Even with easy access to online cooking videos, TV shows, books, and recipes, it is often not an easy task to learn and create culinary masterpieces on our own.

If you feel self-study is not giving you the push you need to pursue your culinary dreams, it may be time to take up a cooking class.

The International Center for Culinary Arts – Dubai (ICCA) conducts cooking classes for beginners through carefully thought out courses designed to help foodies and culinary enthusiasts learn and master the basics of cooking.

Whether you already know your way around the kitchen and some recipes by heart or still have to learn the different names and uses of the usual utensils and equipment, you can expand your knowledge and skills in cooking with ICCA cooking classes for beginners.

A culinary class for beginners is the best stepping stone you will find to turn your culinary dreams into reality.  

What You Will Learn From Beginner Cookery Courses

When you sign up for a cooking class for beginners at ICCA – Dubai, you will learn various skills, techniques, and other things that you will find useful as you work on becoming a better cook. The most valuables one include:

1.     Basic food prep and cooking methods

There is more to creating a dish than peeling vegetables, frying meat, and combining or plating them. A beginner cookery class will help you broaden your knowledge and skills regarding food preparation and cooking.

Most cooking classes for newbies start with teaching students the usual terms used to refer to techniques and methods applied in the kitchen.

From dicing and julienning to mincing and basting and sauteing to searing, there are plenty of terms you will become familiar with. In time, you will be able to impress yourself with the new skills you have acquired to create amazing dishes.

Additionally, you will learn how to prepare and cook staple yet popular dishes. These include different salads, pasta, soups, appetizers, and mother sauces.

By learning to cook these dishes, you will be able to expand your menu. You won’t be stuck cooking the same things over and over again.

2.     Reading recipes

Although many recipes are easier to read and understand today, It is often difficult to decipher and follow them correctly on their first try.

A culinary class for newbies teaches you how to read and understand recipes. By knowing the usual prep and cooking terms and units of measurements, you will be able to understand recipes better.

Moreover, by joining a cooking class, you will be trained to interpret the steps or guidelines correctly, allowing you to visualize the result. Because of this, you will have a good idea of what you are cooking and not simply be following the recipe blindly.

3.     Importance and uses of basic and hero ingredients

With dozens of possible ingredients to choose from, you have to know how to use or incorporate each one correctly to create dishes. A cooking class for beginners can help you with this.

Whether you are cooking a meat or vegetarian dish, you will learn to balance flavors properly. If you need to use a particular ingredient, you will also learn to prepare it in a way that people who taste it will know exactly what it is.

Additionally, a cooking class will teach you how to make the most of your pantry and refrigerator staples. From eggs and dairy products to olive oil, herbs, and spices, you will learn when and how to incorporate these into various dishes to elevate their taste and texture.

4.     Kitchen organization

Creating culinary masterpieces requires proper timing and a balancing of flavors. You can do both faster and more efficiently if you are organized in the kitchen.

One of the most crucial lessons you will learn in cooking class is to stay organized. You will be taught the importance of mise en place, a French term that means preparing everything you need for your dish beforehand.

These include peeling, washing, slicing, chopping, dicing, or mincing the ingredients. It also involves measuring and putting them in different containers and bringing out the pots, pans, and utensils you need for cooking beforehand. 

By following this prep technique, you will be able to follow recipes correctly. Moreover, you can avoid mistakes such as burning the meat in the pan because you had to peel and chop onions, errors that can cause you to waste food.

Another kitchen organization practice that you can learn from a cooking class is the proper storage of food. By knowing how to store meat, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, you will be able to maximize them and avoid wasting food ingredients.

5.     Adventurous palate

Aside from cooking, a culinary class allows you to taste the dishes you cook and understand ingredients you may not be familiar with. These activities help to expand your palate.

If you are a picky eater or simply too afraid to try new dishes, you can overcome these with the help and encouragement of your trainer and fellow students.

Once you are used to tasting new foods, you will even be more adventurous. You will then be open to trying new cuisines and dishes.

Your expanded palate will help you become a better cook. It will also allow you to have a broader menu at home or in a commercial kitchen, or both.

6.     Creativity

Finally, your experience in a cooking class will mold you to become a creative cook.

You will be more open to using ingredients you have never tried before and learn how to experiment with different flavors to come up with dishes that will impress people. Moreover, you will be able to use your creativity in preparing your menu items.

Whether it’s combining different cooking techniques or adding your own spin to classical dishes to elevate their flavor, the possibilities to be creative in the kitchen are endless.

You can also express your creativity through plating. If you have an eye for style, simply placing ingredients in separate areas of a plate and pouring sauce on top of them will become a thing of the past.

You will also be able to show off your flair for style with your well-plated dishes.

Cooking classes provide the right amount of fun and learning for beginners. If you want to be a better cook professionally or at home and make better use of your spare time, sign up for one now.