There’s a lot of things young adults get to experience when they start college. Although some people claim that nothing beats high school, college is a totally different experience on its own. It’s a time to learn more, be more independent, gain different perspectives, and achieve academic growth. Simply put, it’s a significant stage in anyone’s life, which is why it pays to make it all worthwhile.

In college, you get to learn the art of balancing studies and your social life. As much as academics are essential, building networks and connecting with fellow students are crucial to hone you more as a mature person. Aside from giving enough time for studies and friends, you should also spare some more for extracurricular activities, social events, and school groups.

With that in mind, here are some tips to make your college life a worthwhile experience:

1.Socialize And Be Friends With People In Your Dorm

When you’ve moved out of your home to live in a dorm like Vintage at Tabernacle, you’re given an excellent opportunity to meet new friends. It helps when you talk and socialize around with your roommates, get to know everyone, and share small talk now and then. Your dorm is the first place to meet new people, so take advantage of it and be friendly with everyone. Besides, you’ll spend a lot of time in your dorm when you don’t need to go to your classes. Having dorm friends will keep your college life more fun and engaging.

2.Assess Which Extracurricular Activities You Want To Join

In your first year of university, you should be involved with as many extracurricular activities as possible—that is, if your time can manage. Depending on your schedule, your first year in the university will give you more chances to join activities and events, as courses are still manageable and more accessible than when you reach. Choose activities that will force you to socialize with people who have the same interest or hobbies as you. Also, you could develop your communication and social skills by joining societies and organizations.

3.Learn But Have Fun While Doing So 

Student life is quite chaotic; there are so many things and happenings going on that you’d get distracted and forget that you’re there to learn.  Hence, you must settle into a college routine. No need for a hardcore study schedule; college is an excellent opportunity to explore the subjects that intrigue you dynamically and from different sources to boot.

While there is some pressure from your assignments, you could learn to see the fun in learning and studying if you incorporate strategies to become more productive. Additionally, you could also use available resources and tools to make your learning more enjoyable and convenient.

4.Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

College life means you’ll have a lot of access to joining any organization or club you can find. You’ll also get to experience learning anything under the sun. So get out of your shell and go out there. When you expose yourself to any opportunities, you’ll discover and learn more about yourself.

College is a time to grow both professionally and personally as a person. Here’s your chance to discover amazing things you haven’t tried before. As simple as trying new food, playing a new sport, or flying for the first time can be breaking out of your comfort zone. You should try one new thing every month or every semester, no matter how big or small. This will help you gain more understanding about life and society in general.

5.Consider Running For Student Council

If you feel like you’re politically inclined and want to be a student council member, getting involved in campus life is another way to make the most of your college life. On the bright side, this also allows you to be the voice of all students. This is an excellent option if you’re passionate about making a difference and feel that you can make decisions on behalf of an entire community.

Joining the student council would open your eyes to what needs to be changed in your department or school. You get to practice expressing your opinion and rights to professors and school deans on behalf of all other students.

6.Try Volunteering 

You can utilize your free time by volunteering around the school or in your community. The good thing about volunteering is helping others while you learn the most through the experience. There might not be enough volunteering opportunities available for everyone, so when you see it, grab your chance to be a part of it. Whether it’s outreach, a local soup kitchen, cleaning beaches or parks, or helping the elderly, each activity will help you grow and become more involved in the bigger picture. Plus, you could also check out some websites that will match you with opportunities to make a difference.

7.Take Advantage Of Study Abroad Opportunities 

Imagine yourself going somewhere new, learning academically, and having life-changing experiences. By studying abroad, you’ll learn new stuff about yourself that you may not have known, had you stayed in your hometown.

A new city and country might scare you, but as you become more comfortable, you’ll learn to adjust to your new environment. You’ll be able to try new food, learn about the country’s culture, and enjoy new customs, as well as gain academic credit. So when a study-abroad program becomes available to you as a student, take advantage of it and join the program.

8.Work Part-Time

You won’t only be making money by getting a job, but you’ll also meet new types of people and gain experience that will help you later in life. If you have the luxury of time, apply for a part-time job. You can learn customer service and interpersonal skills from anything, even working at a local coffee shop.

At this point, it doesn’t matter which establishment you work for, as long as it’ll contribute to your learnings and growth as a student. Part-time work can be something you’re interested in and could even allow you to understand what you’re passionate about.


First-year students often have difficulty adjusting to university life due to the massive lifestyle change in living away from home and making new friends. There are significant pressures, projects, and clubs, so having time management skills is imperative. However, with the tips in this article, you can make your college experience more worthwhile and fun. No matter how tough it can be, embrace the chance to grow as a person.