Marine engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with design, development, production, construction and maintenance of the equipment like boats, ships etc. that are used in sea. Marine engineering as a profession has grown a lot as more people are aware of it and is coming forward to try a new field of job. The field has also outgrown now as it includes various branches under it. Marine engineers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the mechanical systems that are provided to them, looking after emergency breakdowns and repairs and proper record keeping and construction processes. A variety of marine engineering programs like underwater vehicle research, cable laying work, renewable energy production etc., falls under the category of marine engineering. There are pre-sea training courses and post-sea training courses wherein post-sea training courses are value added courses. Here are some of the best courses of marine engineering.

1. Diploma in Nautical science

This course is a 1 year diploma course in nautical science, which includes science, mathematics and physical training where students’ deals with techniques involved in navigating and operating a ship. This course has both practical and theory sessions. The eligibility for this course is 10+2 with Physics, mathematics and chemistry. The course is very much job oriented as students who wish to join merchant navy pursue this course. Candidates who choose the course would undergo training in specialized fields like navigation, seamanship, ship construction etc. students are also taught the importance of teamwork, leadership and interpersonal relationships. Physical training and doing manual works like plumbing and carpentry are also taught. Medical fitness becomes an important factor for courses like this. Good eyesight is necessary and color blind people are not selected.

2. Marine engineering:

This is a 4 year undergraduate course and the minimum education requirement for this course is 10+2. The job of marine engineers is not limited to construction of ships but is also extended to management and controlling of the equipment. A marine engineer can apply for an access to jobs in Indian Navy. They can also work in private sectors and cruises, so the scope of this course extends further in today’s context. Admissions to this course are conducted mainly through entrance examinations. Students are classroom trained as well as practically equipped to follow the instructions. The syllabus of this course covers areas like engineering, architecture, hydraulics turbine, ship designing etc. Some of the best colleges that offer this course are Indian Maritime University Chennai, Cochin University of Science and Technology, BITS Hyderabad etc.

3. B.Sc. Maritime Science

This course is an extensive study of the physical and biological aspects of the ocean. The time period of this course is three years. This course is specifically suited for students who are interested in job offers like Merchant Navy Officer or Yacht officers in ships. Maritime courses helps students to understand and research about both Deck and Engine. They also study more about marine biology which includes micro-organisms and their behaviors and interactions with the environment. Students are also advised to study oceanography along with this course. Some of the top institutes which offer this course are National Maritime Academy Chennai, Marine Engineering and Research Institute Kolkata and T.S. Chanakya Mumbai.

4. BBA in Shipping Management:

This is more of a management program. This course focuses on shipping and logistics. This course help the students to have leadership and communication skills and are trained to have knowledge in accounting, international trade, IT etc. The eligibility of the course is 10+2 and the time period is three years. Successful graduates can be hired in shipping and transportation sectors. Recently, e-commerce is gaining more and more importance in today’s scientific era, so it has caused a rise in logistics and international trade related organizations. The admission process is direct, but in some cases students are also requested to pass entrance exams. The average annual salary may range between 1-3 lakhs per annum. Some of the top institutes which offer this courses are Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management Mumbai, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun, SCM Hub International Business School Kochi.

5. Ship Building and Repair

this is a bachelor course which focuses on design, drawing, ship building, maintaining and repairing. This course is a mixture of marine engineering, naval architecture, and material science. The course contains both classroom teaching and practical sessions. The duration of the course is three years and the age limit for the course is 25 years. Institutions follow merit based admissions and entrance examinations. Students are taught welding, engineering drawing, graphics, ship design, building, piping etc. Graduates are recruited in shipyards, shipping companies, ports and harbours. IMU is a very popular institute that offers this course.