These are the top and best IELTS coaching centres and institutes in Kochi offering coaching for IELTS exam, TOEFL exam, OTE exam and other spoken English related classes to the working and non working professionals and students in Cochin Area, Kerala.

1. Drona Institute

Among the thousands of IELTS institutes in Ernakulam Kerala, DRONA is the best IELTS Academy in Cochin stands out in numerous ways. It was developed from the idea that with appropriate guidance and mentoring IELTS is not a challenging nut to break. For many, studying or working overseas is their long cherished dream. We at Drona Best IELTS training institute in Ernakulam, give wings to your wish and make your dreams come true.

2. British India Academy

English India Academy is one of the most well-known Spoken English Centers in Kerala. In fact, it is the innovator in communicative oral English training in this state. The academy has been functioning as the best hotel to an incredible number of people; who consider English as an impossible hurdle. British India Academy provides training in fluency to individuals from every walk of life. Many position and file as well as celebrities have perfected English language speaking skill through British India Academy.

3. Optima Centre

4. IELTS Academy

5. Winspire Academy

Winspire Academy performs training for study foreign languages, personality development programs, and English language courses for Medical jobs. We have highly professional training staff and a clearly described program which has been planned for Basic and Advanced levels. Do courses for individuals & groups and in-house corporate training applications also assist our students to select and look appropriate applications for various requirements like – study abroad, Migration and Job seeking. Apart from training, we do registration for various examinations for our students.

6. Key Institute

Key Institution Is One Of The Most Well-known Verbal British And IELTS Centers In Kerala. It has been functioning since 1969 and is a name associated with Spoken English throughout Kochi. It has developed a exclusive and impressive training method, which guarantees fluency at the very first to one and a lot of learners. Key Institution important factors the students up to greater levels to make them key men in their specific areas. The customized training guarantees the methodical and stable improvement of each and every student.

7. Axiom English Academy

Axiom English academy have been passionately pursuing English academy have been passionately pursuing English language ever since it started evolving as the lingua franca.   Axiom has its own unique touches in training communication, innovative techniques which ensure high band scores. Axiom’s mission has been to examine how English language can be effectively utilized to constructively implement knowledge acquired through education. We, at Axiom academy guide the candidates into the friendly world of English.

8. Brite International Education

The way to success is the path constructed by dream. Brite International Education holds your desire by providing quality training in international licensing examinations. We aim to endeavor to be the mentor that you yearn for, instilling in students the confidence to break competitive exams. Started by experienced professionals, Brite is aware of the individual needs and guidance required by students to ace these tests. Brite International Education inspires you to dream big and helps you to make your dream a reality.

9. Sterling Institute

IELTS is mandatory, whether it is immigration, work or student visa that you want. We promise that we will help you attain the required band score, easily and confidently! The courses are suitable for medical professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds seeking to prepare for the Occupational English test, leading to professional registration in Australia.  This is the latest platform Sterling Institute offers to its students. It’s not only flexible; it’s also easy and highly rewarding.


Good news for test takers who feel IELTS as a hard nut to break for fulfilling their dreams. A foolproof system conducted by the expert hand of Benny Joseph, who has efficiently qualified more than 10000 learners from different parts of the world. IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to evaluate which ability of people who want to analyze, work and live where English is the language of communication. It tests Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking skills of individuals.