Recently, students have a lot of opportunities after high school. While some people would study at home, others would rather travel abroad. If obtaining a diploma is your goal, there is a significant chance that you will select one of the few options the world offers. Students who have completed Class 10 and 12 can choose from different diploma courses.

List of Top 20 Best Diploma Courses after 12th and Graduation:

  1. Bachelor in Co-operative Management
  2. Food and Beverage Management 
  3. Certification in Finance and Accounts
  4. Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading 
  5. Retail Management Courses
  6. Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management
  7. Psychology
  8. Web and Graphic Design
  9. Fashion Designing
  10. Administration Courses 
  11. Professional Photography  
  12. Mobile App Development
  13. Interior Styling and Decoration
  14. Animation 
  15. Tourism Management 
  16. Environmental Health
  17. Port Management 
  18. Marketing Management Course 
  19. Wine Consultant
  20. Diploma of Business 

Bachelor in Co-operative Management

Cooperative management is the process of carrying out tasks and other operations successfully and efficiently with the aid of other individuals. Institutes, universities, and other institutions offers certificate courses. After completing this course, you can get placed as project manager, team leader, divisional manager, etc.


  • Multiple career opportunities as manager
  • Duration of this course is 3 years
  • Course is offered by well-known universities and colleges
  • Students can upgrade their knowledge in management

Food and Beverage Management 

This course focuses on the organizational side of managing food and drink. Students interested in taking courses in food and beverage management can choose from various online or certificate programs. After this course completion, jobs are available at hotels, eateries, resorts, and other businesses in the hospitality sector.


  • Offers knowledge about food and beverage sector
  • Courses offered in top colleges and universities
  • Merit-based Admission available for PG in top colleges
  • Conducting both theoretical and practical classes

Certification in Finance and Accounts

A certificate course in accounting and taxation is called a certificate course in finance. Depending on the institution, the training can last anywhere from one month to six months. The course provides individuals with a solid foundation for pursuing higher education in the discipline.


  • Course admissions are based on Merit
  • Students can gain knowledge about economy
  • Completion of 10th and 12th is essential to take this course
  • Greater credibility
  • Helps to build a strong career

Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading

A proper and systematic education in radio jockeying, news reading, reporting, and anchoring is provided to the candidate by the Diploma in News Reading, Anchoring, and Radio Jockeying Editing & Reporting Certification Course. This course will last for six months, during which time the candidate will study the tasks and obligations associated with reading the news.


  • 6 months of course duration
  • Media exposure
  • Provides workshops on media tools
  • Placements and internships are available

Retail Management Courses

With this course, students learn to recognize issues, use their imaginations, and develop creative solutions to enhance the retail process. By pursuing retail studies, they can operate in various retail environments, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, etc. In addition, institutions and online organizations offer numerous retail management credentials.


  • It opens a great career opportunities in retail environments
  • Students must take the entrance tests
  • Practical trainings are available
  • Students can learn marketing tactics

Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

Numerous courses on energy and power-related technologies have been created in institutes across India to accomplish this goal. To prepare students for future field elements, the course curriculum strongly emphasizes imparting advanced information and concepts. First-year students with the proper credentials are given a chance at high-paying careers in the burgeoning power management business.


  • 6 months diploma course
  • Offers advanced information about power related technologies
  • Better opportunities for seasoned professionals
  • Course is good for fresher


Candidates who want to learn more about the human mind and its potential impact on human health enroll in psychology courses. Topics, including the evolution of the human brain, consciousness, behavior, etc., are taught to students. Counseling programs, therapeutic physical therapy programs, and other medical programs are frequently included in the psychology course syllabus.


  • Eligible after completing higher studies
  • Class offered at different levels
  • Offers practical training
  • Careers opportunities in the medical field

Web and Graphic Design

In the current digital era, graphics, and web design are two of the most popular design courses. For a lucrative design career, creative students may consider pursuing graphic design and web design. Today, there are numerous graphic design and web design courses accessible, including diploma and certificate programs, undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, and doctoral programs.


  • Job-oriented, industry-centric curriculum are available at this course
  • Students can exposure to industry interaction and workshops
  • Provides placement assistance
  • Amble career opportunities in IT industries

Fashion Designing 

Among students, one of the most sought-after design specializations is fashion design. Undergraduate and graduate-level candidates can enroll in the fashion design program. Fashion Design is among the most creative course alternatives and a well-liked vocational education path both in India and overseas.


  • Most imaginative course in recent days
  • Provides complete knowledge about fashion
  • Completion of this course offers full-time and part-time jobs
  • Best for students who like fashion

Administration Courses 

Public administration courses are designed to provide knowledge and skills in areas such as the foundations of public policy, management theories, company operations, etc. After completing public administration education, candidates can get employment in the public and private sectors with organizational needs.


