Nowadays, many top PU colleges have integrated curricula in Bangalore, providing its students with the best possible educational resources. Numerous universities and colleges have some campus housing, many of which have rules that encourage students to reside on campus. A dedicated staff of educators is committed to providing students with a high-quality education and creating creative ways. Discover how universities can help you achieve by getting knowledge for your career growth.

List of Top 10 Pre University (PU) Colleges in Bangalore

  1. Charan’s PU College
  2. Deeksha PU College
  3. Jain PU College
  4. Chaitanya PU College
  5. St. Joseph PU College
  6. Christ PU College
  7. Arjuna Academy
  8. Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul PU College
  9. SBR PU College
  10. Banajawad PU College

Charan’s PU College

For more than 35 years, Charan’s PU and Degree College have worked to mold young minds. The college has high standards for its students but also shows great care for them. The faculty at the college is gifted and creative, and they are frequently praised for using cutting-edge teaching techniques. Apart from academics, there are intercollege cultural festivals and athletic competitions where students can shine and display their talents.


  • Using a variety of experiments and contemporary technology, engage kids.
  • Favor a creative learning atmosphere.

Deeksha PU College

Deeksha Pre University is one of the top PU institutions in Bangalore; it was established in 1998. The college is among the best for Pre-University education in Bangalore because of its amenities and academic excellence. When it comes to offering preparation for pre-university board exams and competitive examinations, Deeksha is a pioneer. Students can enroll in the college’s PU Science and PU Commerce streams and JEE Advanced/Main/NEET/KCET coaching for all-India competitive exams.


  • Provides distinctive learning modules
  • Program to help pupils develop life skills

Jain PU College

One of the top colleges in Bangalore offering pre-university education is the Jain PU College. The university has three campuses throughout the city that provide students with the best resources for academics and extracurricular activities. Students can enroll in pre-university courses at two college sites and post-graduate studies at one location. All classes use technology and have every audio-visual tool imaginable to benefit the pupils. 


  • Nicely furnished with contemporary technology and internet access
  • Use of a huge auditorium to host several seminars

Chaitanya PU College

The Chaitanya Group of Institutions is founded by Drs. B. S. Rao and Jhansi Lakshmi Bai.. These programs give particular attention to professional fields like engineering and medicine. The best instruction is provided to students in the Chaitanya College program who choose to enroll in these career programs. Regarding competitive examination coaching, Chaitanya College is regarded as one of the top PU colleges in the city.


  • Create an environment that is good for learning.
  • Giving pupils encouragement and overall growth

St. Joseph PU College

For the education of young Catholics, the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society manages the St. Josephs PU College in Bangalore, a place of worship for a minority of people. Students receive a top-notch education at the college, which features cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure. Students are encouraged to borrow books during the designated times and use the library’s services as long as they abide entirely by the facility’s policies. After finishing this course, they used to have an overall growth in their career.


  • Created a student grievance cell for simple communication
  • Offers unique learning modules

Christ PU College

Christ PU College was founded in 2005 and is associated with the Pre-University Board of Education. The education policy of the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate views education as a crucial component of human growth. The Christ PU College was founded with this objective in mind. It is a minority Christian university that places a strong emphasis on helping students who don’t have access to quality education.   


  • Infrastructure to support pupils using contemporary technology
  • Encouraged to use the library to read and borrow books as long as they follow the guidelines

Arjuna Academy

The most significant residential PU colleges include Arjunaa Academy. The curriculum generally follows a set format and provides a solid basis for students to advance to competitive-level exam preparation. As a result, students are guaranteed to understand the prerequisites for each exam and get the confidence they need to answer challenging questions. Get off to a great start, and you can make significant progress in your professional life.   


  • Provides optimal productivity while minimizing stress during learning
  • A realistic strategy for achieving success

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul PU College

The institution is situated on a lush and verdant campus in Bangalore and one of the top residential PU Science institutes. Parents and students both find the building’s architectural design stunning. The college offers students the greatest facilities and infrastructure. The Charans Group of Institutions has a long history of leadership, tradition, and discipline. The digitally equipped classrooms provide the ideal learning environment for pupils.


  • High-tech apparatus
  • Well qualified and possess the most industry experience

SBR PU College

As one of the greatest residential PU colleges, Sharnbasaweshwar Residential PU College is highly acclaimed. For students, the hostels offer cozy quarters with all the latest conveniences. The hostels constantly watch over the students. The college’s library is sizable and well-stocked. The library is open to students during college operating hours.


  • Provide a setting that is favorable to learning for the children
  • Multipurpose space for extracurricular and sporting events

Banajawad PU College

The Shri NL Banajawad Memorial Educational and Charity Trust Athani run the Banajawad Residential PU College. The college operates a transport service that picks up employees and students from convenient points throughout the city. For the advantage of the students, every class utilizes technology and has access to every audio-visual tool imaginable.  


  • Give students with hands-on experience
  • High-tech equipment

Kumarans PU College

This is one of the prestigious colleges and provides distinction education in commerce and science. The college is known for its spiritually and emotionally powered education. They deliver morality and intellectually to their students. The infrastructure of the college is good and the staff is friendly with students. The facilities in the colleges include library, canteen, auditorium, internet, internet, counseling center, and laboratories. The location of the college is Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore.

Finally we suggest you to choose your Pre University courses along with any short term courses that will be helpful to fulfill your future dream. For example if you want to become a data science engineer or data scientist in future, it is better to choose PU in PCMCs (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science) along with any short term data science course in Bangalore or if you want to become a CA (chartered accountant), choosing short term accounting related courses along with Businesses Studies, Accountancy, Statistics, and Economics. (BASE) is a best option.

Final thoughts:

From the above mentioned, there are many colleges for Residental PU College in Bangalore, so you need to choose the best one to know more about PU courses. There are top universities for students who desire to pursue a successful career.


  1. How should you select a PU College in Bangalore?

When selecting a pre-university college, parents and students check for amenities, faculties, infrastructure, competitive exam coaching, and ancillary services. Aside from reputable colleges, other considerations exist when choosing the best PU College.

  1. Is it difficult to get into PU?

Your entrance exam results and grade point average from 12th grade also factor into your admission to PU. Each score is given an equal weight. After adding 50% from each, the total merit score is generated. Your chances of access to PU are decent based on the final merit score.

  1. How to pick a reputable PU college?
  • Check for Recognition and Affiliation.
  • Choosing a course
  • Verify the faculty and the caliber of the education.
  • Comprehensive education
  • Look up, alums.
  • Infrastructure