Understanding first aid is beneficial to you personally and your community. In the event of an accident or an emergency, it enables you to help injured people until backup arrives. The first aid-certified individuals in a community, the safer that community becomes since first aid abilities can be used in the home, the workplace, or public places. Being a helpless observer of an emergency situation, whether in the workplace, your home, or a general area, may worsen the issue. The most significant number of individuals must have at least a basic understanding of first aid training. It is best to do a first aid course in Dubai at the best institute. Here will see the top institute in Dubai:

List of Best First Aid Courses Institutes in Dubai:

  1. Green World Group
  2. Knowledge point
  3. Hayat Institute
  4. Blue Guard
  5. Safe Vision
  6. Eatimad
  7. NAJMA
  8. HSEI

Green World Group

    In the United Arab Emirates, Green World Group provides KHDA Dubai Government-approved first aid training courses that give students the knowledge they need to reduce the effects of workplace accidents and dangers on their health. The topic covered in the first aid course by Green World Group is first aid in the workplace, first aid provisions, procedures in first aid, and first aid scenarios. The persons who are eligible for the First Aid course are professionals who are engaged in the safety sector, rescue department professionals, fresher or students, and also professionals of any other sector than first aid safety. Green World Group will offer the certification for first aid training once the student successfully completes the study and online test.

    Through ongoing market research and surveys, Green World Group has thoroughly understood the safety risks that large industrial houses regularly encounter. They offer service packages customized to the customer’s needs to reduce the commercial losses that various safety issues finally translate into. Your stress and worry over non-compliance with safety regulations will be reduced by providing health, safety, and environmental services. They will teach first aid-related services they offer to the trainee. 


    • Highly engaging demonstrations and class conversations
    • Professional certification in the completion of first aid course
    • A highly trained professional with knowledge of first aid.

    Knowledge Point

    In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Knowledge Point is one of the top training institutions. In order to prepare students for the workforce, Knowledge Point gives them excellent training and exposure. They are well-known for having highly skilled employees, first-rate facilities, and a desire to support students’ development. This has enabled the institute to claim the title of a top training facility in Dubai. For 11 various sectors, they provide specialized training courses. They ensure that their training courses prepare each student to excel academically and prepare them for the workplace. The demos given by the lecturer and the students make this session very interactive. Comprehensive, step-by-step instruction on various first aid applications is provided to students. Everybody can benefit from taking this course. Through observation of the instructor’s reasonable skill performance, students are evaluated. Evaluations of both performance and writing are offered and optional.


    • For knowledge-based assessments, students must respond to a series of short-answer questions either orally or in writing.
    • Professional with extensive training and first aid expertise to train the trainees.

    Hayat Institute

    Hayat Institute provides standard First Aid, CPR, and AED training in partnership with international awarding organizations to give your personnel the knowledge and abilities they need to deal with workplace incidents. According to the law, every company must ensure they always have enough qualified first-aiders on staff to meet their needs. The employer must evaluate any unique workplace risks and make sure that there is enough equipment, space, and staff to handle the fallout from these risks to determine the organization’s needs. After passing the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance from the Hayat Institute and a card from Highfield.


    • Video demonstrations
    • Practical drills
    • Theoretical and practical training
    • Practical demonstrations and knowledge questions are used to assess learners both in oral and written format
    • A hands-on teaching method improves student skill levels.
    • While acquiring skills, group interaction and teacher feedback
    • Evaluated through actual CPR, AED, and emergency first aid demonstrations

    Blue Guard

    Lifeguards, businesses, and citizens of the UAE receive customized training and certification in water safety and first aid from Blue Guard. Since Blue Guard provide individuals the knowledge and confidence to know what to do in the crucial period between an accident occurring and the ambulance coming, they are confident that the training they offer saves lives.

