Not everyone goes for a course after MBA because the degree offers a lot of jobs. Now, the question is, what if you want to change your subject, or if you want to excel your skills in a particular field. There are a number of courses that you can do after an MBA degree to improve your knowledge in that specific field.

Some people want to improve their skills as an HR professional. But, because there is enough number of courses, they get confused about the selection of courses. To help you in choosing the best course for you, we have listed the top 10 HR courses after MBA.

Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management

It is a one-year diploma program that you can do after your graduation or MBA. An HR professional has to manage the people working in an organization. The admission process for this course is the aptitude test followed by GD and then interview. The average duration of the course is one year, but depending on the rules and regulations of different institutes, it can be of less or more than one year.

Master Of Human Resource Management

It is a two-year masters program that you can do after graduation or MBA. The admission procedure for this course is different in different institutions. Some colleges might conduct an entrance exam followed by an interview. You can also see some universities that offer admission on the basis of marks obtained in graduation. Syllabus of the program is also variable according to the institution.

Diploma In Labor Law

It is a one-year educational program that enhances your knowledge and skills. The course helps you in increasing your understanding of legal aspects and handling them. As an HR in a similar field, you need to hold a sound knowledge of labor laws, their uses, and importance. So, to gain knowledge as well as certification, you can go for this short term diploma.

Bachelor Of Legislative Law

If you want to work as an HR in the law field or in a company that is more associated with law and order, you need an appropriate law degree. The three-year undergraduate degree in legislative law is the best because it helps you with every info you might need. Not only it enhances your knowledge and skills, but it also secures a better job for you.

Diploma In Human Resource Management

It is another one-year diploma in Human resource management that helps you have a clear cut understanding of your future job. The diploma program is offered in a number of institutions with varied fee structure and admission process. The course is to help you learn the things you will need to handle as an HR so that you can perform a better job.

Master in Management Studies (Human Resource)

It is similar to masters in human resource management. Both the courses are two years long and termed as a postgraduate degree. The course is focussed on helping you learn the principles of management, behavioral skills, and communication skills. There is no significant difference, only the names and a little bit of syllabus is different. You can go for any of the two according to what the university is offering.

Post Graduate Diploma In Environmental Management

It a two-year diploma course for those who are willing to expand their in wings in the environmental management sector. You are taught about the environment, disaster management, pollution management, principles of management, basics of environmental management, environmental economics, Indian scenario, and much more. You get to understand sustainable development and how to achieve it practically.

Ph.D. – Human Resource

We all understand the doctorate program. This program can be done after your post graduation in a similar field. The duration of the degree can be two to five years depending on your knowledge and skills. The educational program gives you an in-depth understanding of the principles of management so that you can handle things better. Production, marketing, sales, management, development, and research, everything is your subject, and while working in an organization, you make it productive.

Executive Diploma Programme in Human Resource Management

It is also a short term HR diploma course that you can do after an MBA to enhance your skills and CV. The course duration is 16 months, and the procedure is like many other diploma courses only. Either you are selected as per your marks, or you have to pass the aptitude test followed by GD and interview.

Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law & Administrative Law

It is a one-year diploma course in labor laws or administrative or government laws. The procedure is more or less similar to other courses, and it differs as per the rules of institutions. As an HR you need to understand these laws in order to prevent and solve disputes.