Bsc agriculture is a course that focuses on agricultural science. As Agriculture is the backbone of our country there can be a great future for graduates of Bsc agriculture. These graduated intellectuals can broaden their scope by pursue their higher education. Agricultural stream can be narrowed down to few sub-streams that can intrest agricultural intellectuals. There are fields such as Agricultural engineering, food engineering,plant science,dairy science, horticulture and a lot more to pursue after graduating Bsc agriculture. Here are top 5 options thay you can opt for. 

1.MBA In Agricultural Management

MBA in Agricultural management Master of business administration in agriculture is a two year course . In this course the student will be exposed to basic to advanced level of production and distribution of foods and agricultural products. The course duration is two years where only students who have finished their undergraduation in bsc agriculture or have had any allied courses related to agriculture can opt for this course. This course is more suitable for students who are keen in pursuing their PhD in agribusiness with a specialisation in management. After finishing this course they’ll be exposed to a lot more opportunities in the public sector and private corporations. Students can also share the knowledge of agricultural science with farmers to help them produce more crop. 

2.Msc Dairy Science

Msc dairy science There is always a growing need for dairy products. Dairy products are as essentially as any staple food. Pursuing this course will make a student an expert in managing the demand of the growing needs of diary products. This is a two year course that deals with a variety of fields such as animal health, diary technology, diary plant maintenance and a lot more. This course can be a lot helpful for the diary sector as there are very limited number of expertise in this field. As the student finishes this course , he/she will be well capable of starting their own business like a small scale ice cream units or milk plants. Pursuing further research and emerging as a phd scholar is also an option. They can also find jobs in cooperatives, dairy farms and milk processing factories. 

3.Msc In Agricultural Biotechnology 

Even though agricultural biotechnology comes under biotechnology, the course deals with latest improvements in agricultural sector. For example genetically modified crops come under agricultural biotechnology. Students will be taught more about pesticides, dieses control in plants, quality of the crop, growth rate and a lot more. It’s all about changing the gene structure of the crops for better quality and production. There is a great future for those who join private sector, agro- industries and pesticides companies as they help a lot in the production of better quality agri products. 

4.MSc Forestry 

We’re in an age where there a lot of deforestation happening around. It’s important for us to save these forests in our country for a balanced life cycle. Doing a post graduation in forestry will take you close to nature. It’s a course that is same as saving mother earth. This course will expose the student to the versatility of forests and develop a deep insight in the field of forest ecology. The course will lead the students to know more about forest resource management and their need to sustain eternally. Students after graduating this course can apply for posts such as ethologist, zoo curator, dendrologist and so on. 

5.MSc In Horticulture 

MSc in horticulture is a two year course where the student will be exposed to everything about the agricultural fields. Doing this course will really help farmers when they are in crisis. A lot of farmers in India are in poverty because of lack of knowledge about farming lands which intern make them unable to produce good yield. In this case students after graduating this course can become counsellors to farmers and make their lives better. Students can also go for research in the same field to make better inventions in the field of agriculture. Students can apply for the post of pomologist, horticulturalist, floriculturalists in private and public sector units.