From tech giants to start-ups, Amazon Web Services has found its way to benefit all the companies that need scalable and affordable cloud services. Gone are the days when organizations had to depend on bulky hard drives and unpredictable storage space to store huge amount of information and ensure that it remained secure. Amazon Web Services is a safe cloud services platform that offers various functions like computing power, database storage, content delivery and many more that help in better growth of a business.

There are even many other tech tools built around it or with the intention to expand its possibilities like this tool that reads AWS CloudTrail logs – Loggly.

As companies have moved to cloud and started using AWS-backed services extensively, it is hard for professionals to ignore the capabilities of AWS. Without an in-depth knowledge of AWS, professionals may increase their chances of becoming irrelevant. To acquire all the necessary skills related to AWS, you can undertake AWS certification and become an asset to your organization.

As Amazon offers certifications to gain knowledge of the cloud services, you canfind many institutes offering AWS training in cloud computing platform acrossvarious cities in India. Individuals can go for AWS training in Bangalore or as per theirpreferred location to prepare for the certification exams conducted by Amazonand take their career ahead.

Itis no wonder that AWS certifications bagged second the list of Top 10 Paying ITCertifications in 2018, according to PCMag, AWS Certified Solutions Architect –Associate certification was observed to bring in the average annual salary of$121,292. Professionals who achieve AWS Certification pave their way to be oneof the 350,000 professionals required across the word in cloud computingdomain.

AWS provides a range of certifications to get detailed knowledge of its services. The certifications have levels like foundational, associate and professional and they belong to five different categories named:

  • Developing
  • Architecting
  • Cloud
  • Operations
  • Specialties

The certifications can be obtained by passing an exam that will consist of multiple choice questions. The list of certifications that individuals can opt for are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Foundational)
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Security – Speciality

The AWS certification cost for different levels is mentioned below:

  • Foundational Level exams – $100
  • Associate Level exams – $150
  • Professional-level and Specialty exams – $300

As AWS certifications are globally recognized by companies in the field of cloud computing, getting certified is a not an easy task. Individuals who aim for a successful career in cloud computing can consider taking AWS training to get a stronghold of all the concepts covered in different certifications of AWS.

Find out how AWS training can prove to be beneficial:

  • Get introduced to core AWS products, services, and solutions
  • Experience a well-organized path of learning the AWS concepts
  • Learn about different certifications offered by AWS and which one will suit your job profile
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the services offered by AWS and how it can be beneficial in your career
  • Demonstrate your interest in gaining knowledge of the best practices for AWS services
  • Helps you prove your credibility in AWS-related projects
  • Makes you eligible for many challenging job roles of cloud computing domain

Job roles that can be considered after achieving AWS certifications

As the AWS certifications are vendor-specific, the job roles that are offered by companies align closely with the certifications. Some of the positions that you can aim for are:

  • Cloud Developer

This role requires the professionals to be skilled in developing software applications and solutions using the resources from a cloud platform.

  • SysOps Administrator

It requires individuals to deploy, operate, and manage systems on AWS platform.

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

Such a professional is trained at handling network operations and system deployment. He plays multiple roles and works with software developers, system operators, and production technical team as well.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

This job requires sound programming skills in either Python, Javascript, Ruby, etc. and capability to design, develop, and implement software on the AWS platform.

  • AWS System Integrator

Such professionals handle deployment and troubleshooting of AWS applications.

  • AWS Big Data Specialist

Expertise in data analytics is required for this role. It requires an architecting background and ability to define AWS big data services.

Wrapping Up:

Ifyou are interested in making a career in cloud computing, you need to upgradeyourself in AWS (Amazon Web Services)continuously. The AWS certifications expire after two years and Amazon keepsgrowing its services. So you need to decide which AWS certification is best foryou and how it will help you grow your professional career. Keep in mind thekind of companies that you wish to work with. Every company has its own set ofexpectations from the professionals of cloud computing space. To stay relevant,you need to upgrade your skills and gain expertise in the areas where yourinterest lies.