As the country is developing there is a huge demand for good architecture and Architects. So there is a heavy competition for exams like NATA through which students top architectural colleges. Having a coaching centre beside helps Aspiring Architects to know the right path to crack the exam.there are a lot  of coaching centres in India that help students get through the NATA exam. Here are the top 10 NATA coaching centres in India

1.Pahal institute

Pahal is a pioneer in providing quality coaching for competitive exams like NATA, NIFT , NID , etc. The faculty of the institution are alumni of NIFT, NID and other fine arts colleges. The result ratio is 93.1% every year. They have an experience of 20 years, therefore know the varying patterns of competitive exams. Events are conducted to showcase the creativity in students. Pahal offers 1 year/ 2 year program which can be chosen by the student as per their convenience. They conduct aptitude and designing classes separately. They have a constant online support of 24/7. They assist the students through each step they take. Each batch is of fifteen students. hence ,the compact group can have full attention of the faculty. Regular evaluation and regular feedback helps in consistent improvement of the student.

2. Archentry coaching centre

 Archentry is the centre for best nata coaching. The institution strives to make  students enter the best colleges in India. The aim at sustaining relationships with their students that help them grow together and also extends their relationship beyond four walls of the classroom. Each batch is of limited set of students that make them engage in more interaction with the faculty. The institution is clear about the fact that the financial status of the student should not hinder their career path. So , they conduct a scholarship test that help them get a discount on the total fee amount. Students who score extremely well can claim upto a discount of 80%. They aim at giving a strong foundation of concepts and are provided with comprehensive study material that makes their preparation easier. They also believe that entrance exam is just a beginning and they extend their support throughout the five year journey of architecture.

4. The Renaissance

The institution is a pioneer in are , design and architecture and has a vast experience of art and architecture. The Renaissance are dexterous at bringing the creative minds to light and make their dreams a real one. The unique teaching techniques that they have exercised have received positive response from both parents and students . Every concept is taught practically which makes learning fun and easy. The institution is 10 years old and has been producing amazing results since its beginning. They are aiming at higher levels of learning aspects so that the students would crack the exam more easily . The institution has the highest rate of pass results especially for NATA. Students are also allowed to attempt a mock test which makes them decide the level of training that they would need. They also provide students with previous year question papers, mock tests, sample papers and other study materials to make their learning comfortable.

5. Incepto design academy

Incepto has been into training for the past 16 years. They are supported by a band of well learnt expertise who guide the students towards the path of success. They also have a good infrastructure that gives students a peace of mind to study for their exams. The consistent training that the institution has offered helped students of all educational backgrounds to find success. They have flexible timings which can be adjusted to the student’s convenience and well researched notes are provided. They charge a very affordable fees that is worth the training that they give. They also give guidance to students to choose the right college for them. Ample practice of sketches and aptitude are given and the students are also taken to field visits to get real time experience. The institution is a better option for those who expect good coaching at a reasonable cost.

6. Swayam art academy

The institution believes that education is one powerful tool that can be used to change the world and are using it to do the same by producing brilliant architects. The band of faculty at swayam have more than 18 years of experience and are pro at understanding the learning needs of the students. They provide a practical knowledge a lot which is very much necessary for an architecture student. The swayam art academy has been maintaining high standards of quality education so that aspiring architects can find their dreams. The academy conducts events showcase the talents of budding architects that keep them motivated with a true spirit of excellence. 

7. D Q labs

D Q labs are completely result oriented that is achieved through immense creativity. They have both online and offline study materials which is upto the student to choose. Each student is monitored and assessed for their sustainable improvement. The study material is thoroughly researched and made simple for the students.  The students are prepared according to the blueprint of the exam and the classes are systematically planned. The institution makes sure that the students get better with each mock test and will be able to crack exams with a sense of security.

8. Apto inn

The institution claims that it is found by architects to create architects. It’s the bes coaching centre for NATA in Chennai where the concepts of theory and sketching are covered extensively. They have various options for students who can choose their program as per their convenience. They have weekend courses, 15 days crash course, one week random course, one month course and only study materials. They claim that they are the only institution in which the faculty are assistant professors who work under architecture department. They ensure that every student is on the right track and students are taken outdoors for sketching to be done lively. The institution offers best safe environment where one can fulfill all educational needs.

9. Manorama art and design school

Shortly known as the mad school takes the students on a journey that makes the end result worthy and fruitful. The institution has been producing remarkable results of 100% for the last 5 years. They guarantee that even a person who has never drawn before could be trained so well to crack the exam. They not only teach art but a way of life. They have a huge collection of books wherein the students can get a whole lot of knowledge. They have trained faculty who are well aware of the evolving patterns of NATA examination. The institution promises that learning taken from mad school will be with them throughout their career.

10. Silica coaching centre

Silica help students choose the right career choice help them with cracking the NATA exam, interviews and other process of getting admission into a College. They have very good classroom coaching programs for NATA that is offered across 23 silica centres in India. Both 1 year and 2 year classroom  is offered which is up to the student to choose. They also provide self study material , online mock test series and students can also enroll to get free lessons on their official site. The courses that they offer are systematically planned in such a way that the portions are completed at the right time before the exams. Students can also download sample papers of NATA exam on their official site for free. The course is planned in such a way that it matches with the current trends of the NATA exam.