Modern college and university students often receive the task to write an essay. However, many are concerned about the thought that something needs to be written. The most common factor that causes concern is a lack of knowledge about what to write. If you have an idea that interests you, then the process will go smoothly and you will get more chances for successful writing. So how can you get a good idea for writing an essay? Of course, you can enter a query in the search bar “Who can write my essays?” and do not bother about this problem, since specialists will do everything at the best level. But, nevertheless, you should learn to overcome difficulties without any help, to draw up an idea for an essay, arrange the writing process and correctly write this type of paper. 

This article describes the 2019 trend essay ideas for writing. It will help you in choosing an interesting idea.

The Best Ideas for Essay Writing

First of all, it is necessary to note that students study many different disciplines in an educational institution. Sometimes they are required to write an essay on mathematics, and sometimes on social knowledge, etc. Therefore, here are the lists of the most popular modern ideas for essays in various disciplines.

Mathematics and Mechanics

The list of trending ideas for writing essays in these disciplines is represented below:

  • The place of pure mathematics in computer science and computer science in applied mathematics.
  • Methods for solving inequalities.
  • Mathematics is the queen of sciences. But what about the applied mathematics?
  • The effect of viscosity on fluid flow.
  • Ways to apply Hooke’s law in mechanics.

Computer science

The relevant ideas for writing an essay on this discipline include the following:

  • The role of inventions in information technology.
  • Programming languages. Why can’t we use just one language?
  • Can a machine think?
  • Problems of storage and retrieval of information.
  • Information security problems and modern directions for their solution.

Physics and Astronomy

If you need to write an essay on physics or astronomy, take into account the following ideas:

  • The most important discoveries in physics.
  • Physical phenomena in nature.
  • Physics is a science of nature.
  • Physics and technology.
  • Electromagnetic waves and information transfer.


We offer you the following ideas for writing a paper on chemistry:

  • The place of chemistry among natural sciences.
  • Dependence of the properties of the elements and the compounds formed by them on the position of the element in the periodic system.
  • Chemistry of transition elements. General characteristics of d-elements.
  • Theory of the chemical structure of organic compounds.


The following ideas for writing an essay on geology are quite interesting:

  • Minerals in the region where you reside.
  • What is the role of groundwater in human life support?
  • The importance of the main oil and gas provinces of the Earth.
  • Characterization of anthropogenic and natural sources of pollution of the biosphere.


If you received the task to write an essay on geography, consider the next ideas:

  • The geographic shell of the Earth, its boundaries, composition and properties.
  • World Ocean and its composition. Properties of the oceans: temperature, salinity, movement of water masses.
  • The main landforms and patterns of their distribution.


If you need to write a paper on biology, then the choice is wide:

  • What is the difference between plant and animal organisms?
  • How can biology help protect the environment?
  • How can biology help in solving the medical problems of mankind?
  • What area of biology interests you the most and why?
  • The role of soil in the biosphere.


The following ideas for writing an essay on medicine are quite interesting:

  • Why I want to get a doctor’s education at a state university.
  • Is medicine a profession or a vocation?
  • Is it easy to be a doctor?
  • What problems do doctors help people to solve?
  • Bad doctors as a threat to civilization.


Ideas for essays in psychology are presented below:

  • Psychology is the science of the future.
  • Which branch of psychology is most important in the modern world and why?
  • The role of psychology in scientific and technological progress.

Economics and Management

Here is a list of ideas for an essay on economics and management:

  • The role of economics in modern society.
  • What is the connection between economics and marketing?
  • Economics as the basis of social relations?
  • Market efficiency and market imperfection.
  • Economic efficiency and social justice.
  • GDP and social welfare.
  • Employment and unemployment. Economic and social consequences of unemployment.
  • Globalization of financial markets and its implications for the national economy.
  • The role of leadership in managing an organization.

Thus, this article provides a wide selection of 2024 trend essay ideas for writing in various disciplines. We hope that you will choose some idea and write a perfect paper!