Most of the science students are seen to do engineering courses after their 12th. Engineering is one of the most popular options for non-medical students. Bachelor of technology (, bachelor of engineering (B.E), and the bachelor of architecture (B.arc) are four years long degree courses. A large number of students go for the courses every year, and that’s why there is a large number of engineers in India.

Larger the number of admissions more is the number of graduates. A large number of graduates seek jobs, but not everyone gets a good paying job. The highly talented ones get average jobs, out of the remaining some start low-paying jobs and internships, and others keep on searching job.

Some students make a wise decision in such situations. They prepare themselves to do the next degree. Masters degree courses that students opt after engineering include, MS, and MBA. The following academic degree helps them in boosting their skills and improves their CV.

But for some of the students, the same scenario goes after masters degree which can make them feel disappointed. Short term diploma courses can help them boost their skills plus makes it easy to find the right job. Short term postgraduate diploma courses are mostly job oriented. The students who do these courses have better chances of getting a job plus they can keep on seeking job along with the diplomas.

There is no limit to technology, and that’s why there is no limit to the number of courses available. The students get numerous options, and it’s up to them to select the best one. Here are seven best PG diploma courses, which are best for every engineering student.

1. IOT

IOT stands for the internet of things. A bunch of devices, appliances, and networks work together to perform meaningful tasks. A vast network of vehicles, physical devices, machines, software, sensors, and actuators are connected with each other. The primary motive of connecting these physical devices is to exchange data. The concept of the course is exciting, and that’s why many students find it worth doing. The course is, however, quite new, but is growing at a rapid speed. The duration of the course and fee structure varies according to the institute. Many famous institutes offer this course at reasonable courses along with complete guidance till job.


Very large scale integration (VLSI) is about creating integrated circuits (IC). The course teaches students the ways to combine transistors or devices to make IC. The devices are connected into a single chip. The various ways to design and create IC are taught to students during the program. The use of IC is spread across electronic devices, complex machinery, and computers.

VLSI is an ideal course for electrical engineering students, telecom inaction engineers, and EC engineers. The course duration and the fee structure can vary according to the institution.


MP3 players and digital watches are so exciting. The technology attracts and amazes us. All these things work on embedded system design. In a large electrical or mechanical system, a dedicated function of computer works to provide desired results. The computer-generated function works as the part of the complete device and controls it.

An embedded system designer works to improve the services. The work role includes reducing the size, minimizing the cost, and optimizing the devices to make that perform better. The course teaches you to deal with things like networking, sensors, and microcontrollers. This diploma program is best for networking engineers, EC engineers, electrical engineers, and telecommunication engineers.


Automobile mechanics is one of the best short-term courses. The course is job oriented and has got a great scope. Mostly, mechanical engineers and automobile engineers go for this course. The course content and job roles include working on the performance of automobile mechanics. The students need to learn the skills to boost the performance and improve the machines. If you have an interest in the field and can work hard, an excellent job is waiting for you. It requires passion and willingness to learn things to succeed in this field.


As the name suggests, the course is all about the management of materials. With the expansion of technology, every small and big job is getting immense importance. The higher workload has made material management a separate profile. The course teaches students to deal with planning, purchasing, sourcing, storing, controlling, and moving aspects of materials. Everything is done even if there is no professional, but the job of professional is to do it in an optimum manner. The course is not only good for engineering freshers, but professionals can also go for this to boost their skills. The professionals in fields like manufacturing, production, quality control, and supply chain can also go for this.


The industrial automation course is highly beneficial for IC engineers, mechanical engineers, and production engineers. The procedures taking place in a plant needs to be appropriately managed and controlled. The students learn to optimize and automate all the processes going on in an industry. The course is job oriented. It can help you get a good paying and reputed job in a small period of time if you are good in your work. However, industrial automation has helped us automate manufacturing, storage, and maintenance.


Programming is the hottest job in the market today. The programmers and coders are offered good packages and the position is highly reputed. The work is nice, and the job scope is higher. There are numerous language courses under this category and you can do one, two, three or any number of courses according to the time you have and your capability. The courses let you enter to fields like software development, software design, and software testing. The world today is so obsessed with software for all their needs and that’s why the job is gaining is huge popularity.

All these courses are of six months to one year. Both the duration of the courses and the fee depends on the institute.