Coping with academic writings could be overwhelming sometimes for the modern student. The vast amount of homework, enormous numbers of books to read, and lessons to process can affect educational results. Our article revealed ten recommendations on how to make the assignment writing process effortless and simplify your studying in many ways.  

1. Set time frames

The assignment writing process has many various stages. Mostly students step on the same trap by dedicating more time to writing, omitting preparatory stages. Please, reserve a pen and notebook to make handwritten notes on each assignment process stage. Usually, it includes outlining, research, writing, and editing phases. Try to spend no more time than you plan for each one so you can finish an assignment before the deadline.

2. Don’t let distractions ruin your plans

Having issues with concentration? Discover such focusing apps as Study Bunny, Forest, or Stay Focused. Using one of them, you’ll learn to plan your time wisely and increase productivity with no effort. Also, many students who are experienced in assignment writing like to use special homework assignment help services. Having at-hand assistance saves their time and help to concentrate on writing.

3. Make outlines every time

Having a short plan for each chapter can save your assignment in many ways. Outline main points in one or two sentences for introduction, body paragraphs, and summary. These topic sentences will help to guide you through researching process later on. This tip is almost the most important because it organizes all your thoughts relating to your assignment topic.

4. Define what you are going to tell your reader

Having a sense of your audience is essential to know which tools are better to use while writing your assignment. It is the common idea of keeping assignments academically balanced, but if you need to prove your thesis with powerful arguments, do this courageously! If your topic is interesting for you, make it engaging for your reader as well. Find compelling sources to get inspiration for making your assignment catchy.

5. Introduce thesis statement

This is the main point for the author to represent a central idea and keep a reader’s interest in their story. A thesis statement could be a question or argument you need to prove during the entire assignment. This is a short sentence where you maintain thoughts about your agreement or disagreement with this.

6. Proof your idea

Body paragraphs are on the next stage of completing an assignment. The research process plays a central role in representing evidence to your readers. Therefore you need to define which sources are best to cite in body paragraphs. 

7. Conclude without adding anything new

The assignment’s summary makes the reader feel the power of your work. Here you don’t need to come up with new ideas. Simply make a beautiful closing concluding supporting and opposite ideas to your thesis statement.

8. Hit writing blocks

When you have a fear of blank paper, try to cope with it before sending your assignment to the teacher. Work with limiting attitudes by writing stream of consciousness related to your assignment’s topic. Make it a game or interesting challenge looking for prompts from outer sources and if it suits your idea. Write them down but don’t forget to format all your citations properly later on.

9. Revise and rewrite if needed

When you are happy with your assignment’s content but not sure about technical moments, it is better to double-check on punctuation, spelling, and grammar issues. You can do it independently in special online grammar checkers or ask for help, as we’ve mentioned in the next point.

10. Find an extra pair of eyes to see the big picture

Asking for peer response will help you to simplify editing and proofreading processes. It is not necessary to find an expert in your studying field, but the person who is good in English grammar could be enough to make some suggestions on your assignment.

Every assignment is a piece of art, even if you don’t think so. Try to write it with all your soul, so your teacher accepts it. Even if your assignment has many fresh viewpoints, it is more valuable than borrowing smart phrases from other authors. So, don’t forget to be yourself and create a great fact-finding piece!