Education is split into different categories that include full-time, part-time, higher education and more. Some students prefer doing a Diploma course and then getting into a four-year engineering course. Others pursue their Diploma courses right after their graduation to find a job that they’re passionate about. Here is a list of the best Diploma courses to do after your graduation:

1. Bachelor in Co-operative Management

The basic eligibility criteria of this course is Class 12 and the fees can go up to Rs.6,000. A 3 year Diploma course in Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University situated in Nashik, this course helps students find their career in rural companies.

2. Retail Management Program

A 12 months long course, the basic eligibility criteria of this course is Class 12 with an average of 60%. Situated in Kolkata, this course is conducted by IIJT, increasing HR opportunities in the retail sector.

3. Food and Beverage Service Management

Giving training on food and beverage management, personal grooming, service equipment management and more, this diploma course costs Rs.22,000 and extends up to a year.

4. Certification in Finance and Accounts

A 4 weeks course offered by NIIT Uniqua in association with Genpact, the fee extends upto Rs.10, 150. Eligibility criteria demands a BCom degree, to provide students with a knowledge of business processes, accounting, bookkeeping, ERP simulations and more.

5.    Radio Jockeying and TV News Reading

Delhi University offers this course for students who are interested in media and communications. Students who have passed out Class 12 can take this Diploma course for 3 months with a 15,000/- fee structure. A job-oriented course, this course leads students in the Indian Media and Entertainment industry to pursue careers they love.

6.    Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management

A course meant for professionals in the electrical power distribution sector, this diploma course could be helpful. Training students on emerging technologies and power distribution management, this course is for 6 months and demands a fee of Rs.4, 000.

7. Administration Studies

Teaching basic and advanced business techniques, processes, finance, marketing and leadership skills, administration studies course aims at helping students looking for careers in business and want a change from the current company they are working in.

8. Web and Graphic Design

A Diploma in Web and Graphic Design can go a long way since all businesses look for designing or maintaining websites. Web designers easily earn 12,000 – 18,000/- for a normal website and this can go up to 40,000/- for a great design.

9. Fashion Designing

Students who are looking to enter the world of fashion designing from clothes, accessories and more can jump into this course. The great thing about Diploma courses is the fact that they can be pursued as part-time courses, while doing your full-time job.

10. Professional Photography

Photography can be looked at, in different ways. Something that can be done as a passion, a profession, part-time pocket-money generating profession or a fun activity. Any product company, wedding, brand, film industry and more are looking out for photographers. Love photography? Why not a diploma in photography?

11. Mobile App Development

Android and iOS mobile app development is the most interesting job for students interested in web designing and graphic designing. Learning this course on the side can be helpful for people looking to develop a business as well.

12. Interior Styling and Decoration

For students who have completed courses in Civil Engineering or are interested in Architecture can opt for interior décor diploma courses. Students interested in upgrading themselves and learning something extra can opt for this course.

13. Animation

Animation courses can range from video animation, movie animation and more. For VISCOM graduates interested in video editing and animation related careers can opt for this course.

14. Psychology

Psychology is a short-term course that can be learnt both online and offline. Online courses may not explain courses in-depth and may not be information-rich as offline. Diploma courses also give the opportunity to learn the course more practically by conducting experiments for understand people and animal psychology.

15. Tourism Management

Graduates who aspire to travel, explore the world and are adventurous can take up this diploma course. Tourism management will help understand places, people and discover how to communicate with tourists.

16. Environmental Health

A 3-year intensive course, for students who have completed their SPM and are interested in environment and health can take up this course. Graduates study the importance of preventing pollution, environment-related diseases, biological, cultural and socio-economic problems.

17. Port Management

Many countries around the world are dependent on import and export of goods. International trade happens through ships and air as well. For marine students who are interested in pursuing a diploma course, Port Management teaches how to deal with goods and trade.

18. Business and Marketing Management

Training graduates on business analysis, accounting, consumer behavior, marketing planning, communication and personal development, this course can be useful for all graduates regardless of the stream they graduate in.

19. Wine Consultant

For hotel management students who are willing to go a step ahead, wine tasting and certifying can be an interesting job. Doing a diploma in wine consulting can be fun as students will learn how wines are made and the different kinds.

20. Diploma of Business

Giving a good knowledge of business and exposing students to how business works, this diploma course can be taken online and in the classroom as well. Suitable for all types of graduates, this Diploma course demands interest in entrepreneurship.