Are you a recent 12th-grade graduate studying science? Are you interested in a career in science but need clarification on the best course? A diploma course is a choice you should take into consideration.

Diploma courses will give you in-depth knowledge and practical abilities in your chosen profession after completing your 12th-grade scientific coursework. Diploma courses can be finished in one to three years.

They are an excellent option for students who value practical training over theoretical knowledge because they are more concentrated on practical training.

List Of 10 Diploma Courses After 12th in Medical Field & Biology:

  1. Diploma in Medical Microbiology
  2. Diploma Course in Neurological Rehab
  3. Diploma Courses on Nurse Care
  4. Diploma in Dementia Caring
  5. Diploma Courses in Sporting Sciences
  6. Diploma in Nutrition Dietetics
  7. Diploma course in Wellness and Quality Administration
  8. Diploma in Bioscience Courses
  9. Diploma in Dialysis Technology course
  10. Diploma in Radiographic Imaging Investigation 

    A radiography course at the diploma level is called the Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology. It is a method and procedure used to produce photographs of the human body and how they work in clinical settings or in studying normal anatomy and physiology.

    Radiation Physics, X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound, CT scan, Image Processing Techniques, Anesthetics in Diagnostic Radiology, and others are some of the primary subjects covered in a diploma in radiology.

    Students who get a radiography diploma may choose to enroll in graduate or post-graduate courses for further education.

    Candidates who complete the Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology course are eligible to work in such vital fields as private care facilities, occupational health facilities, radiotherapy research organizations, producers of radiotherapy equipment, etc.


    • Bring up more job opportunities
    • Provides training to improve and save lives
    • Play a wide role in the healthcare sector
    • Students must complete 12th with science stream
    • Admission based on merit and entrance exams

    Diploma in Medical Microbiology 

    Courses in medical microbiology are designed to teach students about the numerous facets of microbiological functions and organisms.

    After completing any medical microbiology course, candidates might find management-required employment in the public and commercial sectors.

    Depending on the level, these courses have variable lengths, ranging from 1 year for diplomas to 3 years from graduation. After their 10th and 12th grades, students looking for short-term medical microbiology studies might consider a certificate course.

    A certification course expands your skill set and improves the quality of your resume, opening up more work prospects and raising your compensation. There is reasonable pay for applicants who complete these certification courses.


    • Immediate job at reasonable packages
    • Requires a certificate of 10+2 examination
    • Enhance skill set in Medical Microbiology
    • Short-term Medical microbiology courses
    • Suitable for UG or PG degree

    Diploma Course in Neurological Rehab

    Rehabilitation physicians offer specialized knowledge and expertise in the medical monitoring, prevention, assessment, treatment, and management of a person with a disability.

    This course outlines neurological rehabilitation and goes through the fundamentals of managing disabilities brought on by neurological conditions.

    Suitable for clinicians working in rehabilitation, including doctors who specialize in rehabilitation, general practitioners, rehabilitation trainees, doctors-in-training, nurses, and other allied health professionals.

    You can utilize your knowledge to manage specific comorbidities and issues related to various neurological disorders. You will get high job opportunities.


    • Vast career opportunities
    • Provide evidence-based practice
    • High package salary
    • Best for well-being experts
    • Act as supporting standard course

    Diploma Courses on Nurse Care

    A full-time, three-year diploma course in nursing is available. The 10+2 exam must be passed in any relevant stream to qualify for a diploma in nursing.

    The three-year diploma course in nursing emphasizes administrative and ward administration, health economics, community diseases, and medical and surgical procedures.

    Nursing workers with a diploma are in high demand across various industries, including nursing homes, medical writing, administration, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

    After completing the course successfully, one can investigate well-liked career paths like Head Nursing Services, Nursing In-charge, Emergency Nurses, Nursing Assistant, etc.


    • Application based on merit and entrance exams
    • Candidates should complete their 10+2 examination
    • Provides knowledge in the nursing industry
    • Required to complete a 6 months internship
    • Good salary package

    Diploma in Dementia caring

    Nowadays, the number of dementia patients is steadily increasing. The main goal of this course is to teach students how to treat others with this illness.

    After completing this course, you will be better able to manage care by examining the impact of this disease, the value of comprehending decent variety, the current thinking about potential causes and remedies, how the mind is expressed in a private setting and other related topics.

