If you are a student searching the whole world to find the best University that wouldn’t drill a hole into your wallet, search no further. UK, one of the age old knowledge centres of the world has all of their best universities at down to earth prices open for the international students. The best campuses of United Kingdom welcome the students from all parts of world and offers them the best educational experience with the most ensured employment options. Listed down are the top 10 most affordable universities in UK.

10. Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Wrexham Glyndwr University, with campuses at Wrexham, Northrop and St Asaph in north-east Wales and at Kingston upon Thames, London. (Travelers, pack your backpacks, there ain’t no place better to explore). To top it, Glyndwr is one of the smallest campus with the student count not more than 7000, of which nearly 36% postgraduate students are from outside UK and EU. It is ranked tenth in the most affordable University for international students and also has an employability figure of 92.1% (I can see you guys packing already). Do not miss out the opportunity to be on one of the best University (more of a family) at down to earth prices.

Undergraduate – £9,000

Postgraduate – £10,750.

(The fee may vary from course to course, but the above is the average price)

9.University of Chichester

Located in the beautiful country of west Sussex is the University of Chichester. It may not have the biggest postgraduate student base and the international students percent is even smaller, but that doesn’t mean that their courses are any less. They have a set of amazing courses ranging from adventure education (yes, you read it right) to theatre & music to Theology & Religion, including philosophy and ethics. The university and the campus have a very rich history and there ain’t no place better for theatre lovers as Chichester is famous for its Roman links and the Festival theatre (Get ready to time travel a few centuries back people). They also offer the best teacher training courses.

Undergraduate – £9,000

Postgraduate- £10,620

(The fee may vary from course to course and also the international students are given the chance to pick a bargain).

8.University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria with it’s various campuses spread out in England is one of the most economical university for the international students looking forward to doing their post graduation in UK. The count of international students at Cumbria is not the largest, but on some courses such as subjects allied to medicine is quite high. the university is growing academically as well as geographically with it’s campuses in Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, Barrow-In-Furness, Workington and London. As an added bonus to the international students, they have the most inexpensive accomodation in the whole of northwest, with rooms starting at just £10 a night (Feels so comforting looking at the bank balance right?!).

Undergraduate – £10,500

Postgraduate- £10,500

7.Newman University

Newman University, a student centered university is one of the smallest universities in UK pertaining to the student count, but the learning environment is challenging yet supportive. The degrees are developed to be relevant to the modern world with the consultation of employers making the graduates some of the best in the country (Already dreaming of the job?). The small community makes learning a better experience due to the individual attention and care. And if you are one of those folks with the most sustainable, fair and eco-friendly campus, think no further, you are all set in the Newmans.

Undergraduate – £9,250

Postgraduate- £10,400

6.University of the Highlands and Islands

University of Highlands and Islands is one of the most well spread out campus with 13 college and research institutions for academic partner in the Highlands and Islands Scotland. They have a very wide range of courses from Management and accounting to Viking studies. It is one of the best universities to learn culture, heritage and history of the Scottish region.

Undergraduate – £11,000

Postgraduate- £10,300

5.University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk, one of the youngest universities of UK having opened only in 2007 has a lot to offer to the international postgraduate students with the fee being just £10,080 a year. The university being relatively young, has no age old heritage to lean on and aims more on making history every single day (Just like you independent, ambitious folks). A university for the changing world, as they claim is maybe for you as well.

Undergraduate – £9,250

Postgraduate- £10,080

4.York St John University

York St John University set in York, England is one of the largest university with the student count of nearly 20000 making it one of the strongest student base. Around 100 undergraduate degree courses and 50 plus postgraduate courses are offered making it a centre of excellence. The university also offers employability upto 94% of graduates making it a better place in all aspects. The university being close to York Monster gives us enough variety in the cultural aspect as well. What more is needed?

Undergraduate – £10,000

Postgraduate- £10,000

3.University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire in Buckinghamshire is one of the universities with a prominent student count. Nearly ⅓rd of their students are international students and the 50% of the postgraduate students are from outside EU making it one of the best for people from all over the world. The campus offers you everything from good education to awesome food, entertainment accompanied with a scenic countryside, yet just half an hour away from London. Why haven’t you applied yet?

Undergraduate – £10,500

Postgraduate- £9,900

2.University of Chester

University of chester with nearly 30% of its students being international students, has Subjects allied to Medicine and Business & Administrative studies as it’s main attraction.

voted the fifth best place to live in Britain and the fifth prettiest city in Europe, the city of Chester is at the heart of the student’s University experience. Also the graduate employment rate is 95.3% making it a better choice for the international students. If you are looking for studying at a modern place with the touch of rich historical and cultural heritage, there ain’t no better place than the University of Chester.

Undergraduate – £9,250

Postgraduate- £9,700

1.Royal Veterinary college

The Royal Veterinary college of school located in London is the oldest and the largest veterinary school in UK. The RVC’s Bioveterinary Sciences course was the first of its kind in the UK and is constantly ranked within the top 10 of UK Biosciences courses. And also more than 93% of the graduates find employment within 6 months of course completion. It also offers inbound student exchange programmes. What more can we ask from “The Best”?

Undergraduate – £9,000

Postgraduate- £8,925