One of the industries currently in high demand globally is the IT sector. Numerous computer-based courses have emerged worldwide due to the modern world’s need for computers, improving work opportunities. If a student is in the commerce stream, they can enrol in a computer-focused course without worrying about their academic background. Since every industry has gone digital, there is a significant demand for individuals who have the necessary understanding of computers and their applications in both IT organisations and other sectors. Technology has altered the bounds of literacy and today, computer literacy is a criterion for determining your value. Many of you believe that computer science is solely essential for students in the scientific stream. The truth is that, even for students studying commerce, computers offer a wealth of information and opportunity. All live in an era of information technology, which will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence. In this post you can see about the best computer courses after 12th commerce:

B.Sc Computer science

After completing your 12th standard, you can choose the B.Sc computer science course in a reputed college. Because the IT sector is growing significantly and there are plenty of jobs available in this industry. So, if you pursue this course, you will get better placement opportunities, and you can place in the top MNC companies. You can enter the highly lucrative IT employment market as a computer science graduate or salaried professional. 

You will study numerous programming languages when earning a B.Sc in computer science, including C++, Java, PHP, and systems for managing databases, electronic networks and data analysis. The job titles include software developer, software architect, web developer, game designer, database engineer, and hardware engineer, to name just a few. This degree is one of the most well-liked BSc courses worldwide since the possibilities are practically unlimited.


Choosing B.Sc, IT is also an excellent option for commerce students after completing 12th. Like all other undergraduate information technology programs, the main goals of a B.Sc in IT are to store, process, secure, and manage information. The main focus of this degree is on topics like networking, databases, and software. Completing a program of study in web design, databases, programming, computer networking, and computer systems resulted in awarding the B.Sc degree in IT. 

Graduates with a background in information technology are competent in technological tasks involving the processing, storing, and transmitting of information between computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. The first step for applicants seeking a career after earning a B.Sc in IT is to understand the fundamental ideas of information technology thoroughly. The following are critical competencies needed for a successful IT professional career: problem-solving skills, thinking skills, analytical skills, creativity and resilience.


The Bachelor of Computer Application is an undergraduate degree programme in computer applications. The demand for computer professionals is increasing every day as a result quickly expanding IT sector. If they are looking for a rewarding and challenging career path, students in the commerce stream of the 12th grade may want to consider this course. The demand for computer professionals is increasing daily due to quickly expanding IT sector. If they are looking for a rewarding and challenging career path, students in the commerce stream of the 12th grade may want to consider this course. Even students with a background in commerce who wish to pursue a career in IT find the Bachelor of Computer Application a popular program. The three-year program is broken up into six semesters.

The subjects covered are databases, networking, data structures, and important programming languages like C and Java. Students who are interested in computers and wish to work in the IT sector as programmers or software developers have a lot of opportunities thanks to this degree. The course duration is three years. Jobs are available in global corporations. The possibility of freelancing or self-employment exists with this computer training. Students can also choose to pursue an MCA, which will open up the chance of becoming a lecturer at any reputable university.

B.Sc Data Science and machine learning 

The full-time B.Sc Data Science programme lasts three years. This program is highly well-liked by students due to its extensive prospects in the IT, consulting, market research, and energy industries. Many colleges and institutions will have entrance tests. Some universities may accept common Entrance Test scores, however, some have entrance exams. The curriculum allows students to become specialists in machine learning, data visualisation, data intuition, etc. 

After completing 12ththe students can pursue their UG degree in machine learning. Students with a bachelor’s degree can advance their expertise in machine learning by enrolling in the Master of Science in Machine Learning programme. Students can develop strong analytical abilities and a propensity for arithmetic, statistics, and programming.

B.Com CA

One of the top computer courses available to commerce students after the 12th grade is B.Com in Computer Applications. Completing this degree will help you understand information technology’s fundamental ideas thoroughly. This course covers financial, accounting, computer application, and programming skills. This degree is a highly sought-after subject being pursued by prestigious universities, and to put it simply, you must make the merit list to enrol in this course.

B.Com CA is a three-year, full-time undergraduate degree that combines the study of commerce with a number of computer science topics. It combines commerce with computer applications for business disciplines that need computer competence. This course aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of business and computer systems. Additionally, this education offers several employment chances in the commerce and IT sectors. Students who complete the program can find employment as business analysts, consultants, auditors, computer programmers, app developers, etc.

B.Sc Animation & Multimedia

A course for the B.Sc in animation and multimedia lets students learn about the cutting-edge research of 2D and 3D animation techniques, as well as several fields of visual communication. The course will aid your skill-building in digital animation, visual effects, editing, designing, and media arts. A career in B.Sc in Animation and multimedia gives quite a several opportunities. Because the curriculum is created to provide students with a cutting-edge learning experience and to sharpen their skills, the potential for animation is promising.

After completing the 12th with at least a 50% grade, a commerce student may enrol in this degree. Based on the student’s achievement in the 10+2 board exam, admission to this course will be granted. Based on the candidate’s merit, several colleges provide direct admission to the B.Sc Animation and Multimedia course. Some of the best universities admit students based on their performance in the aptitude exam and round of personal interviews held by the particular colleges. The cost of this degree will be varies depending on the college

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Any graduate who has successfully finished their 10+2 in commerce or any other course can enrol in a graphic design degree. However, by staying focused on the subject, commerce students enrolled in this course will get a wide range of views on company approaches and methods.

Graphic design classes teach students how to use images, animations, and graphics to convey ideas and messages. They will also need to learn about marketing strategies and electronic media packages to thrive in this field. The curriculum is a fusion of ideas and creativity that keeps students interested. The stream is very profitable and well-liked. New technologies and trends are taught to students.

Diploma in hard-working and networking

The study and expertise of computer hardware design, development, and maintenance are covered in the curriculum for commerce students pursuing the diploma in Hardware and Networking after their 12th-grade year. The typical course length is six months. The institution’s decision to expand the curriculum and include additional topics will affect how long the course lasts, and it may be up to a year. Although this programme is designed to prepare you for employment, you can also pursue postgraduate studies in it if you so choose.


Tally ERP Program for commerce students after the 12th grade. The certification course Tally ERP, also known as Linear Line Yards, is permitted and contains accounting prerequisites. Tally ERP is used in more than 90% of business initiatives worldwide. In addition to accounting, this course also covers taxation and inventory control. The typical course length is three months. The institution’s decision to expand the curriculum with additional topics will affect how long the course lasts. This course includes book tally, tally audit, data security, inventory management, cash and bank reports, stock analysis reports, debit and credit notes, master groups and master ledgers, generating vouchers, user interface, and company management.

SAGE 50 Accounts and Payroll Certification

One of the most well-liked accounting programs for small businesses and accounting is called SAGE 50, and it gives business managers the tools they need to conduct their operations successfully. It is praised for its robust inventory management system and powerful features. Skills attained from this course are computerized payroll, computerized accounting, and bank reconciliation, generating customer invoices, creating customer receipts and purchase invoices, GST norms and changes, and managing all financial reports.

Wrapping it up

Finally, the above listed are the best computer courses after 12th commerce. When it comes to computer courses, you can take them for a degree, an advanced degree, a certificate, or a diploma. Each course provides excellent carrier opportunities after finishing the course.