If you’re looking for an international degree, then Canada is the right place for you! Canada surely tops the search list of students racking their brains to find a suitable academic program. Canada is a home to some of the greatest institutions with academic excellence and that’s why students prefer the maple country. The quality of education and living standards are amongst the highest of all other countries- yet the international students are welcomed at concession. The cost of living is generally lower for the international students so there’s nothing to worry about. The Canadians are extremely friendly and open minded so studying there is certainly safe. Canadian campuses offer countless opportunities in academics and exciting co curricular activities ensures an exhilarating experience as well. So folks, we’ve got this for you, here is a list of top 10 universities in Canada that you can choose from:


MCGILL  is surely a popular university among students and parents, situated in one of the finest cities in Canada, Montreal is a great place to look forward to. They offer over 400+ programs to more than 40,000 graduates welcoming students from over 150 countries. They also provide student services and day care facilities. Experience Canada in Montreal, at the McGill premises.

Undergraduate international tuition and fees 2014: $17,859 (or $1500 with exemptions)

Graduate international tuition and fees 2014: $16,117 (or $1500 with exemptions


The sixty year old university overlooking the cliffside in newfoundland, in Ontario is the cheapest place for international students. The university offers various programs in naval architecture, maritime engineering, humanities. Accomodation costs for international students is generally lower, with a unique and a welcoming culture.

Undergraduate international tuition and fees: $8,800

Graduate international tuition and fees: $5,718


This public research school is best known for its engineering and business programs. Located in Kingston , Ontario the schools are at the lakeside setting. This is the right place if you’re a Nerd !

Undergraduate :  $26,361

Graduate : $14,114


UoTis the number one school in Canada also among the top 20 universities in the world. The university has a host of club activities and communities to get involved in. Their campuses are located in one of the world’s best international cities, so students can get better exposure. The university offers over 700 undergraduate programs and 200 post graduate programs for more than 60,000 students.

Undergraduate :$34,000

Graduate  :$19,714


Saskatchewan is another public research university in the east side of the south Saskatchewan river in saskatoon.  Their main campus is situated in the heart of the city saskatoon and is a home to a wide variety of programs, with world class facilities. Nature lovers take note, saskatoon is well known for its natural beauty especially in summer and fall ( get those backpacks on guys), Canadian people are tolerant and friendly, so you wouldn’t have trouble getting alongwith them. Study at ease here, savouring the pristine beauty of saskatoon.

The tutition fee for international students is generally low-

Undergraduate : $17,470

Graduate: $5,377


Located in Toronto, it’s the third largest university in Canada. The university offers a wide variety of 5000+ courses and programs, the university has several non-academic programs to enhance the student’s economic social and cultural well- being.. York U houses numerous students from different countries and arranges several community meetings for the freshers to get along with fellow students. Toronto is a multicultural city and students in Canada, you have equal rights like other citizens. Wanna feel at home? Then Toronto is the place for you.

Under graduate   : $19,575

Graduate :$12,032


UBC is British Columbia’s oldest institutions with excellent campuses and facilities, ranked among the top 20 public universities of the world. It’s a great ordeal to be a part of one of the most vibrant institutions in Canada.  The UBC campuses are a home to thousands of students across the world. Blessed with an amazing natural cover, Vancuover is a great choice folks!

Undergraduate : $23,300

Graduate : $7,793.50


Dalhousie, Halifax is one of the best renowned universities located in the scenic east of the country. It is one of Canada’s oldest universities housing more than 18,200 students from all over the globe. The university provides campus accomaodation in customized and non-customized styles. Dalhousie offers more than 4,000 courses and 180 degree programs. Choosing Dal would be a great experience in your campus life

The tuition fee for foreign students as follows:

Undergraduate : $15,792

Graduate : $16,762


UdeM is recognized as a major public research university and is situated in Montreal, the snow city.It is the only Canadian francophone university ( yes, all course programs are given in Frennch) to make it to the top 150 internationally ranked universities. Living in montreal is no big deal, due to its student friendly lifestyle and culture. If you’re fluent in French, UdeM is the best pick for you.

The tuition fee for foreign students is as follows:

Undergraduate : $14,618

Graduate : $12,550


University Of Alberta is ranked among the top 5 universities in Canada and is situated in Edmonton, one of the fastest growing cities in the country ( pull on your jackets  guys, the climate is insane). The university is an internationally regarded research institution and is a home to over 36,000 students, 7000+ international students from 133 countries. The city is a major economic hub, so it’s a great ordeal for people looking for jobs during or after graduation.

( Foodies attention please!) Treat your senses with foods all over the world on campus, including halal and veganand traditional Canadian cuisine.

There are 200+ programs to choose from, the tuition fees for the following are:

Undergraduate : $ 20,076

Graduate: $ 8,220

Note : prices may vary from program to program, however above is the average cost