    From choking and burns to heart attacks, CPR, and the proper use of an AED, the First Aid Training Course and Certificate covers all fundamental skills. Blue Guard professionals train the common people who are most likely to save lives as part of the Team’s work to train and certify First Aiders throughout the United Arab Emirates. In the seconds that follow an accident, the choices they make and the techniques they employ frequently determine life or death. Before the ambulance arrives, the professional trainer ensures the trainee knows what to do.


    • Training is carried out in a secure and regulated setting.
    • Contain job-role-specific content

    Safe Vision

    Safe Vision Occupational Safety Training is dedicated to providing superior health and safety services by assisting professionals in maximizing their potential through training courses. They have more than 25 years of expertise in the sector. More than 25 years of expertise in teaching small and big groups in a variety of industries have been accumulated by Safe Vision Trainers. The instructors can create effective training programs, develop students, and deliver them while integrating educational technology to give training in-person, online, and in a classroom setting. Safe Vision has created in-depth, engaging courses that help learners understand the significance of health and safety in everyday life. First Aid training is essential to give you the assurance to intervene and assist in an emergency. You can take courses from Safe Vision that will equip you with the knowledge and abilities to spot possible hazards and act quickly to stop casualties and save lives.


    • Educational technology to give training in-person, online, and in a classroom setting.
    • An experienced trainer will guide you in-depth about the first aid course.


    One of the top privately owned accredited training institutions in the MENA region is Eatimad Training Center. Eatimad Training Institute has effectively provided training and consulting services to businesses and healthcare facilities around the GCC for a number of years. With consistently better training offerings, Eatimad has become one of the UAE’s largest training providers. Depending on the course’s content and intended audience, some courses are led by more than one consultant.

    The Eatimad Dubai first aid course is created to give you all the knowledge essential to act during this vital minute since every minute counts in saving a life. The training ensures that the injured person’s body’s essential functions are not compromised during a medical emergency. All DHA (Dubai Health Authority), MOH, DOH-Abu Dhabi, and international organizations recognize certificates. Assessment, sudden injury, illness, environmental problems, choking, and bites and stings are among the subjects covered in training.


    • Training both in practical and also theoretical methods
    • Certified certification in the registered first aid course.


    NAJMA CONSULTANCY, a human resources, occupational safety, and training consultancy with offices in Dubai, is dedicated to offering expert services in the recruitment and training sectors. As a one-stop destination to serve all training, inspection, and fire equipment needs for esteemed clients, they are also collaborating with key business partners to meet client’s special approval requirements. The training programs have been created to provide employees working in any sector or business with the essential knowledge and understanding of health and safety. Whether in manufacturing, commerce, the public sector, or the service industry. By providing training, they raise employee awareness of health and safety so they can safely carry out their responsibilities. NAJMA is proud to have individuals who are passionate about honesty, integrity, and excellence in everything they do. NAJMA is supported by highly qualified staff with unique backgrounds and knowledge.


    • Learning that is focused on the learner and aids in employment
    • Students must give short answers to a series of questions orally or in writing during knowledge-based exams
    • Once the course is completed, the trainee will get a professional certification in the first aid course.


    A combined adult CPR, AED, and first aid training curriculum called medic first aid basic plus were created exclusively for those who offer first aid in the workplace. It attempts to give staff member’s instructions on how to deal with medical situations at work and respond appropriately. The training equips the trainees with knowledge of first aid fundamentals and how to use it in the workplace. Participants will be able to learn and apply the course materials by the end of the session.


    • Learning that is student-centered and helps find a job
    • Consultation over the phone, even after training
    • Review using the most recent examiners’ reports and old questions

    Final Thoughts

    All ages can benefit from first aid training, which is essential. Being able to care for someone after they have suffered a wound or complication can save their life. First aid training teaches you how to help someone in need and keep them alive until qualified rescue crews arrive, not how to save lives or carry out delicate operations. To learn everything from the basic to advance level in first aid, it is the best choice to choose a first aid course in Dubai. The above listed are the institutes you can consider joining the Dubai course.