  • Short-term course
  • Offers higher packing jobs
  • Students after completing 10th and 12th can enroll in this course
  • Opportunity to get a better job in public and private sector

Professional Photography 

One of the most well-liked modern degrees given by various prestigious universities is photography. The duration of this course starts from three months to a year. Candidates who take photography classes learn how to use multiple camera components, manage to light while shooting images, and perfect the art of candid photography.


  • One-year courses
  • Excellent career choice in the modern world
  • Students can learn candid photography
  • Completion of course offers business opportunities

Mobile App Development

The development of mobile apps for smartphones and other handheld devices is the topic of the course Mobile App Development. The course covers various topics, including software development, web app development, mobile computing, Android and iOS multimedia, app functionality, app safety, and more.


  • Offers good employment possibility in the competitive world
  • Class covers a variety of topics
  • Highly secured job opportunities in IT field
  • Class covers android and IOS

Interior Styling and Decoration

Top universities and online learning environments also provide diploma programs in interior design and associated specializations. Students can demonstrate their skills in interior design by specializing in a particular area with the aid of postgraduate internal design courses.


  • Course available in online and offline
  • Students can demonstrate skills in interior design
  • Course provides complete knowledge of the interior designs
  • Best course for civil engineers


Training in animation can lead to professions in multimedia, web design, visual effects, and graphic design. The breadth of animation courses is broad, making them ideal for those who want to work in the arts. You can gain skills and stay current on animation trends by taking online animation courses and earning certifications.


  • Popular course in the modern world
  • Students can learn current animation trends
  • Class available in online and offline
  • Career as a game developer

Tourism Management

The hospitality sector includes tourist management, responsible for supervising all associated operations. Candidates pursuing managerial roles in the hospitality, tourism, and food industries can prepare in this multidisciplinary sector. The alums of this program can find employment in places like travel agencies, tour operators, government hotels and  resorts, wildlife reserves, etc.


  • Hospitality sector course
  • Find employment related to travell
  • Best course for fresher
  • High package jobs related to travels

Environmental Health 

This course aims to encourage the use of public health sciences in solving various widespread concerns and difficulties. It will give an overview of public health’s philosophy, background, fundamental tenets, and techniques applied to identify issues and find current solutions. The course aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of the New Public Health.


  • Course provides complete information about public health
  • Course is best for students who consider public
  • Students can build decision-making skills
  • Good career options available

Port Management

India has seen increased interest in studying port and marine management over time. Students who get this Port and Shipping Management degree are prepared to find employment in these practical industries. This course brings out the best in you, from attaining complete academic understanding to showing a practical application of the knowledge grounded in theory.


  • Employment in practical industries
  • Provides real-world project
  • Professionals can upgrade their knowledge
  • Course covers everything about port management/li>

Marketing Management Course

The course that focuses on marketing is marketing management which has thenumerous concepts of marketing strategies, practices, and new approaches to fulfill the consumers. In management programs, which can be undergraduate, graduate, or diploma-level, marketing management is frequently given as a specialism.


  • Can learn different marketing strategies
  • Classes available in both online and offline
  • Course offers complete knowledge about marketing
  • Better for business professionals

Wine Consultant

Wine tasting and certification might be an exciting career for hotel management students who are prepared to take it a step further. Studying for a diploma in wine consultancy can be enjoyable because students will discover how different types of wines are manufactured.


  • Can explore different types of wine
  • Exciting career in the hotel industry
  • Better for hotel management students
  • Highly demand course

Diploma of Business

This diploma program is available online and in traditional classroom settings, giving students a solid understanding of business and an introduction to how businesses operate. This diploma program, which is appropriate for all sorts of graduates, requires an interest in entrepreneurship.


  • Gain complete knowledge about business
  • Diploma course is appropriate for all sorts of graduates
  • Requires an interest in entrepreneurship
  • Course available in online and classroom settings

Parting Words

One of the critical factors influencing students’ decision to enroll in this program is the flexible timetable. Fewer disciplines are covered in diploma programs than in degree programs. Because of this, students frequently choose to study part-time while pursuing their degrees. Diploma students earn their degrees more quickly, which makes it simpler for them to find jobs.


Is it good to learn a diploma course after higher studies?

Of course, yes! There are plenty of courses available to boost your knowledge. 

Which diploma course is best after completing the 12th?

Photography, animation, interior design, and wine consulting are some of the best diploma courses.

Can I get high paid jobs after completing the diploma course? Yes! You can get a high salary according to the field and your performance.