As demands and uncertainties heighten in the modern era, life coaches are becoming increasingly sought after. Life coaches help people achieve their goals, be it spiritually, financially, physically, or emotionally. The role of a life coach is to guide you on the best possible path that you can travel to become a well-rounded person.

If you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives, here are 5 courses you should look at to become an effective life coach:

Online Life Coach Training Class

You can become an effective life coach by engaging an online life coach training class from platforms such as iNLP Center. Engaging live training sessions from professionals on such platforms means that you receive an accredited life coaching certification, which will open doors for your coaching career. The self-paced structure of training is convenient in that the flexibility suits your lifestyle. You can also enjoy the classroom feel of learning by participating in virtual classes while engaging in training clinics.

The interactive e-learning style of such online life coach training classes molds you into becoming a professional life coach. This is continued further by offering membership with the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Such accreditation increases your credibility and your clients’ confidence in engaging your services.

Becoming an effective life coach, however, goes beyond the physical accreditation that you acquire by engaging in online training classes. You should also self-assess the level at which you’ve mastered the core competencies of coaching by taking a life coach career aptitude quiz. Taking such quizzes analyzes crucial areas of coaching that include personal development, your ability to listen to others, your questioning skills and responses, and the ability to be open-minded, among many other areas.

Social Networking Courses

For you to be an effective life coach, you must be able to market your services as well as interact with the potential clients. This requires you to know where you can find potential clients, as not all can naturally gravitate towards you. Once you’ve determined the market, you’ll need to know how to network to grow your clientele. One example might be to present your services to the available market and be able to convince them that the services you offer can help them become the best possible version of themselves.

Public Speaking Courses

Providing life coaching services is all about effectively communicating with people. Though communication might be a natural talent for some, others may need to enhance this skill. Public speaking tackles communication areas such as appropriate use of language, tone, cultural sensitivities, confidence, and message construction. Mastering these skills, which are difficult to teach in theory rather than practice, can make you an effective life coach.

You can also search for online public speaking courses or a local community center that offers this as an activity. You can also learn by watching popular public speaking figures on platforms such as YouTube, and take note of the characteristics and skills they display.

Business Management Courses

Once you’ve obtained your life coach certification, you might look into starting up your practice. Starting your own business entails knowledge regarding start-ups, capital costs, business strategies, positioning, and competition, among many other factors. Setting up a successful practice will take research. You can enroll in an online business management course that conveniently provides the resources required to launch your practice. The skills you would have acquired from life coach training, public speaking, and social networking can be the tools that build your practice.

Meditation Courses

Meditation courses may not be included as a mainstream course in career advancement. However, when it comes to life coaching, you will encounter different types of challenges that manifest in your clients’ realities. They will be looking to you to help them discover what tools they need to enhance the quality of their lives. This might weigh on you mentally and emotionally, which, in turn, can affect your physical health. Meditation courses can help you maintain balance and a clear perspective of the issues that your clients will be sharing with you. You can find online meditation courses or find a local meditation center near you.


Becoming an efficient life coach requires dedication and passion. Life coach training that results in professional certification is crucial for your career success, as this gives you the space to master core competencies and skills needed. You can also enhance your communication and networking skills by enrolling in respective public speaking and networking courses. If starting up your own practice is the path you wish to take, business management classes may help you figure out the steps and direction you need to pursue. In terms of maintaining mental, emotional and physical balance, meditation classes may offer the tools you need to achieve this balanced state.