The current challenges that traditional universities and colleges face today are course shortage, budget cuts and higher tuitions which cause many students to search for an alternative learning system.

With almost 3 million students who are currently enrolled in fully online programs and approximately 6 million taking at least one online course as a part of their degree, online learning has clearly become one of the latest and popular alternatives to traditional higher education.

The continuously improving reputation of online learning helped in fueling its expansion, thus attracting more and more students to enroll.

Here are some of the benefits and advantages of an online higher education:

1. Lower Total Cost

Online programs prove to be a more affordable choice than traditional learning. Although not all online degrees provide less expensive net tuition prices than traditional universities, some of the associated expense that comes with learning always cost less.

For instance, there is no commuting cost. Sometimes the needed course material like textbooks is readily available online for free. Additionally, there are some online universities and colleges which accept credits that are earned through free MOOCs or massive open online courses which is the most recent advancement of online education. These free online courses can help a student fulfill general education requirements.

2. More Comfortable Learning Environment

Online courses feature students studying on their pajamas which gives the impression of a comfortable learning session— no physical class sessions. Students can listen to lectures and complete their home works sent to them electronically without leaving their own home or work.

3. Career Advancements

Students have the ability to take online courses and complete a degree while they work or taking time to raise their family. Moreover, this academic work can also explain any gaps in a resume. Moreover, earning anther degree will show ambitions to potential employers and a desire to remain prepared for new challenges.

4. More Interaction With Greater Ability To Concentrate

Online courses provide reticent or shy students the chance to participate in class discussions more easily than a face-to-face class discussion. You can also have better concentration with online classes since it is just you and your online teacher and the lack of classroom activity which can distract students.

5. Improve Technical Skills

Even the most basic online course will require the development of computer and technical skills as the students learn to navigate through different learning management systems and programs. The participation skills that student learns within their online course translate to most professions, including incorporating audio or video materials into home works, sharing and creating documents, completing online training session and more.

6. Convenience And Flexibility

Online courses provide students the chance to plan their study time on their day, rather than the school deciding their schedules. Students can work and study at their convenience. Their course materials are always accessible online which eliminates social trips to the library. All of these can help students balance family and work commitments with their education.

7. Farther Reach

Traditional colleges and universities have physical buildings established from all around the world. However, it is a fact that traditional universities reach every nooks and corners of the world. There are still some places where the nearest school building may be kilometers away from a person’s home. With online courses, as long as a student have a good internet connection, he or she can actively participate in class without having to travel so far away just to attend an 8 hour or less class.

8. Enroll And Reputable Universities

While Harvard and Oxford are among the most reputable universities in the world, it quite impossible for most students to travel to another country in order to obtain a degree from such reputable universities. Fortunately, some of these famous universities offer online courses which you can take wherever you are in the world.

9. Variety Of Courses And Programs

From traditional 4-year colleges and universities to completely online career colleges, the higher education of today offers different choices for students. Meaning, no matter what a student studies, from neuroscience to nursing and bachelor of business administration to law, they can find the programs or courses needed online. Students can even earn an academic degree online from doctorate to career certificate.