out and see the difference. It will make your life simpler while helping you acquire new skills, boost your productivity and become a better student. You will be able to achieve improved academic performance and, at the same time, have more free time.

Author Bio: Jennifer Walter is a psychology professor, an independent researcher, writer, and contributor. He is the guru to hundreds of students, the author of hundreds of analysis studies, and the voice behind most liked articles on content creation and strategy at