Canada, a country with a stable economy and a well-established business environment, remains the most preferred option for studying MBA. Excellent quality of life, an outstanding healthcare system, and a robust social environment are strong factors why most international students choose Canada for business studies. Another important reason is Immigration, which is a lot easier here compared to other developed American and European nations. Furthermore, most Canadian programs have received recognition all around the world for their excellence in education.

Apart from this, one of the major reasons for international students considering Canada for an MBA is the fact that the nation has international-student friendly policies. Students graduating from one-year MBA programs are eligible for one-year work permits, and those graduating from two-year MBA programs are eligible for three-year work permits. These work permits are valid irrespective of employer sponsorship, and there are also limited work permits for spouses with few restrictions. Moreover, professionals who work for one year full-time in Canada can apply for Canadian permanent residency. People who are wishing to not only work but also live in Canada for an extended period, and those who are possibly looking forward to set up home here will get the best available options.

However, good quality MBA programs are often limited so one should select the right program after thorough research based on their interests and career goals. Planning MBA with the right electives, gaining knowledge during the internship, networking with people working in the industry and gaining necessary insights would assist you to adhere to your career goals by the time you graduate.

Here we have listed some job opportunities you might earn in Canada as well as around the world if you’re looking to graduate in Canada:

Job prospects after MBA in Canada

Strictly in terms of work profile, MBA job markets are not that distinct from other job markets. However, Canada has a good scope for typical MBA jobs like finance and consulting. Scope of MBA in Canada can be varied from industry to industry, after completion of MBA program. One can choose to work in various industry like:

  • Accounting and consultancy
  • IT services
  • Health industry
  • Education
  • Oil and Gas
  • Legal jobs

Apart from the above sectors, MBA graduates can also work for various departments of the Canadian government and assist in running the administration efficiently. Moreover, management graduates also work in

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product and project management
  • Technical management

The average salary of MBA Graduates in Canada is $51,511 per year or $26.42 per hour. For entry-level positions, the salary starts at $24,599 per year while most experienced professionals make up to $87,569 per year.


The financial sector is the most sought-after industry destination among the advanced MBA cohorts at four out of the five business schools in Canada. As an indication of salaries in the MBA sector, McGill reports an average salary of C$81,500 for people working in the finance sector.


Consulting ranks the popularity chart as the second or third most popular industry for the latest MBA passed-outs from Canadian schools. Consulting’s average MBA salary levels tend to be around C$10,000, which is comparatively higher than other sectors.


Apart from finance and consulting, MBA graduates can also step into the technology niche if they get the chance of working with a well-established company. Technology firms are the biggest industry to employ most Canadian MBA graduates. As much as 19% of the class join tech firms and some also opt for key employers in the tech sector, such as Amazon and Microsoft.

The job market for MBA graduates is always high for prospective students. However, when it comes to recruiting a candidate, students with International exposure will always have an upper hand in the job market. Thus, Canada with low restrictions for students and no dearth of opportunity is proven to be a viable option for Indian students looking to pursuing an MBA in the coming days.

Bottom line

Canada is a country with a stable economy and a well-established business environment. MBA in Canada is a course that offers wonderful opportunities in the future. Once you are done with your MBA, you will get ample number of job opportunities that can pay you an enormous sum of money. Top employers from various sectors are present in Canada, contributing to the well-established job market. Immigration in Canada is a lot easier than other foreign countries, making it a better option to do higher studies over others. Networking well within the country can improve your chances of landing a good job.. It’s easy to get a work permit in Canada during the course of your degree program. Students get to manage their expenses by taking up part-time jobs. Also, after completing the MBA, it’s easy to opt for permanent residency in Canada.