    This module’s intelligence is supported by actual records from people with dementia, their families, and careers.

    Depending on the course type selected, the length of these courses might range from a few months to many years.


    • Suitable for medical fieldwork
    • Provides the best treatment method
    • Good job opportunities
    • Best package
    • Covers everything about dementia

    Diploma Courses in Sporting Sciences

    Throughout this course, you will learn more scientific approaches to the foundations and mechanics of sports science.

    You will also study the health of the human body in a lot more detail, including sports performance, injury recovery, well-being, and fitness.

    Students must have received at least 50% of the required marks in class 10+2. With the course, you will obtain fantastic talents relating to the sports sciences and learn a lot more about them.

    Sports science courses often cover topics linked to health and fitness. Depending on the college, the course content differs. Students who want to pursue professions in sports have many options.


    • Sports curriculum
    • Look for opportunities in athletics and non-athletic career
    • Can get good package salary
    • Broad job profiles in sports
    • Help you in sports-related fields

    Diploma in Nutrition Dietetics

    A one- to three-year diploma course in nutritional diploma dietetics strongly emphasizes developing a thorough knowledge of food preparation and options for dietary supplements.

    Students learn how to create healthy eating habits, spread them, and use theoretical food and diet knowledge in related professions through the Diploma in Food and Nutrition course.

    The course is designed for students who want to advance their careers as dieticians or nutritionists. Students are taught the value of consuming the right foods and nutrients to preserve their health.

    They learn about the complete nutrition care process, including diagnosis, drug-nutrient interactions, and nutrition support. Students enrolled in the scientific stream must have finished their 10th and 12th.


    • Most in-demand and well-paying professional paths
    • Many companies are offering numerous chances
    • Master the fundamentals of food and nutrition
    • Average packages are on the upper side
    • Covers a detailed view of the diet

    Diploma course in Wellness and Quality Administration

    This course aims to educate students on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and how to naturally treat various diseases or illnesses.

    The course emphasizes how a person’s views on fitness and health are influenced by their culture, religion, and family. The course covers various medical specialties, such as dermatology, nutrition, microbiology, and immunology.

    Professionals can develop a solid foundation in a quality change in the main components of medical services thanks to the half-year Testament Course in Wellness and Quality. This course covers the key concepts, tools, and management frameworks.


    • More jobs opportunities
    • Eligible to get jobs in government sectors
    • Candidates can also go for higher studies or research
    • Experienced professionals will get good pay
    • Best short-term course

    Diploma in Bioscience Courses

    The scientific field of bioscience is concerned with the biological side of living things. It covers studying all living things, from a single molecule to entire populations.

    The term bioscience refers to a wide range of academic and industrial disciplines that apply knowledge to create biological solutions that sustain, improve, and restore the quality of life for people, plants, and animals.

    Society gains from a higher quality of life due to bioscience, which contributes to healthier meals, cutting-edge research, and life-saving cures and procedures.

    One can become a microbiologist, research scientist, forensic scientist, lecturer, therapist, etc., by pursuing a profession in biology.


    • Eligible for the top position in an organization
    • Suitable for newbies and professionals
    • Qualified for the 10 or 12 completed students
    • Admission is based on merit
    • Good employable benefits

    Diploma in Dialysis Technology course

    Students who want to work in the medical industry must choose between nursing or medicine. However, the subject of dialysis technology might be the best option for a student who is interested in a career that requires some knowledge.

    The Dialysis Technician is in charge of managing the dialysis treatment process. There are many opportunities for success in the dialysis industry.

    A dialysis technology associate degree can be obtained by graduates of the diploma course who pursue additional coursework. Graduates can work at a dialysis clinic as staff members, or they can find work as technicians, clinical officers, and other positions.


    • Half year course
    • Performing the best dialysis treatment
    • Stable career paths in the healthcare industry
    • Quick ways to improve the care
    • Best package career

    These carefully designed courses are an option for students who want to succeed in the medical industry. Future medical students must enroll these courses at famous institutions to reach the perfect stepping stones.


    Which diploma is best after the 12th medical?

    Diploma in nursing, Radiographic Imaging Investigation, and Bioscience Courses are considered the best course after completing 12th medical. 

    Is a diploma a viable job path?

    A diploma grants you professional or practical training to enter the job market.

    Can I get a job after my diploma? Of course, yes! If you perform well in the institute, you will get a high-packaged job.