Being an international student can be a daunting and sometimes lonely experience. You constantly have to figure out the physical, social and cultural dynamics of a new place, while balancing studies and financial commitments. There are, however, platforms and spaces where you can get guidance regarding being an international student in Australia. Let’s take a look at the different channels where you can get guidance for the aspects that concern international student affairs. Keep in mind that your choices aren’t limited to the ones below, but are your best options.

1. Casual Employment

You may be wondering just how you’re going to earn money that’s required for different university aspects — financial obligations such as international student fees, accommodation, university fees, food, and travel. The thought of debt after finishing your university years might be keeping you up at night. However, there are job portals such as Student Job Board that can help you find employment. 

It’s important to seek employment through official online channels such as these to avoid being scammed as a job-seeker. Some people take advantage of people in situations such as yours and use the fact that you’re not as acquainted with employment dynamics in Australia, as a local would be. For example, dubious job portals may ask you to pay a sum of money to secure an interview. Official job portals are transparent with hiring processes, possible salary payments, payment methods, and guidance regarding how to balance being a student and a worker. 

2. University Guidance

Your university should have a department or facility that’s solely dedicated to the affairs of international students. Approaching staff members in such departments means that you can get one-on-one guidance in areas that concern your university wellness. These can include career guidance, subject choice guidance, and any other challenge that you may be facing while attending the university. The staff members can also refer you to the relevant figures that can assist you depending on your queries. 

3. Housing 

If you’re not living on the university campus, accommodation matters might come up more than once. Again, you must engage official accommodation online platforms to avoid being scammed. You can also rely on word of mouth from your university colleagues regarding possible accommodation arrangements. Make use of your university notice board and website information or any accommodation leads that may be shared in those spaces. 

4. University Social Clubs 

Joining a university social club is recommended for you to form relationships on campus. Social clubs vary depending on the university. These can be in the form of cultural groups, book reading clubs, dance groups, and choirs. You can find out what your university has to offer on its website and by talking to other students as well as staff members. Social life on campus is required for a well-balanced university life. 

5. Counseling Services 

Being far away from your family and loved ones can be overwhelming while trying to settle in and figure out the dynamics of the university. If you suspect that you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression, make use of the counseling and therapy services that are provided by your university. Engaging such processes will help you to keep afloat with your studies, job, and social life on campus. 

6. Tutoring Services 

If the work becomes demanding and you feel as if you’re lagging, you must engage the extra tutoring services that are provided by the university. Tutoring services vary and you must familiarise yourself with these processes. Some students form study groups and help each other outside of class. You can join or form a study group of your own with your classmates. The goal is to pass the university stage for you to proceed onto your career path. You must make sure that this is your priority by exploring the different learning channels made available to you. 


Universities in Australia have put in place measures to make sure that international students settle in as much as they can. The channels that are available to you regarding your welfare as an international student include job portals, housing portals, and university guidance departments, counseling, and tutoring services. Use these platforms to your advantage as these give the information and the guidance that you need to strike a balanced life in university as an international student. You must take caution when seeking information on the internet as you can fall victim to dishonest people. Use only recommended and official portals to avoid getting scammed and to achieve the best possible results.