As soon as the results of the 12th grade are announced you will notice a rush of students applying for a B.Sc. A Bachelor of Science is referred to as a B. Sc. Parents and students value this degree since B.Sc. graduates land better jobs and pay faster. With this degree, you can enter a wide variety of technical and scientific fields of work. As a result, after the 12th grade, this degree continues to be the most popular option. Even though there are high expectations and cut-off percentages for B. Sc. programs, enrolling in one is the best thing you can do for your career. Many students are fear of studying maths since their childhood, so for them, there was the list of BSc courses without maths that are detailed below:

B.Sc. IT

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is among the most well-liked and frequently chosen fields on the list of BSc courses. Graduates of the degree program will be prepared for the workforce because they will have received technical training and equipment. The core components of computers and contemporary technology, such as programming languages, data structures, and network management, are emphasized in the BSc IT disciplines. These individuals are in high demand for jobs in the IT sector at all levels due to the development and introduction of new technology.

High lights

  • Candidates must have finished their 10+2 in the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology as their primary subjects and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% from a recognized Board.
  • One might be needed to attend any entrance tests, such as IISER, UPCATET, etc., and participate in a GD/PI round.
  • After earning a BSc in information technology, there are numerous employment options. Candidates can apply for jobs in various industries, including IT, education, pharmaceuticals, banking, and management.

B.Sc. Fashion Designing

A Bachelor of Fashion Design is something you can pursue if you are interested in learning more about changes in the vibrant and quickly evolving fashion business. This three-year course will teach you all there is to know about the fashion industry and provide the tools you need to start a career in fashion design. Due to its exciting curriculum and plentiful work opportunities, this subject is quickly becoming one of the most popular career choices for students of various undergraduate degrees.

High lights

  • The students have access to numerous career prospects after obtaining a BSc in fashion design. Given the size of the fashion industry, anyone with the necessary ingenuity and talent can easily carve out a successful career there.
  • Candidates seeking admission to the B.Sc. in fashion design degree program must successfully finish their 10+2 in any stream with a minimum cumulative mark of 45%.
  • Candidates must pass the entrance exam to be admitted to the B.Sc. in Fashion Design program.

B.Sc. Biochemistry

A laboratory-based science that blends biology and chemistry using chemical knowledge and methodologies, B.Sc. Biochemistry is a three-year undergraduate program that studies the chemical processes that occur within and are related to living things. Biochemistry studies involve chemical concepts and techniques to examine biological processes and living things. Chemistry is used to investigate live organisms and the atoms and molecules that make them up in the field of research known as biochemistry.

High lights

  • For those who meet the requirements, the B.Sc. in Biochemistry offers professional chances in fields including research fellow, analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, pharma associate, healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, and food safety analyst.
  • The qualifying candidates must complete their 10+2 in the science stream from an accredited board, with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology as required subjects.
  • More than 50% on the exam’s overall aggregate score to be admitted to the B.Sc. Biochemistry program.

B.Sc. Nursing

The four-year undergraduate degree known as B. Sc. Nursing is geared toward fostering the critical care, advanced thinking, proficiency, and values required for professional nursing. Thanks to the program’s streamlining, students can address the health demands of the country, society, and people. By upholding moral principles and standards of behavior at all times, the curriculum trains students to be responsible citizens who can meet their personal, social, and professional obligations to further national goals. B. Sc.

High lights

  • Candidates who have earned their BSc in nursing have a variety of opportunities.
  • Admission to a BSc Nursing program is based on merit and performance on the entrance exam.
  • The medical and healthcare industry is very active and constantly growing. Consequently, the need for skilled nurses will only grow in the years to come. Additionally, nurses are one of the fundamental cornerstones of the healthcare industry.

B.Sc. Animation

The process of planning, producing, and creating photographic sequences merged with gaming and multimedia is covered by the BSc Animation or Bachelor of Science in Animation degree. Only a few institutes provide the three years and six semesters program. The BSc Animation program offers aspiring artists the chance to learn the intricacies of animation and filmmaking.

High lights

  • A minimum cumulative score of 50% is required for admission to the BSc Animation program and completion of the 10+2 or an equivalent certificate.
  • Students are selected by achieving success on the prior qualifying exam
  • Job opportunities for graduates with a BSc in animation are abundant across the nation, including as game designers and 3D animators for web design, television, movies, and other types of interactive media.

B.Sc. Physics

B.Sc. Physics is a 3-years duration course, a branch of natural science that examines how matter behaves in space and time and ideas like power and energy. Understanding how the world functions are, more broadly speaking, the study of nature as a whole. Mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism, digital systems, thermal physics, quantum mechanics, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics are topics covered in the physics B.Sc. program.

High lights

  • Candidates who also completed Physics and Chemistry at the +2 level and Biology as one of their subjects are also eligible.
  • In the PCM/PCB topic group at the +2 level, applications should have an overall score of at least 50%.
  • Graduates in physics can expect employment in both the public and private sectors. Oil and gas, engineering, aerospace, construction companies, agriculture, pyrotechnics manufacturers, and other essential businesses are among those with rising demand for them.

B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Computer Science is a 3-year undergraduate degree. The theory of computing, programming languages, database systems, networking, software engineering, and artificial intelligence are all topics covered in computer science.

High lights

  • Students who get a B.Sc. in Computer Science will have various job options, including those for DTP operators and hardware, software, and network engineers. Core positions are available to B.Sc. in Computer Science graduates.
  • Candidates must pass their 10+2 exams from a recognized board or institution with at least 45% of the available points.

B.Sc. Economics

Aspirants who pursue a B.Sc. in Economics learn how to employ the resources already available in society, such as raw materials, land, labor, and equipment needed to produce commodities and services. Most economists conduct the study, gather and evaluate data, and advance their nations’ societies. Aspirants who pursue a B.Sc. in Economics learn how to employ the resources already available in the community, such as raw materials, land, labor, and equipment needed to produce commodities and services. 

High lights

  • There are many opportunities for further study for economics majors in career sectors, including senior business analyst, data scientist, business analyst, analytics consultant, research analyst, data analyst, marketing manager, and financial analyst.
  • To be admitted to the B.Sc. In the economics program, applicants must have completed class 10+2 from a recognized school board with a minimum of 50 to 55% overall marks to be eligible for the admission exams.

B.Sc. Hospitality

Candidates seeking a career in the hotel and services industry can enroll in a 3-year undergraduate program called BSc Hospitality Studies. The BSc Hospitality Studies program has been created to give students an understanding of general management and the management of food, beverage, and lodging.

High lights

  • Candidates must have completed the class 12th exam from a recognized board with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% to be eligible for the BSc Hospitality Studies course.
  • The minimal qualifying grades in the class 12 test are used to determine admission to the BSc Hospitality Studies program.
  • After completing a BSc in Hospitality, candidates can access various employment prospects.
  • Candidates with degrees have prospects worldwide since international corporations need specialists in the hospitality industry.

B.Sc. Geography

A bachelor of science in geography is an undergraduate degree with a three-year focus on geography. Along with maps and the interpretation of geographical images, it studies the Earth and its various features, inhabitants, and natural events.

High lights

  • Candidates for the BSc Geography program must have completed their 10+2 Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum cumulative score of 50% in the Science or Arts disciplines. 
  • Admissions are typically granted based on the candidate’s performance on their prior exam.
  • Research organizations, zoos, national parks, cartography centers, environmental agencies, urban planning organizations, and universities hire numerous Geography graduates.

Bottom line

Finally, the above listed are about the BSC courses without maths. If you dislike studying maths, you can choose the courses that are detailed above, these courses are easy to pursue, and they offer excellent job opportunities.