When you’re keen to make noticeable improvements to your English writing skills, then it requires a specific focus to do this. It may incrementally get better without paying any mind to it, but the progress will be extremely slow.

Therefore, it pays to use different platforms and websites that let you learn at a slightly faster pace.

Learn How to Plan an Assignment Better

When you have any writing tasks to complete, it’s very beneficial to plan them out step-by-step. Certainly, online prep for the ILETS writing task is no different from this. It too requires that each person puts careful consideration into how they will structure their piece of writing, and what they’ll say and not say, to get the best result.

The same approach can be taken to writing in general. Give yourself the goal of making improvements each week to how you write English, to make it more expressive and clearer to the reader. This helps you communicate your main points better.

Learn from Blogs

Learning from the writing of other people is very useful.

It’s sometimes to your benefit to read what other writers are publishing online when they’re known to be an excellent resource.

For instance, Pro Writing Aid has many useful articles that focus on the best ways to give your writing a boost. The articles cover many topics including advice for professional writers, working from home productively, and how to use mind mapping tools to structure a piece of writing.

By accessing respected blogs, it takes advantage of the open platforms like WordPress that even let people publish for free without ever needing to spend money on a domain name or web hosting.

Get Involved with Hemmingway

When you’re interested to see how your English writing stacks up, then the Hemmingway app is a very useful platform to take advantage of.

Hemmingway is a comprehensive English reviewing tool that takes your writing to task in the same way that an English language lecturer may have once done. It’s will analyze any writing that you’ve pasted into the tool to confirm its readability rating. It will also point out overly wordy sentences, ones with mistakes or where too many adverbs are present or the passive voice has been deployed excessively.

The platform is well supported by a growing fanbase of users who appreciate improving their English through the tool’s colorful highlighting process. Even though it’s indicating mistakes, it’s still a joy to use.

Meet Grammar Girl

The Grammar Girl platform provides a complete set of informational thinking, tips, freebies, books, and podcasts. As the name suggests, it’s all based around the subject of English grammar and writing better.

Mignon Fogarty is the lady behind it. The site has been named by the Writer’s Digest no less as an important resource to take note of. Strong praise there.

The site covers many different topics too. This is helpful to see how their writers produce copy on a range of subjects that is very applicable to real-life usage.

Use a Countdown Timer

When you must produce a piece of writing within a given period, then using a countdown or stopwatch timer is very helpful.

There are Android and iOS apps for these, web browser extensions to add a countdown tab or web sites that offer many timers for everyday usage.

Whilst timing yourself won’t directly make your writing better, it will help to let you complete an article, report or essay within the time available for it. When you have a busy schedule, that’s almost as important. While having extra time can help improve writing quality, sometimes it’s necessary to learn to write as well as the time allows.

By using different sites, platforms and tools, you too can develop your English writing ability with focused attention.