Engineering is considered a field with much to offer. One of the most popular subcategories of engineering is mechanical engineering, which deals with the construction of the exterior and the internal moving parts of a machine. As every sector today uses machinery in some way or the other which is why mechanical engineers are in demand.

However, this has also led to an increase in competition in this sector. The students today need to make their resumes a little more impressive by applying for extra courses. Designing courses are the best way to make you improve your chances of getting picked up for a job. The following is a list of some of the designing courses for a mechanical engineer.

10 Best Design Courses for Mechanical Engineers

1.     Automotive body design

As the name suggests, automotive design deals with developing the outward appearance of motor vehicles. This may include motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and vans. This is a very important skill, not only because the design affects the performance of the vehicle, but also because this is the part of the process where the appeal of the vehicle is created.

The course would include product planning and research, benchmarking, sizing and proportions and clay model development which are part of concept design. Creating a prototype and testing the model is included in the production design part of the training.

2. Plumbing Designing

Any civilization is known by the methods they used to navigate the water to all of the occupants of the land. The Romans and Harappan plumbing systems still stand strong. Plumbing design focuses on pipes, fixtures, and tubing with the goal to find an optimum way to distribute water from the source to the user.

Plumbing designers have scope in getting work in government and the private sector. The course would include studying about economy, materials, construction, sanitary systems, drainage systems and water supply systems. The course would also focus on fuel gas systems, as many industries use centralized fuel delivery system.

3. Fire Fighting Designing

Fire safety is a very important factor that is considered today before a building is cleared by the inspectors. It is necessary that a building is installed with a water supply system for firefighting purposes. There are many courses available targeted to train a mechanical engineer in the field of firefighting design.

The course has a few similarities with plumbing as pipes and tubing is involved in the transfer of water. The overall demand for the professionals taught in this field is high.

4. Aircraft Body Designing

The world of aviation has seen much development since man first took to the skies. As the average man has started to do well for themselves, there has been an increase in the number of travelers who prefer air travel. This, in turn, has caused the companies to ship out more aircraft. There is an uptake in individuals who are trained in the field of aircraft body designing.

You will be taught airframe design, wing design, tailplane design, engine nacelle design and how to overall boost the performance of an aircraft. There is a lot of scope in this field, and the pay is not too shabby at all.

5. Instructional Designing

Instructional design is a field not many might have heard of, but it is never the less a very important sector. It is a course which teaches the student the process of creating an instructional process which helps in spread and implementation of knowledge.

As a student of instructional design, you will be taught its history and be familiarised with various models like ADDIE process and rapid prototyping used in the process of instructional design.

6. Tool designing

To do a job correctly, it is necessary to have the right tools for it. As a mechanical engineer who has a completed a course in tool designing, your job would entail designing these tools. You won’t be designing screwdrivers and players, but the large-scale automated machines which are used by industries.

You could either be hired by the parent company who design these machines and then sell to major industries or as a technician for the company who purchase and use these machines.

7. Mechanical design engineering course

All the courses on this list are targeted for a specific sector like automobile and plumbing. This course here is a combination of all the common topics that go into tackling any designing project. In this course, you will be taught about the analytical and evaluation process of solving a problem related to mechanical design engineering. Designing for dynamic response, the design of power transmissions, deflection, and complex mechanical sections are some of the discussed topics in this course.

8. Engineering Materials course

Creating a machine is one part of the process. However, there is an important step to be taken before the construction of a machine, which is deciding what type of material is to be used for construction. Engineering materials course will help you develop the skill and gain the knowledge necessary to select the right kind of material to build a machine for a particular task.

In this course, you will be taught about the different types of material like metal, ceramic and polymers and will be taught their chemical and physical properties.

9. Structural Design in Wood Course

Even though humans have embraced metal and more advanced material like carbon fiber to build, we can never forget that we all had our beginnings from wood. Working with wood is a skill which is revered by many and comes as a handy tool for a developing mechanical engineer. Not only does it add an aesthetic sense to your design, but is a versatile material, wood can be used in places where metal just doesn’t cut it.

10. Computer-aided design course

Working with building software is a part of the curriculum for mechanical engineering, but it always pays to know a little more than your competition. In this course, you will be taught to work with designing softwares like CAD and AutoCAD.


While mechanical engineering is a diverse field, the above mentioned are the best design courses. Depending on your interests, you can go with any of the course, each of them have a market of their own.